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Why fresh graduates keep on tarmacking

December 9, 2015December 9, 2015
graduatesEvery fresh graduate has immense hopes and pertinent dreams of securing big jobs immediately after graduating. Things do not always work out as they anticipated because after joining the corporate world, the experience demanded knocks them out. After 16 years of academic torture, it’s quite absurd and tormenting that young and potential brains are thwarted out on basis of working experience. Only a scanty percentage of the graduates secure the competent jobs. The only little experience the undergraduates acquire is for three-month attachment and thus it’s insufficient as compared to 5 or 10 years’ experience employers ask for. Graduates are compelled to shun away from applying for well-paying jobs. The tide of the game should change in order to rekindle the dreams of the fresh graduates thronging the job market unceasingly. Failure to this, the ageing population in the market will keep on enjoying the hefty salaries granted by such jobs contrary to their redundant opinions and ideas. The young skilled population is in a capacity to transform the way things are done in the job market albeit the little experience. Job adverts should be done in favour of current graduates through extirpating the long term experience required.

E-mail Etiquette (Netiquette)

December 2, 2015December 2, 2015


Etiquette is E-mail/Internet Culture. These are the unwritten rules that guide the proper use of E-mail/Internet. They can also be referred to as “E-mail Common Sense”. Here are some bad email habits that can be prevented and improve your email etiquette: DIRTY EMAIL MESSAGES These are those messages you receive loaded with those darn carets (>>>), or pages and pages of email addresses that weren’t protected using a blind copy feature. Is it too much to ask for the sender to CLEAN dirty emails before sending it? Would you send a letter out on the organization stationery like that? You can get rid of carets by pasting the message into Word and using the Find and Replace feature to find a caret and replace all of them with nothing. You can get rid of all the email addresses just by DELETING. Clean it up, then send it. KEEP IT SIMPLE Make it clear when constructing a message what you are trying to do. Are you simply passing on information? Requesting someone to comment on your idea? To act on it? Say so.   SUBJECT LINES THAT DON'T MATCH THE MESSAGE OR NO SUBJECT AT ALL mail (1)Each message MUST have an appropriate subject. It guides the recipient to judge its urgency. Therefore don’t pull up an old message, hit REPLY, and send me a message that has nothing to do with the previous one. Suppose you sent an email message two months ago that said, "The monthly meeting has been cancelled." You pulled up that old message because the email addresses were already in it. But this time, you wanted to let everyone know that coffee and donuts would be served at this month’s meeting. At the very least, CHANGE the subject line! LAST-MINUTE CANCELLATIONS Canceling a MEETING at the last minute and letting me know via EMAIL. I show up, “Oh, didn't you get my e-mail?” When did you send it? I left my office two hours ago, and now my whole day is shot. PROCRASTINATORS People who wait until the LAST minute to ask you to do something as if you had nothing else to do. You know the work was in a pile on their desk, and while they were digging for something else, they found it, and sent you an email message, marking it URGENT. Then when the deadline isn’t met, it’s not their fault because they “gave it to you.” LOOK FOR A REPLY FIRST People who CALL you instead of checking their email. You’ve done your job, and sent an email message to people with information they need. They end up calling you asking for the info because, “I’m too BUSY to check email.” Check your E-mail Daily. NO RESPONSE SmartTalent-Email-EtiquetteYou send a legitimate email message to someone who has REQUESTED information or you are REQUESTING for ACTION. The message clearly needs a response, but nothing happens. Similarly, when responding to a message sent to a group, consider whether it is more appropriate to include all original CCs on your reply or only the Sender – in many cases, e.g. where the sender is coordinating a meeting, it is not important for you to inform others that you will/won’t be attending. TO, CC & From email-etiquette1In multiple addressee communications, use TO addressees to indicate people for whom there is some expectation of ACTION or who have a central interest in the subject, and CC addressees for people who have a peripheral interest and who can reasonably expect that no action or reply is required of them. At the same time, NEVER use someone else’s e-mail address to send communications without their permission and without identifying the fact that you are communicating from their address at the beginning of the message. CONFIDENTIALITY If you routinely allow a third party e.g. your secretary, to review your incoming mail, you should make that known to people whom you have confidential conversations. SENSELESS AUTORESPONDERS How about the one that says “Thank you for your email message. I will respond to you as soon as I can.” What a complete WASTE of my time to OPEN this stupid response. It’s almost like the letter carrier leaving me a message in my mailbox saying, “I picked up your mail today. I’ll bring you more when I get it.” WHO ARE YOU email-etiquette-posterMake it clear whether you are speaking for yourself or the organization. If you do not, you should assume that the reader would interpret your comments as speaking in your official capacity. ATTACHMENT ISSUES 6267739_f520Instead of sending 5 files, consider COMBINING them into one document (ZIPPING). It's also annoying to get an attachment and no BODY. Briefly explain what you’re attaching. More importantly, if it’s a one or two-page Ms-Word document or Memo, please COPY & PASTE it into the mail. It is annoying to keep on opening and opening just to find a two-paragraph memo.

How to manage a difficult boss

November 11, 2015November 11, 2015
You love everything about your job, well apart from your boss. Every morning you wake up with zeal and energy to give your best, but when your boss’s face creeps into your brain the energy leaks out of you like a balloon that has been pricked. The reason why the thought of spending another day with your boss makes your bed seem more attractive each morning could be attributed to several reasons. For instance, his anger tantrums and mood swings, his obsession with micromanaging, he plays favorites, or he takes all the credit for your efforts. The 6 tips below will provide guidance on how to survive and better yet, perform under a bad boss.  
Know Yourself
Understand your strengths and weaknesses. Know your limits. Working under a boss that brings out negative emotions in you can ultimately affect your general outlook towards life. A prior understanding of your qualities and emotions will help you be in control of the situation and your emotions on your worst day under your boss’s leadership. This understanding will also help you determine whether or not you can manage your boss on his or her worst day. Work to also understand your boss’s weaknesses and seek to assist him shine. Everyone in the office probably knows your boss’s weaknesses too. You choosing to work around their weaknesses puts you in a better light with the company’s directors or managers.  
Make an Objective Assessment of the Situation
Before making a conclusion that your boss is difficult or bad, you need to make an objective assessment of the whole situation. Are you meeting the set performance agreement? Do you meet departmental deliverables? Are your tasks completed on time and done satisfactorily? If you cannot answer these questions in the affirmative, your boss has some level of entitlement in being angry and probably openly expressing it.  
Discover the Triggers
Most likely, your boss does not step out of the elevator livid and breathing fire. He or she sees something or hears something that rubs them in the wrong way. Learn the triggers that make your boss angry and work to avoid them. If you being a minute late ruinshis day, by all means be at your desk five minutes before time. If late delivery of reports makes his or her irked, by all means sacrifice an extra hour in the evening to complete the report in time. If you can take care of the triggers that, you might realize that you might reach a level of unspoken agreement in your dealings with your boss.  
Try Communicating
Once you take care of triggers and you still feel hostility from your boss, you could try pointing out to them, in a professional manner, the areas that are affecting you. Become hungry for feedback. Let your boss understand that you desire to know what you are doing wrong and that you are willing to put in effort to attain the required results. This will melt whatever ice that existed between you two and improve the relationship.  
Resist All Kind of Bullying
In as much as it is your desire to improve the relationship between you and your boss, it doesn’t mean that you be pushed around in any way. Where you realize that boundaries are being crossed or you are being asked to perform tasks outside your normal jurisdiction, resist politely. Speak up where you feel you are being treated unfairly and involve the human resource department where necessary.  
Do not Make Desperate Moves
When you have taken all steps to improve your working relationship with your boss and there has been no positive outcome, you may decide to change jobs. However, you need to be cautious and ensure that you are not blinded by emotion. Choose your next company carefully after deciding what aspects of a workplace are important to you. Conduct your homework well on your prospective employer. The worst thing about changing jobs is moving to a situation similar or worse than what you are running away from.

How Managers Can Teach Employees To Solve Their Own Problems

November 11, 2015
Managers often find themselves trapped in the middle of situations that aren't theirs to solve. Say one of your team members comes to you pleading that you compel another of your direct reports to handling something a certain way. It's your job to give direction and make judgment calls, but where does that duty shade into arbitrating conflicts your teams should be handling?   Arbitrating certain disputes robs your team members of developing their own conflict management skills. To be fair, that's often a tough call. In some cases, an exasperated team member will take an issue up with their manager because they genuinely think their approach will lead to the best results. But chances are the person they disagree with is just as convinced of their own ideas. Before you intervene,

Arsenal have ‘played many teams’ that were guilty of doping

November 11, 2015
Arsenal's Arsène WengerWith athletics embroiled in the most serious of its many doping scandals, Arsène Wenger has again voiced his concern that it is a serious issue in football, saying in an interview with L’Equipe that he has “played against many teams” that use performance-enhancing drugs. In September his Arsenal side lost 2-1 at Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League, with the Dinamo midfielder Arijan Ademi, who played the full 90 minutes, failing a drug test after the game. “When I saw that the players of Zagreb were doped – well, when you don’t play at your best and your opponent is doped, it is difficult,” he said last month. “I try to be faithful to the values that I believe to be important in life and to pass them on to others,” Wenger told L’Equipe. “In 30 years as a manager I’ve never had my players injected to make them better. I never gave them any product that would help enhance their performance. I’m proud of that. I’ve played against many teams that weren’t in that frame of mind. “For me, the beauty of sport is that everyone wants to win, but there will only be one winner. We have reached an era in which we glorify the winner, without looking at the means or the method. And 10 years later we realise the guy was a cheat. And during that time, the one that came second suffered. He didn’t get recognition. And, with all that’s been said about them, they can be very unhappy.” Two years ago Wenger said that sport was “full of legends who are in fact cheats” as he called on Uefa to improve its drug testing programme. “Honestly, I don’t think we do enough [on doping tests],” he said. “It is very difficult for me to believe that you have 740 players at the World Cup and you come out with zero problems. Mathematically, that happens every time. But statistically, even for social drugs, it looks like we would do better to go deeper. “I hope England is immune from doping but I don’t know. When you have a doping control at Uefa [matches], they do not take blood, they take only urine. I have asked many times in Geneva [for that to be changed]. I hope we do not have a big problem with doping but we have to try to find out.” His request for blood testing was quickly answered, with Uefa announcing its introduction four months later. It further introduced a steroid profiling programme at the start of the current season, but will not punish Dinamo for Ademi’s transgression because at least two players from a single team must test positive before sanctions are imposed. Advertisement “Uefa has had a very thorough anti-doping programme for many years with over 2,000 tests a year and only two occurrences of positive tests, both for recreational drugs, which proves that doping in football is extremely rare,” it said in a statement this September, after it was claimed that a study it commissioned had found high testosterone levels in 7.7% of the 879 players tested. Wenger was embroiled in a doping controversy of his own in 2011, when the former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson told the French magazine So Foot that “on the night before big games we would go to a Holiday Inn in Islington where a yellowy product was injected into our arm. I never asked any questions. From the moment you trust a manager you take everything he asks you to.” At the time an Arsenal spokesman said the substance was a “simple multivitamin injection”, while Wenger angrily denied the story, saying: “If you find one player who I asked to take an injection to play one game, no matter how big the game was, I would resign tomorrow morning.”

Causes and solutions for sagging skin.

November 10, 2015November 10, 2015
The more quickly you lose weight, the more likely you are going to have a problem with excess skin. This can either be through dieting, weight loss or surgery. Such rapid and drastic loss makes you lose muscle along with fat that is essential for keeping your metabolism going and keeping your body, connective tissue and bones strong. When you lose weight quickly, extra skin will be left hanging that may be difficult to get rid of. Slow and gradual loss does not result in any excess flab but rather gives your skin a chance to respond to all the changes that effective weight loss brings. Other factors that cause sagging skin are: -Not getting balanced nutrition i.e. vitamins and minerals -Dehydration -Too much sun exposure -Giving birth can leave some extra skin -Smoking speeds up the normal aging process of your skin Solutions for sagging skin Weight train at least three times a week to build new, strong and well-toned muscles that your skin can adhere to. Include other exercises such as push ups, crunches, sit ups, squats, lunges and any cardio vascular activity to help tighten the muscles underneath your skin which therefore strengthens and firm your skin up. Once in a while, have a massage. As much as massaging helps your body release tension and allows you to relax, it can also help your skin build and bring back that elasticity.
Always make sure your posture is good. Maintain a good posture whether you are standing, sitting, sleeping or just doing anything because this can very much help in tightening your muscles and skin. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day to keep your skin soft and moist beside flushing toxins out of your system. Well-hydrated skin gives you that great look and feeling. Avoid smoking because research shows that smoke from cigarettes can damage micro capillaries in the skin therefore reducing the ability to absorb essential nutrients. Eat foods which have adequate supply of minerals, vitamins especially C and E and lean meat while cutting down meals high in saturated fats, sugar and other additives. Opt for foods high in essential fats like nuts, fish and seeds. Fish is great because it has Omega 3 fatty acids that help tremendously in preventing skin sagging by preventing dehydration in the skin cell and normalizing skin lipids/fats.
As much as your skin needs some sun to stay healthy, avoid over- exposure because sun burned skin is more pruned to wrinkling and sagging over time. If certain situation forces you to be exposed, apply plenty of sunscreen, wear a broad rimmed hat and even sun glasses.

By Bob Otieno

Meet woman who claims making love three times a day helped her lose 63kg Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/lifestyle/article/2000179402/meet-woman-who-claims-making-love-three-times-a-day-helped-her-lose-63kg

November 10, 2015
Dawn Chappell checked the photo on her phone and scanned the sea of faces on the station platform to see if she recognised anyone. She was waiting to meet a blind date off the train and feared she’d been stood up. It wouldn’t have been the first time for unlucky-in-love Dawn, who weighed 22st. “I’d been on a date a few months earlier, but you could tell by the way he looked at me I wasn’t his cup of tea,” she recalls.
“And halfway through he left without telling me.” But it turned out her train date, Russ Beach, was just late and still turned up. Two years on, the couple are still together. And finding the man of her dreams also helped Dawn, 39, to shed an impressive ten stone, but not through a conventional diet. She puts her weight loss down to the couple’s three-times-a-day lovemaking sessions. Now she weighs just 12st and has gone from a size 24 to a size 12. Dawn, from Walkern, Hertfordshire, says: “I ­struggled for years to lose weight and it took me a while to figure out why. “Now we call my new regime ‘sexercise’. It’s definitely more fun than counting calories or going to the gym.
"I say to friends who want to lose weight, ‘Put down the crisps and pick up your boyfriends!’” Russ, 34, says: “I’ve always told Dawn it’s what’s on the inside that matters, but I’m really proud. I’d recommend the sex diet!” Dawn says she was slim as a teenager but during her 20s, her weight crept up to 14st after she started working as a chef. And things got worse when she moved from Hertfordshire to Essex in 2002 after getting a new job. “The restaurant was in the middle of nowhere and I don’t drive so I was stuck,” she says. “I lived on site so I didn’t get much exercise. "After my shift the last thing I felt like doing was cooking, so I’d take cheese and big baguettes up to my room and then go straight to sleep.”
“I didn’t have friends around me. I became lonely and depressed.” After two months, Dawn quit and moved back to Hertfordshire, but struggled to find work. “I was living on friends’ sofas,” she says. “Food was my comfort and I got to 17st.” Then she landed a job working in a supermarket cafe. “I’d skip breakfast and lunch, choosing to work through, then at the end of my shift I’d be starving,” she says. “At home, I’d put a pizza in the oven with oven chips and garlic bread.”
Then after dinner, she would snack on junk food until she fell asleep. “I’d go through a multipack of crisps, half a packet of biscuits, a family bag of Haribo and a packet of wafers,” she recalls. “I just ate rubbish. What most people buy for two weeks would last me one night.” Soon, size 18 clothes were a squeeze. “One night a friend invited me out, so after work I went to the clothes section and I bought a pair of trousers,” she says. “I’d planned my outfit and even had the shoes to match, but when I got home they wouldn’t go over my thighs. "I thought: ‘Am I really that big?’ So I called my friend and lied, telling her I was sick. “I’m a loud character but that knocked me sideways. I felt ashamed of myself.” Then in 2005, Dawn fell over and hurt her foot and needed surgery to remove a bone from her big toe. Exercise, even walking, became impossible, as did her attempts at dieting. “I’d have a bag of crisps and think: ‘It’s not going to happen overnight. One more bag won’t hurt’,“ she recalls. “Before I knew it, I’d eaten 12.”
By 2012, Dawn tipped the scales at nearly 22st and couldn’t fit into a size 22. “When a friend who was bigger had a clear-out and gave me some clothes, I was thrilled,” she says. “I had clothes that fit. “It boosted my confidence, but when I realised they were a size 24, I felt sick.” She had another setback when a school friend got in touch. “He messaged me on Facebook. We got chatting then he asked me out,” she says. “I told him I’d changed a bit since school and he replied: ‘Yeah, haven’t we all’. But on our date, you could tell he wasn’t interested. “Afterwards, I needed to go to a shop and he said he’d wait, but when I came out he’d gone. That blew my confidence.” Nearly a year later, in April 2013, she got talking to Russ. “I posted something on Facebook about a police helicopter flying over the woods near me and Russ commented on it as he grew up in my village,” Dawn says. “We’d never met but I was friends with his sister. We started sending each other messages and just clicked.” After a week of chatting online, they exchanged phone numbers. “He seemed really sexy,” Dawn says. “He said he wanted to come and see me but I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah’.
“I told him to look at my profile picture on Facebook first because I couldn’t face another knock-back. “He could see I was a big girl but told me it didn’t matter. He said: ‘It’s your personality I like’.” A few days later, Russ got the train from Milton Keynes, Bucks, to Hertfordshire, arranging to meet Dawn at the station. “His train was delayed so that’s why he was late,” Dawn says. “We went to a pub and it was like we’d known each other for ages. “We were having such a good time Russ ended up missing the last train home so he had to stay at mine and we had a kiss. “He ended up staying for a week.”
During that time, Dawn discovered they had lots of things in common. “We’re both homebodies. We’d listen to music and play computer games, but the best times we had were in the bedroom. "We couldn’t keep our hands off each other! We were doing it two or three times a day.” Dawn booked two weeks off work and went to stay with Russ. She says: “As soon as I got back to work, my colleague said, ‘You look like you’ve lost weight’. “My work trousers did feel a bit looser so one morning before work I stopped off at Boots to weigh myself.” To Dawn’s amazement, she had lost a stone and a half in a month.
“I ran into work waving the printout I was so happy. I rang Russ to tell him the good news and he was really pleased for me.” As the couple carried on seeing other, the pounds continued to drop off. “One of my customers asked me what diet I was following and when I told her I wasn’t, one of the girls at work shouted: ‘It’s all the bonking she’s doing!’ “I was mortified but luckily the customer saw the funny side. “I was eating the same things, the only difference was Russ.” And he was just as stunned when she told him. “I was quite embarrassed at first but then saw the funny side,” he says.
Thanks to ‘sexercise’, Dawn lost eight stone in just six months. A month ago, jobless Russ moved to Stevenage to be closer to Dawn, who had to give up her job because of her foot. Dawn says their sex life is as good as when they first met. “We have sex in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. “And I’ve kept a pair of size-24 trousers – both me and Russ can get into them,” she says. “I can’t believe I used to wear them. “People ask me for my weight-loss secret and I tell them I have an ‘active relationship’. It always gets a laugh.”

WWE top earners in the business

October 30, 2015October 30, 2015
While wrestling might not be as hip with the kids as it was when it was in its heyday in the80s and late 90s, it’s still a particularly big industry. It’s estimated that the WWE has been worth over $1.25 billion after the launch of the WWE Network; the company is run by Vince McMahon, and although he can sometimes be a little stingy, he still pays his top talent an incredibly handsome salary.The wrestlers that are able to frequently sell merchandise and fill the seats with screaming adoring fans are the ones that are paid the most.
 Talent that has been in the wrestling industry for longer periods also make a premium on top of their salary, and receive a generous amount of medical benefits to make sure their body stays in peak condition, since one serious injury could end their career. The highest paid wrestlers in the WWE are all getting paid at least several hundred thousand dollars each year.
But who are these super rich wrestlers, and exactly how much are these professional athletes making each year? There is a lot of part-time talent on the list, but there are plenty of familiar names: here are the top 10 highest salaries in professional wrestling today.

#10 – Mark Henry ($877,000/year)

Mark-HenryBefore he came to the WWE, Mark Henry was a champion power lifter that participated in both the 1992 and 1996 Summer Olympics; while setting world records for lifting in his early 20’s, he was contacted by the WWE and was propositioned to be their next imposing “big man.” In 1996, Henry made his debut on “Monday Night Raw” where he body-slammed Jerry “The King” Lawler, and received a decade long contract from Vince McMahon (I’d have offered him a contract too if I knew he could sling me around like a rag doll).Henry has been with the WWE ever since his debut, but he has been appearing less and less as a result of his weight catching up with him, and limiting some of his abilities. Regardless of Henry’s inactivity his long-term contracts are still good money, and he makes an appearance whenever needed. Henry has won three “Slammy” Awards, a European Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship, and the ECW Championship when it was still owned by the WWE.

#9 – Dolph Ziggler ($900,000/year)

Dolph-ZigglerNick Nemeth is better known by his ring name of “Dolph ZIggler.” As an amateur wrestler in college, Ziggler was incredibly popular; he had 121 career victories at Kent State , and even went on to win the MAC Conference tournament three times. Ziggler was signed by the WWE in 2004 to help expand into the developmental territory of Ohio, and he made his debut on the main roster as a member of the “Spirit Squad.” What’s interesting about the Spirit Squad is that it was a faction exclusively comprised of male cheerleaders, who would basically teach you how to spell “S-U-P-L-E-X” while driving you into the ground.Over the course of his career that lasted for more than a decade, Ziggler won two World Heavyweight Championships, four Intercontinental Championships, a United States Championship, and a tag team title (he was filled to the brim with team spirit). Ziggler is a workhorse that seems to show up on nearly every televised program or house show, which is how he earns his padded $900,000 each year (which also includes his travel expenses).  

#8 – Kane ($905,000/year)

KaneGlenn Jacobs is truly one of the elders of the WWE; when he debuted with the company in 1995, his first gimmick was that he was a dentist with awful teeth, and he worked for Jerry Lawler’s character named “Isaac Yankem, DDS.” The dentist gimmick didn’t work out (what do you mean people didn’t like the dentist?), so in order to keep him relevant they turned him into Kane, the demon brother of “The Undertaker,” an incredibly popular star.
Kane has played his role as a giant demon for nearly 20 years now, mainly serving as a bad guy (or a heel, as it’s called).These days, Kane plays the on-screen character of an executive who no longer wears a mask, but still regularly tosses his weight around because he can. Kane has won multiple championships with the WWE, but only the largest one (The WWE Championship) once. Kane has gotten into politics (oh great, another politician connected to the devil), and it’s estimated that he is now worth more than $7 million thanks to his big roles.  

#7 – The Big Show ($1.2 million/year)

The-Big-ShowProfessional wrestling has always been about characters that are both massive and scary, and it doesn’t get any more massive than Paul Wight (better known as The Big Show).
 The Big Show debuted with the WCW in 1995, playing the role of Andre the Giant’s son (even though he really isn’t), before finally being signed by the WWE in early 1999; he has constantly been working since then, and is still on a full-time schedule 20 years after his debut (you know what they say: big feet, big views)!
The Big Show has won both the WCW Championship, as well as the WWE Championship, And in addition to the $1.2 million that he receives as a salary each year, The Big Show received a personal tour bus to make travel arrangements easier; it’s probably a good thing, because could you imagine a seven foot tall behemoth trying to drive around in a rented Ford Focus?

#6 – Sheamus ($1.3 million/year)

SheamusOriginally born as Stephen Farrelly in Ireland, this red-headed sensation became “Sheamus” and joined the WWE; before that, Sheamus was making his rounds through the European circuit, and finally made his American debut in 2007 when he signed with Florida Championship Wrestling (which has now morphed into NXT).
Sheamus finally got his opportunity to be on the main roster in 2009, when he defeated John Cena for the WWE Championship, which some people attribute to the luck of the Irish.Sheamus is one of those wrestlers that casual fans like, but the die-hard fans seem to think he receives preferential treatment.
 It’s been said that Sheamus is close friends with Triple H, which is how he managed to achieve his main event status and high paychecks. Sheamus not only receives $1.3 million each year, but his travel expenses are taken care of by the company: not bad for a guy whose catchphrase is literally “Fella!”

#5 – Randy Orton ($1.6 million/year)

Randy-OrtonYou don’t see too many people using their real name in professional wrestling, but Randy Orton is a third generation wrestler, so he comes packaged with his family heritage.
Orton made his debut with the WWE all the way back in 2002, when he got into a “hardcore feud” with “Hardcore Holly.” In terms of Orton’s achievements, he has had an incredibly decorated career, having won the World Heavyweight Championship four times, and the WWE Championship eight times!Orton might have even more titles to his name if it weren’t for his suspensions as a result abusing banned substances, and violating the Wellness Policy.
 Even with the downside of his drug use Orton has been a consistent moneymaker for the company, so they have to fork over $1.6 million each year just to keep his services around. Orton also receives a piece of his pay per view revenues, a percentage of merchandise sales, and travel accommodations to boot (live up to that one, Dad).

#4 – Brock Lesnar ($2 million/year)

Brock-LesnarIf you want to meet someone that will make you shake in your boots, try standing next to Brock Lesnar. Lesnar was a college wrestling champion that was almost immediately signed by the WWE, and shot straight into the main events. Lesnar has won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship four times, and even managed to win the Heavyweight Championship while he was in the UFC (how’s that for fake).Brock Lesnar has never been shy about the fact that he only competes for money; if it were up to Lesnar, he would live in a cabin for all 12 months of the year, and just collect his checks.
 Lesnar wrestles on a part-time schedule with the WWE, earning $2 million each year in addition to the use of private transportation and a 3.25 percent bonus for merchandise, and a chunk of his pay per view revenue. It’s a good thing the WWE doesn’t pay Lesnar for every muscle he has or they would likely go bankrupt.

#3 – The Undertaker ($2.25 million/year)

The-UndertakerSince he is technically not retired yet, The Undertaker is the longest tenured wrestler that is currently with the WWE. The Undertaker’s real name is Mark Calaway, and he has been one of the most popular wrestlers of all-time ever since he first debuted. he is someone that everyone in the company will listen to when he gives advice, because even people who don’t follow the sport know his name.The Undertaker only wrestles in one match a year, but it would be hard to imagine the event without him, as it happens to be the massively popular “Wrestlemania.” The Undertaker receives seven percent of his merchandise sales, has travel paid for him, and even gets a chunk of the revenue that comes out of Wrestlemania; since he helped to make the event what it is today, it seems that Vince McMahon has no problem paying him plenty for appearing, and doesn’t even charge him extra for the hospital bills he wracks up.

#2 – John Cena ($2.75 million/year)

John-CenaYou can’t think of wrestling these days without thinking of John Cena. Ever since 2005, Cena has practically been the face of the WWE, winning all sorts of high stakes matches left and right. Cena has won nearly two dozen titles during his time as a professional wrestler, and is one of the most polarizing wrestlers to ever emerge. You may remember some of Cena’s acting ventures that include titles like “The Marine,” and “12 Rounds,” But we’re probably being a little optimistic with that.John Cena is far and away the highest paid full-time wrestler today. Cena frequently makes public appearances for the WWE, and is consistently the highest selling wrestler in terms of merchandise. Cena receives seven percent of the money that is spent on his merchandise, and he also receives a portion of the revenue that comes from pay per view sales, as well as WWE Network subscriptions. Since Cena gets paid every time the WWE does, so he is always looking for an excuse to hop into the ring

#1 – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ($3.5 million/year)

Dwayne-The-Rock-JohnsonIt’s hard to believe that the jerry curled kid whose father was a pro wrestler would later become the biggest star in the history of wrestling. Johnson played college football at the University of Miami before suffering a severe injury, and ended up going into his dad’s line of work. Johnson debuted in WWE as “Rocky Maivia,” but really came into his own as “The Rock,” a trash talking, charismatic, and electrifying personality, who always seems to be cooking something up.Johnson doesn’t come cheap these days thanks to the fact that he is one of the highest grossing stars in all of Hollywood, so every appearance for Dwayne nets him a small fortune.
 The WWE knows that Johnson’s appearance on a program will instantly sell out, so they pony up the cash without issue to ensure their seats are filled at premium events. Johnson also gets a seven percent bonus for merchandise sales, and only has to appear at the largest events like Wrestlemania (those roody poos are lucky he’s busy shooting the twenty second installment of “Journey to the Center of the Earth).

See inside Wayne Rooney’s luxury Barbados mansion – which YOU can now rent out

October 30, 2015

The gorgeous summer hangout is now available for you to enjoy if you are prepared to pay £8,000-per-week.

England striker Wayne Rooney's luxury Barbados mansion could now be yours for a warm weather getaway. The Manchester United man has put his exclusive villa on the rental market for holiday-makers to enjoy for £8,000-per-week. Rooney will officially make the property, which is based on a local golf course, up for sale next month. The spacious resort boasts five master bedrooms, a media room or office and also a swimming pool to enjoy in the blistering heat of the Carribbean.
Wayne and Coleen Rooney's home in Barbados
Spacious: The living room would fit a large family
 Wayne and Coleen Rooney's home in Barbados
Comfort: There are numerous reception areas in the property
Large families would be easily accommodated in the living areas, while the master bedroom has a balcony with sea views into the Atlantic. Property expert James Wyatt told the Daily Star : “Wayne’s house is one of the very best on the Royal Westmoreland Estate, a 750 acres enclave for the rich with a stunning golf course.
 Wayne and Coleen Rooney's home in Barbados
Room with a view: The bedroom looks out into the Atlantic Ocean
 Wayne and Coleen Rooney's home in Barbados
Head of the table: The property boats a large eating area
“Just a few minutes down the road is the Royal Westmoreland Beach Club by Mullins Beach where residents have comfy beach chairs with service on tap. “The Rooneys prefer to scoot 10 minutes down the road to the world famous Sandy Lane Hotel. Sandy Lane Estate is considered a notch up from Royal Westmoreland.”
 Wayne and Coleen Rooney's home in Barbados
Soak in the sun: The luxurious backyard of the Barbados home
 Wayne and Coleen Rooney's home in Barbados
Luxury: Another view of the £8,000-a-week villa

Artist creates first SEX MANUAL FOR THE BLIND using braille and X-rated 3D pictures

October 30, 2015

The book includes tactile pictures of gay, lesbian and heterosexual encounters

A canny artist has created the worlds first pornographic book for the blind by printing the x-rated pages in BRAILLE.
Bump and grind: The artist says the book is 'not porn'
A Swedish artist has created the world's first ever 3D sex manual for blind people. The book, called Occasionally Blind, includes braille text and tactile pictures of sexual positions for visually impaired people to pursue. It features gay and lesbian intercourse as well as heterosexual encounters - as well as kinky bondage pics. The 'myopic Karma Sutra' was created by Swedish artist Nina Linde, 33. She told the Local : "The book is about sexual stimulation, I don’t think 'porn' is the right word. And sexual stimulation is for everyone."
A canny artist has created the worlds first pornographic book for the blind by printing the x-rated pages in BRAILLE.
Karma Sutra: The book features tactile illustrations
She added: " "I discovered that there is no porn or dirty stuff at all for the visually impaired. "Everyone needs some sexual stimulation." The artist came up with the idea after helping a blind man across the road while studying in Chile. When she mention she was from Sweden, he cracked a joke about her country's supposedly liberal approach to sex.
Couple kissing on bed
Feelings: The artist came up with the idea after realising sexual stimulation is for everyone.
She said: “This realization, that he had these thoughts even though he was blind, made me curious about how blind people’s sexuality is being discussed in society." Håkan Thomsson, president of Sweden's National Federation of the Visually Impaired, said: "I think that some imagine that we have no sexuality, which is not true.
" Visually impaired people are just as sexual as any other," he said. Ms Linde eventually wants the book to be released globally.

October 23, 2015October 23, 2015
Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will be responsible for overseeing all the strategic, operational and financial performance perspectives of the Corporation, through the effective management of executive leadership team. Key roles and responsibilities • Managing the day to day operations of the Corporation and overseeing the legal, regulatory and statutory requirements; • Developing and recommending to the Board the short, medium and long term strategies, business plans, and annual operating budgets, while establishing proper internal monitoring and control systems and procedures; • Coordinating and preparing business related proposals, reports and other submissions for consideration by the Board; • Overseeing and ensuring implementation of the Corporation’s policies and programmes; • Ensuring continuous achievement of the Corporation’s financial and operating goals and objectives; • Ensuring continuous improvements in the quality and value of services and products provided by the Corporation; • Attending to Human Capital matters including organizational structures, appointments, welfare, training, industrial relations, separation and effectively management succession plans; • Maintaining a conducive work environment for attracting, retaining and motivating employees while fostering a Corporate culture that promotes ethical practices and good corporate citizenship; and • Acting as the Principal spokesperson of the Corporation. Key qualifying criteria • A Master’s Degree in Business, Economics, Finance, Strategic Management or a related field from a recognized university; • Relevant Professional Qualifications in CPA (K), ACCA, CFA, CIMA will be an added advantage; • At least 15 years’ experience with ten (10) years’ experience in senior management, coordinating multidisciplinary teams, preferably within the financial services, investment or other relevant industry; • Shortlisted candidates will be required to satisfy the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 including; Certificate of Good Conduct from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations; Clearance Certificate from the Higher Education Loans Board; Tax Compliance Certificate from the Kenya Revenue Authority; Clearance from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission; and Report from an Approved Credit Reference Bureau. Critical competencies for success • Seasoned turnaround specialist in similar complex environment; • Demonstrable P&L responsibility and accountability with significant organisations and/ or small/medium sized organisations; • Experience working with government as a strategic business partner, stakeholder and/ or shareholder; • Demonstrated record of revenue and profit growth and new business development; and • Highly innovative, performance and results driven coupled with good business acumen and excellent leadership skills particularly in strategy formulation and execution. If you believe your career objectives match the above role, please forward your application and detailed CV stating your current position, remuneration, contact details as well as names and contacts (telephone and e-mail address) of three (3) referees familiar with your qualifications and work experience, on or before 23 October 2015 addressed to: The Director Executive Selection Division Deloitte Consulting Limited Deloitte Place, Waiyaki Way, Muthangari P O Box 40092 00100 Nairobi E-mail: esd@deloitte.co.ke Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by guarantee, and its network of member firms, each of which is a legally separate and independent entity. Please see www.deloitte.com/about for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited and its member firms. © 2015 Deloitte Consulting Ltd

Why Kenyan women are needy, demanding and thankless when it comes to relationships

October 19, 2015October 19, 2015
Needy Kenyan woman At this time three years ago, I was a happy man. I was in a stable relationship with a damsel I loved to bits and was just beginning to live my dreams; I couldn’t have asked for anything else. I even stopped following actress Megan Good on Instagram and believe me that was a huge sacrifice, given what that woman does to me. All was well. Until that brisk Sunday afternoon; I had just taken a cold shower and was preparing to attend this hip hop event a friend had invited me to at Sarakasi Dome, Ngara, Nairobi. Then she texted. It wasn’t one of her usual cheery “Hey boo. I miss you. What are you up to?” texts. No. This one was cold. Curt. “We need to talk.” I will spare you the details because I’m struggling to beat a word limit here; all you need to know is that she had met someone else. Someone she loved. Someone who loved her back more than I ever could. He was of South African descent. And he drove a Blue Subaru Legacy. I moved on. I never really talked much about it after that. But a few celebrity situations in the past couple of years have caused me to reflect. For instance, I once read about singer Emmy Kosgei getting married to a certain Nigerian pastor almost double my old man’s age. And they called it love. Allure of foreign men I also read somewhere that it was some West African oil tycoon bankrolling Vera Sidika’s larger-than-life lifestyle. Chic posts flashy new pictures every second on Instagram like it’s her job, yet she can still afford a half-a-million-shilling weave, a quarter-million-shilling pair of heels, supposed fifty-million-shilling skin-lightening surgery, three nights at the prestigious Villa Rosa Kempinski and a holiday in Dubai — if gossip sites are anything to go by these days. Then I read again that one of my celebrity crushes, Habida, had said “Yes” to an Igbo mister and relocated to the West; that Avril has committed to a Zulu man and wedding bells are lurking in the shadows and that Jolene of Tahidi High had received a brand new Kompressor as a birthday present from her South African sweetheart. I read in silence. Profound— albeit disturbed — silence. And I wondered what it was that these bozos had that we, Kenyan men, didn’t. I wondered what it was that was driving our lovely women away from their motherland to foreigners. I wondered what a loud guy with an accent sounding like he had just swallowed a live frog and it peed in his mouth could possibly do/say to my woman to make her walk out my door and straight into his arms. The ladies told me we don’t treat them right, that our Oga brodas are as romantic as it gets. And I retorted that I know I’m a douche myself, but even then, I pull out the seat for my dates every once in a while. And I’m a broke, good-for-nothing son of a mere high school teacher, but I’ve once hired a taxi to and from a date. Come to think of it, I never even got laid that night. Women! Huh! Outrageous demands Some told me it was about the money; that our pockets just aren’t deep enough. Or that we are too mean to go all out. To these women, I told the story of a certain Phil [not his real name], a former campus chum of mine who moved his beloved out of the institution hostels into her own fully-furnished, two-bedroom apartment. With a 42’ inch flat screen television, state of the art sound system et al. She had these outrageous demands, which Phil tried his best to meet. He dropped by unannounced one weekend and found her entertaining another man, all over the couch he had bought with his HELB money. That was the ‘thank you’ he got. He came to me seeking a solution and I remembered that one time he refused to buy me a bottle of beer. He spent that money on the very girl who had now broken his heart. So I said good riddance and reminded him about the unwritten rule of bro’s before *you know what*. He broke my nose with a single swing. I didn’t care. I know I’m a bad friend. But you just do not refuse to buy me a beer then expect me to mourn with you. Karma is two-faced ugly *again, you know what* son! Lack of gratitude When I thought really hard about it, I realized that maybe we weren’t the ones with the problem. It could just as easily be the women. See, dating a modern day Kenyan girl is as demanding as it is tiring. You’d think you were pulling an unmoving truck glued to your bottom. You go out of your way to make her happy but for her lack of gratitude, she will never acknowledge your efforts. It will always start slow; you on your best behavior and she playing ridiculously hard to get. You will take her to lunch, probably at Galitos (because that’s where all the ‘cool cats are’); buy her chocolates and ice cream on her birthday; take her for evening coffee at Gibson’s; meet her friends and act like you’re the nicest character on earth, tolerating all their bull$#!t and non-stop gossip; you will even take her out once in a while for a good time, where you may end up spending much more than you bargained for ‘cause these girls “don’t do cheap liquor” then hire a cab and drop her drunken butt back home as you walk. ‘Used and dumped’ Then she will begin feeling and hanging around you more; getting touchy-freely with you all the time, calling you sweet names. The goodnight hugs will turn into pecks and then, with time, full-blown kisses. Then she will finally open the doors of her kingdom and you will slide in majestically, almost like a veteran soldier heading out to war with a Third World country, with the precision of a butcher. She will moan and scream your name with a few inferences to the glorious Man Above and you will feel accomplished, proud and more like a man than you ever had before. And a voice inside you will— almost boastfully— say. “Yes, say my name, Baby. Say my name. You smart. You loyal!” She will agree to a relationship the next morning. Count yourself lucky if she doesn’t ask the one question no man wants to hear after a romp. Ati, “So what are we?” To which my response is always BFFs (best friends forever). I’ve been punched by a lady before though, so gentlemen don’t try this at home. I know enough men who have been used and dumped. A couple months or so into the relationship and all hell will break loose. She sees you talking to another mami for two seconds and she goes red. You don’t pick her calls, even if you were just in the bathroom, and it’s World War III. You can’t go out with your boys as much anymore; she says she should be your number one priority, and that she deserves your undivided attention. Always criticising, fault-finding No matter what you do, she will always find a way to carve an argument out of it. You will do your best to make her happy but it will never be enough. She will even start comparing your relationship to that of her neighbour Tim and best friend Daisy, yeah, the same one who opens her legs to anything that drives and has an ATM card. She will want you to take her shopping, to the salon, even to the market. Not because she fancies your company these days, only so you pay for anything she sets her evil eyes on; Which is — basically — everything. See, I’ve come to realise that MOST Kenyan ladies are lazy gold-digging twats. Again, I said MOST...chill out Kilimani Mums. Neediness and gold-digging And that is why even a bigwig will say ‘Yes’ to any man so long as he can charter a helicopter for a whole weekend to Mt Kenya. Kenyan ladies want to secure their futures (which is not a bad thing, depending on how you look at it). It’s never just about loving or caring about her anymore. It’s now about what you bring to the table; even if she brings nothing herself. Leeches! Now as far as I’m concerned, Kenyan men are trying. Kenyan men are working their bums off, feeding bimbos who do nothing but sit around in the house all day wearing yoga pants. We’re holding up our ends of the bargain. Then these very lazy, needy nitwits will be the first to walk out the door at the tiniest sign of trouble, throwing all the blame on the poor guy – and jumping into the arms of the next rich bozo that comes along. There are Kenyan women who know the real meaning of the overused word ‘hustle’. Those who understand the struggle that comes with paying their own rent. But there’s the vast majority that just wants to be fed off someone else’s sweat with silver spoons. I have said it before and have no trouble saying it again; gentlemen, you are wasting your time if you’re going out with a woman who won’t even pay her own bus fare; order herself the first drink at a club; buy you a mere 200-shilling-watch on your birthday but will be so quick to send you a reminder — two weeks before her own birthday — about that necklace you promised her; and a woman that, in this age and era, still texts you silly messages like “duuuhhh (or is it, daahhh?)”, “OMG”, “Xaxa” and “K”. There you have it ladies. Kenyan men are not the problem, you are! See also: Good old days when men kidnapped woman of their choice and turned them into wives

Salaries Commission alarmed by duplication of roles at county level Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/business/article/2000178740/salaries-commission-alarmed-by-duplication-of-roles-at-county-level

October 8, 2015October 8, 2015
POKOT, KENYA: The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has advised county governments to recruit optimum number of employees that will give efficient service delivery rather than have more staff performing similar duties. SRC Chairperson Sarah Serem noted that most counties were still employing more staff who perform similar or related functions contributing to burgeoning public service sector wage bill which the government is keen to control. She said the commission has no say in the number of employees counties wish to recruit but rather looks at the wage bill limited to the values. However, she noted that whereas the commission is trying to bring the wage bill down, recruitment of more staff by county governments was shooting it up again. But notably, she added, some of the positions created by the county public service boards tend to have almost similar functions which meant employees performed similar functions. Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/business/article/2000178740/salaries-commission-alarmed-by-duplication-of-roles-at-county-level

Embu needs Sh15billion to transform into modern city Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/business/article/2000178886/embu-needs-sh15billion-to-transform-into-modern-city

October 8, 2015
EMBU, KENYA: Embu town will be transformed into a modern city complete with two by-passes, a railway line, modern stadium and recreational parks, according to an integrated strategic development plan released on Wednesday. Once the plan is implemented, the city will boast of dual carriageways, ring roads, pavements on all roads, multi-storey parking spaces and dual carriageways. The plan was prepared by Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats Ltd and will be implemented in the next 20 years. The purpose of the plan is to provide a framework for integrated socio-economic development, investment and development control of the town in a sustainable environment. It was presented to Governor Martin Wambora and would be approved by a cabinet meeting on Thursday. Wambora said implementing the plan that would cover about 102 kilomtres square of Embu town and its surroundings would cost Sh15billion "The program will be partly funded by the World Bank in conjunction with the National Government and is aimed at transforming the County into an agribusiness, industrial, transport and tourist hub and de-congest Embu town," said Wambora. He said the World Bank has already embarked on Sh280 million storm water project that will improve drainage in Embu town. Wambora said they will ensure maximum use of land adding that those living close to the affected areas will be reallocated and compensated. Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/business/article/2000178886/embu-needs-sh15billion-to-transform-into-modern-city

Know the meaning of your car’s logo

October 8, 2015
George Wilson was the first dude down these shores to import a moti, the De Dion Bouton make in 1903, when Sir Charles Elliot was the governor. This Elliot guy was the one who ceded the ranch the Delamere family owns in Naivasha in between spearheading the policy of ‘white supremacy’ in Kenya, since he did not cast a charitable eye on the intelligence of miros. Back to Wilson. His car came with its own matangi ya fuel. There were no petrol stations in Kenya, let alone roads, besides the Mackinnon-Scalter, an ox-track road in Mombasa. There no mechanics either, neither were there traffic rules nor driving tests. The number of vehicles on Kenyan roads increased after World War I ended in 1918, and there are now around 1.7 million motis on our roads, according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. But have you ever wondered about the meaning of car emblems? Well, here goes: Toyota: The three interlocking ovals that form the letter ‘T’ for Toyota was introduced in 1989 to mark the car manufacturer’s 50th anniversary. It took five years to design. The horizontal and vertical ovals stand for the heart of the customer and company ideals, while the outer circle is for global expansion and technological advancement. Toyota emblem Subaru: The six stars represent the six companies that formed Fuji Heavy Industries, of which Subaru is part. Subaru means ‘united’ in Japanese. Its star emblem is from the constellation of Taurus, which is united by seven stars, but only six are visible from the earth hence the six stars.
    Beamer: The inverted white and blue ‘propeller’ quadrant logo borrows from the official flag of Bavaria, where BMWs are made. The ‘propeller’ is also a tribute to its history in aviation during World War II. Audi: The four connected rings represent the four companies that were part of the Auto Union Consortium that formed Audi in 1932. originally inspired by a postcard with three stars and which Gottlieb Daimler - one of the inventors of Mercedes - sent to his wife in 1870. Mercedes was the name of Austrian businessman, Emil Jellinek’s daughter and is Spanish for ‘grace.’ Jellinek was the one who ordered powerful Mercedes cars which he sold to aristocrats, thus popularizing the brand as a luxury car for those who had made it. Mitsubishi: Refers to the three diamond shapes. ‘Mitsu’ means three in Japanese and ‘Bishi’ means water chestnut, which is a tribute  to its earlier involvement in shipping. The three also refers to its first fleet of three ships. Mazda: The winged ‘V’ shape that makes the upper part of ‘M’ symbolises flight and forward thinking. Peugeot: The lion is the emblem of Belfort city where the first Peugeot was manufactured in France in 1882. Volvo: The emblem is a sign for iron, big time mineral in Sweden where the car whose name is ‘I go’ in Latin was first manufactured in 1927. Hyundai: The stylized ‘H’ are two people shaking hands...after a car deal!

Nine rules for giving effective feedback to your team members

October 2, 2015October 2, 2015

Giving feedback in a positive and constructive manner allows your team members to stay on course and motivated to do their best. Negatively framed feedback does the exact opposite.

Ever been in a situation where you submitted a report to your boss and never heard anything back? Or on the flip side, got a dressing down in front of the whole office for something you didn’t get done? Giving feedback and making it a positive experience is one of the greatest tools in the manager’s toolkit to motivate their teams and yet, the most underutilised. Productive feedback can mean the difference between success and failure on the job because it provides team members with information as to what’s working, what’s not working, and the opportunity to correct themselves. So why do managers avoid giving feedback or do it in a manner that makes their team members cringe? It’s often the ‘how to do it correctly’ that gets in the way. Here are nine rules for giving constructive feedback to your team. Rule 1: Deliver your feedback to the person concerned While it may be very tempting to share feedback with everyone other than the person concerned, don’t do that. Give your feedback directly to the person concerned; it maintains trust and nips negativity in the bud. Rule 2: Timing is important In many cases, feedback especially positive, is reserved till a performance review. It’s like giving someone a birthday present six months later. Feedback is more effective when given right after an action or behaviour happens. As a manager, you need to give your team members regular, ongoing feedback so people know where they stand. Rule 3: Keep the emotions out Refrain from giving feedback when emotions are running high and you’re really tempted to ‘lash out.’ As frustrated as you might be because things didn’t go according to plan, hold off the meeting until you are calm and in control of how you feel. Emotion gets in the way of effective communication. You want to make sure that you can deliver the feedback in an objective manner so that it actually gets received instead of putting someone on the defensive. Step 4: Share the purpose of your feedback When you begin a meeting, make sure you indicate what you’d like to cover and why it’s important. Not only does the other person know what to expect but it will keep your conversation on purpose. Don’t beat around the bush, be clear and get straight to the point. For instance, “I want to discuss” or “I have a concern about.” Step 5: Stick to the facts Explain only what you have observed, not what others have told you or brought to your attention. It helps maintain your objectivity and keeps you neutral while giving the other person a fair chance to respond. For instance, “During the past week, I have not noticed that the sales activity reports have not been submitted on three occasions” instead of “Mary tells me that you’ve not been submitting the sales activity reports and are always late.” Step 6: Let them know how you feel Help your team member understand the consequences of their behaviour and how you feel about it. Let them know how delaying the ‘sales activity report’ has affected other people on the team. By describing the reactions or consequences, the other person gets to really understand the impact of their action on the team. Step 7: Be willing to hear them out Let the other person respond to what you just said and then don’t forget to really listen. You might get a deeper understanding of what’s truly going on and see things in a completely new light. By listening, you have shown your respect towards them and built trust. Step 8: Suggest alternative solutions If you have specific ideas that might help, be willing to share them. It keeps the conversation positive and focused on solving a problem or challenge and away from a ‘blame game’ approach. Step 9: Recap and show your support Emphasise the main things you’ve discussed, what that person could do differently, and summarise the action items that need to be implemented. The idea is to move to problem solving and not beat up on the other person’s behavior. End on a positive note and express your confidence in the person’s ability to improve the situation. Now that you have the tools to give effective feedback, you don’t have to dread that conversation you’ve been waiting to have for so long. Yamini Virani is the Founder of Celebrus Business Strategies Ltd., a Management Consulting and Training Firm.


October 2, 2015
As we can all attest, life has a nasty habit of being complex when you least need it to. Microsoft is currently facing just such a situation. It was once the largest company in the world, the most profitable, was lauded by analysts, feared by competitors, loathed by governments, and loved by many the world over. Microsoft has doggedly pursued mobility. It has been reviewed in great detail. Yet for the effort it has made, and despite the warnings that that was not a business it should venture into, Microsoft has never made a black penny in mobility. If anything, the company has wrecked every single mobile company it has got its hands on. But Microsoft is a trooper. Maybe it’s to save corporate face and show resilience; after all, the next strike could be oil. Or, maybe it is quietly and slowly killing mobility through the scenic route while building a plausible story that will not make anyone look bad. It doesn’t really matter. However, Microsoft has historically sucked at mobile. Admittedly, Windows 10 was a good effort, but the company needs a lot of miracles for mobile to work. Now that the x40 generation of devices is 10 or so months old, Microsoft is moving to the x50 line late in the year, hopefully to target holiday shoppers. It actually has quite an impressive line-up, but well, this is Microsoft, regardless of whether it’s a Nadella or Ballmer show. LUMIA 950 The Lumia 950 is built on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 hexa-core backed by 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage that is expandable by 2TB via microSD card. The display is expected to be a 5.1 inch QuadHD unit that will be accompanied by a rear 20MP PureView camera with Optical Image Stabilisation as well as natural dual flash. On the front side, it will feature a 5MP HD wide-angle camera. The phone will support Iris recognition for its Windows Hello authentication system, which is probably as close as it will get to infrared. It is powered by a 3000mAh battery that will support both Qi Wireless Charging as well as Rapid Charging. Microsoft has managed to adopt USB-C on this device. LUMIA 950 XL Now, if the Lumia 950 fails to whet your appetite, then its upgrade might do the trick. The Lumia 950 XL will run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-core with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, also expandable by 2TB via microSD. It, too, will come with a 20MP PureView camera, except with natural triple flash. Upfront, again, a similar 5MP HD wide-angle shooter. However, it will instead feature a 5.7 inch QuadHD display, and a bigger 3300mAh battery with both Qi Wireless and Rapid Charging. It will support Iris recognition, as well as a USB-C port. LUMIA 550 For a much lower profile, Microsoft is bringing the Lumia 550, dubbed “the son of the 640”. It will ride on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz quadcore with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage expandable by microSD by another 128GB. At the back, Microsoft has put a 5MP camera that supports full auto-focus as well as LED flash, while at the front, there will be a 2MP camera that is specifically optimized for Skype. The 550 has changed vastly from its prototype days, losing a front-facing LED flash for elfies taken in the dark. Its 5 inch HD display is also a surprise, seeing that earlier prototypes had a 4.7 inch display. A nice touch, however, is the return of the dedicated camera button that was a near deal-breaker on the Lumia 640. It will be powered by a 1905mAh battery and for those with butter fingers, expect Gorilla Glass 3 protection. MICROSOFT DISPLAY DOCK There are chances that this might end up being called the Continuum Dock, which wouldn’t surprise anyone, knowing that Microsoft flips names every other day. The Dock allows 950 and 950 XL users to connect their phone directly to a screen, thus turning their phone into a mini computer. With Bluetooth support, you even get support for a mouse and keyboard. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Microsoft’s fans to support the platform wholeheartedly. There is far too much uncertainty about the future of Microsoft Mobile, even though Microsoft keeps pushing it forward. It makes sense for Microsoft to kill the mobile business and instead focus on outfitting other device makers’ devices with Windows Mobile. But there is a plan, and it might involve corporate pride, so we just have to wait and see.

Proposed parking levies set to hit residents hard

September 30, 2015September 30, 2015
Boda boda, matatu and taxi owners will dig deep into their pockets if Bill passes.
BY DERICK LUVEGA Owners of taxis and matatus in Vihiga will be required to pay Sh300 and Sh500 parking fees daily if a proposed law comes into force. Bicycle owners, according to a Bill that has been sent to the county assembly for debate, will pay Sh500 if the boda bodas are seized for parking offences. The proposals are expected to meet fierce resistance. Bus companies like Easy Coach, and Western Express, among others, would pay Sh120,000 per year in parking fees. The figure could be higher depending on the number of parking stations each company has. Trailers will attract a parking fee of Sh450,000 per year while public service vehicles will be charged Sh150,000. Reserved parking space will attract a fee of Sh500 per day. If the proposed law is approved by the assembly and assented to by Governor Moses Akaranga, motorists will also be charged a minimum daily fee of Sh50 and a maximum daily fee of Sh100 to park along the streets. The law also slaps penalties on motorists who fail to pay the new levies. These include charges for breakdown, impounding and unclamping. The charges range between Sh500 and Sh5,000. For instance, failure to pay parking fees for a bicycle, wheelbarrow or a donkey cart will attract a penalty of Sh500 while an impounded motorbike would be released after a fee of Sh1,000 has been paid and Sh2,500 for saloon cars. Speaker Dan Chitwah recently complained that the county was losing revenue in parking fees. Mr Chitwah said there was need to restructure the manner of parking in Mbale town. “Vehicle are parked along the highway in Mbale town in a hazardous way,” he said. “The parking lot in Mbale was taken over and turned into a market,” he said.

Amazing weight loss of woman who lost 69Kg from 133kg to stop people abusing her in the street

September 30, 2015
Stephanie suffered abuse almost every time she walked out of her front door - but now things couldn't be more different Small acts of kindness have the strangest effect on Stephanie Roberts. Every time someone holds a door open for her, or smiles at her in the street, she does a double-take. Because it has never happened to her before – even though she is now 37. For most of her life, Stephanie hasn’t been used to strangers being nice to her or treating her like a human being. All because, until 12 months ago, she was very, very fat. Before whittling her body down from 133 Kg to 64kg , all Stephanie got from strangers was mainly cruelty. Every walk down the street was a hostile experience. “I’ve had people spit at me in broad daylight, tell me I was ‘disgusting’. That was always their favorite word,” says Stephanie. “They thought I should be ashamed for getting that big. People would loudly pass comment on my size and I’d shout back, ‘I’m fat not deaf’.  "But others would just abuse me to my face.” If she wasn’t being bullied by strangers she was being blanked. But now the abuse has stopped. Since she decided to go on a diet in November last year, losing more than 11st, the world has been a kinder, very different place for 5ft 7ins tall Stephanie. She shakes her head in puzzlement. “Now I’m a normal size, cars stop to let me cross the road. People want to talk to me. Men chat me up. It amazes me,” she says. “But it angers me too. Before I lost the weight, if I wasn’t being sneered at I was being ignored. Invisible. Are appearances that important? "As a size 32, I was a non-person. Now I’m a size 12 I’m suddenly acceptable. “Yet I’m the same person inside. All I’ve changed is the outside . What does it say about how we treat fat people?”  It’s only now she is slim that she realises just how badly others treated her. Stephanie, from Cardiff, was a picky eater as a child. She only started gaining weight when she reached her teens. “At 14, I was a size 14,” she explains. “At 18, an 18, and then I just got bigger and bigger. By then I was greedy, I suppose. I love food but I am a hopeless cook so I ate out of junky places like petrol stations.  "I ate man-sized portions of food and I never stopped eating.” She was a confident and intelligent young woman, a tomboy who loved motorbikes and travel. She started a good career working with adults with learning disabilities in the NHS. She had lots of compassion, and faith in herself – but strangers seemed determined to squash that self-esteem. “I remember my first really public humiliation,” she says. “I was in my 20s and out at a pub with friends and I was feeling good. I knew I was no Kate Moss, I knew I was a big girl, but I loved ¬socialising. A good-looking lad asked me to dance. I was chuffed but as we danced we were surrounded by a group of his jeering mates. They were pushing a pint glass stuffed with money at him and the penny dropped.  “They’d been playing ‘pull-a-pig’ – a game to see who could pull the ugliest woman in the club and win the kitty. My guy had won. I was the pig.” Stephanie put on a brave face, shouted the men down, then slipped away home to cry. Every night out after that was fraught with worry. “At parties, I’d hang back and end up going back and forward to the buffet.” But the larger she became, the more abuse her big body attracted. “As I used a cash point late one night, a man walked past me, stopped and came past again,” she says. “He said, ‘you are absolutely disgusting’ and then he spat at me. In the supermarket, people would stare at my trolley to see the ‘revolting, fatty’ things I was buying. "They’d stare at me as I ate in restaurants .  “Once, on holiday in New Zealand, I was eating in a fish restaurant – fish!… healthy – and a woman came up to me, stared at me like I was an exhibit and then said, ‘you’re very fat’. "Did she think I didn’t know?”  Stephanie shot back with the obvious: you’re very rude. But every insult smarted. Her love life was nonexistent. “I went six years without so much as a kiss,” she says. “When a man did spend the night with me, I never saw him again. Men don’t want to be seen with ‘a fat bird’.” And now that she is slim – which society deems ‘normal’ – she can’t forget how it felt to be on the fringes like that. “I’ve lost all the weight I was carrying, and that’s wonderful, but I’m still myself,” she says. “I still see the world the way I always did. What has changed is how the world sees me.” It was advice from her doctor that provoked Stephanie to try to diet. She signed up with LighterLife . “I’d been having health problems and my GP told me my weight wasn’t helping so I decided to do it and something clicked,” she says.  Out went the supermarket family-sized lasagnes she was using as a dinner for one; the tube of Pringles she’d munch her way through in front of the telly; the petrol station pasties and sausage rolls. The weight began to come off. But there was a lot to lose. For much of the diet she was still very large, so she was still getting stared at, shouted at, ridiculed. “It really didn’t help,” she says. “I’m an emotional eater. Happy? Eat. Sad? Eat. Lots of people with weight problems are. So if they are being bullied and called names, it makes them want to eat more.” Stephanie’s work with as a behaviour specialist with the disabled makes her think too. “My clients face prejudice because of their learning disabilities – something they can’t change – and it was just the same for me but because of fat,” she says. “It’s illegal to discriminate against disabled people, or against a person’s race or religion. But you can do what you want to a fat person.” “And that’s why it happens, I think. Strangers are rude to big people because they are allowed to be. Can’t everyone see there are feelings underneath all those pounds of excess weight? "And maybe if we were a bit more understanding, overweight people would find it easier to get to a healthier size .” Stephanie’s life has been transformed. She is happier than she has ever been and wishes all people struggling with their weight could experience it too. She is just back from South Africa where she was a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding , slinky in a size 12, floral dress.  She has started dating, though warily insists it is early days. Being attractive takes some getting used to after the humiliation of pull-a-pig. But, for all the happiness, she will never forget how it felt to be treated with such casual cruelty by people she’d never seen before. “When I was big, I thought people were just rude. Then I got thinner and found it was my weight that had been the problem. “Their problem? They didn’t know me but they didn’t like me because I was big. I wasn’t even a person to them. I still can’t get my head around that. “If you are fat you are lazy, greedy, out of control, smelly – that’s what some people think. But really what you are is ashamed and sad, and it’s other people who make you feel like that. “People have terrible struggles with weight. I tried to pretend that it didn’t bother me but it did. “We need to be kinder about it. No one should expect abuse every time they walk out their front door.” Fat file Weight before : 21st 10lb Dress size before : 32 Weight now : 10st 12 Dress size now : 12 What she used to eat Breakfast : Nothing. Petrol station pit-stop on way to work : Crisps, a pasty, sausage roll, fruit. all-day Snacks : Endless biscuits or sweets brought by grateful patients. Lunch : Two packs of shop-bought sandwiches, crisps, chocolate, a sugary drink. Petrol station on way home : More savoury pastry, more crisps. Dinner : A family-sized lasagne or cottage pie with wedges. Snacks in front of the telly : A tube of Pringles, rounds of buttered toast. What she eats now Breakfast : Fruit and yoghurt Lunch : Salad or one round of homemade sandwiches. Dinner : A home-cooked stir-fry or rice and grilled meat. Snacking : Now a very occasional treat.

How food labels can help you lose kilos

September 30, 2015
With the passing of yet another cold season, some of us want to shed the extra weight that kept us warm on those chilly nights. Most experts agree one need to do two things to lose weight: eat less and move more. While there are an abundance of methods to keep that extra weight off, one of them is to pay attention to the nutritional information panels printed on the packaging of the products that we eat. Packaged foods have become increasingly common in Kenyan urban households. Virtually all food groups, from staples like ugali, rice, bread and other foods such as legumes, fruit, vegetables, mayonnaise, ketchup and more can be found neatly packaged at your local supermarket. According to nutrition consultant Lucy Muli, one must be keen on the nutritional facts printed on packaged foods. “Nutritional fact labels can direct anyone who is trying monitor their weight and even for those with specialised diets such as diabetics,” says Muli. The nutritionist purports that being aware of the food labels can go a long way to ensuring that one eats a balanced diet for healthy body and mind. A new study published in the Agricultural Economics Journal showed a link between obesity and food labels. The study revealed that participants who read nutritional fact information weigh an average four kilograms less than the participants who do not. The results of the study determined that reading food labels plays a role in successful weight management. I asked a group of ladies to share their opinions on using printed nutrition information as a guideline for weight loss. “That is a good idea, one that I am willing to try,” said one enthusiastic respondent. She added however that she would combine the tactic with exercise for maximum benefit. Student Mariana Chepkirui rejects the idea saying that she did not fully trust the accuracy information printed on packaging, and so preferred to eat traditional foods. UNDERSTANDING FOOD LABELS Food labels can be very confusing and tricky to understand. Often we don’t have the time to spend trying to work out what they mean and how to use them. Knowing what nutrition information to look for is key as it can help you make the best choice for your health and avoid unnecessary saturated fat, added salt, added sugars and kilojoules. Labels on most packaged food must meet strict requirements that include information for people with food allergies, food additive listings and food storage instructions. Muli says the nutrition information panel on a food label offers the simplest and easiest way to choose foods with less saturated fat, salt (sodium), added sugars and kilojoules, and more fibre. It can also be used to decide how large one serve of a food group choice or discretionary food (chocolates, sweets and such) would be and whether it’s worth the kilojoules. This is particularly important if you are trying to lose weight. According to a document released by the Australian Government Ministry of Health, weight loss requires one to avoid discretionary foods as they provide few nutrients but plenty of kilojoules. However, it is still possible to include small serves of discretionary foods, eaten occasionally and savoured by eating slowly and enjoying the food with all our senses. The document adds that the trick is to choose only the foods or drinks that we really enjoy. Whether you have a sweet tooth or love chocolate; perhaps you prefer savoury treats such as pizza. The Nutrition Information Panel can help us decide if a food is really worth the kilojoules. Beware of foods that look like a single serve, but actually contain several servings in one packet. Once we know the kilojoules in a serve, we can weigh up whether our enjoyment warrants the extra kilojoules. Most labels list nutrients in a serve of the product as a percentage of daily nutrient intake; this can be used to compare the nutrients in one serve of the food with what an ‘average adult’ needs. This information can give you a rough guide, but your individual nutitional and energy needs could be quite different. BMI is a screening tool used to determine body fat content and defines normal weight, overweight and obesity. It is a person’s weight in kilograms divided by their height. “One should focus on the total amount of energy needed in a day, and how much can be obtained from the various food groups, and from packaged goods” advises Muli. She adds that particular attention should be paid to carbohydrates because they are abundant in many foods and are a contributor to weight gain. “Don’t avoid carbohydrates entirely, but eat them in controlled amounts according to individual needs,” advises Muli. To get a clear indication on your daily needs, consult your doctor, nutritionist or fitness expert for advice. “At times food labels may not be clear or accurate, which can mislead consumers in terms of their nutritional value,” warns Muli. To mitigate such risks, she recommends that one selects products from well known companies, particularly if they have been accredited by regulators such as Kenya Bureau of Standards. By Audrey Cheptoo

55 Business ideas applicable in Kenya

September 28, 2015September 28, 2015
This article has been excerpted from 55 Surefire Home Based Businesses You Can Start for Under $5,000 by Entrepreneur Press & Cheryl Kimball (2009), available from Entrepreneur Press. Today, tens of thousands of people are considering starting a home based business, and for good reasons. On average, people can expect to have two and three careers during their work life. Those leaving one career often think about their second or third career move being to their own home. People who have been part of the traditional nine-to-five work force and are on the verge of retiring from that life are thinking of what to do next. The good news: Starting a homebased business is within the reach of almost anyone who wants to take a risk and work hard. $1,500 or less to start up 1. ACCOUNTANT Experience, training or licensing may be needed Create a flier outlining your services. Before you do that, you need to know what those services will be. Do you want to simply do bookkeeping for a small business? A more involved level of accounting would be do actually work up balance sheets, income statements, and other financial reports on a monthly, quarterly, and/or annual basis, depending on the needs of the business. Other specializations can include tax accounting, a huge area of potential work. Many business owners don't mind keeping their own day-to-day bookkeeping records but would rather get professional help with their taxes. 2. BICYCLE REPAIR In many parts of the country, this business tends to be seasonal, but you can find ways around that. Rent a storage unit and offer to store people's bicycles over the winter after you do a tune-up and any needed repairs on them. If you want to cater to the Lance Armstrong wannabes, you can have business all year round. These road race riders are training through snow, sleet and dark of night. Some of them work on their own bicycles, but many of them don't, so you can get their business all year. And if you keep Saturday shop hours, you can be sure you will have a group of enthusiasts coming by to talk all things cycling. 3. BOAT CLEANING Experience, training or licensing may be needed Boats that are hauled out of the water for the winter or even just for mid-season repairs will need the hull cleaned. And depending on the type of boat, it is a good time to give a major cleaning everything else too--the decks, the sleeping quarters, the head, and the holds. Start by approaching homes that have a boat sitting in the yard. Or you could market your services to the marina to contract you to do the boat cleaning it offers to customers. 4. BUSINESS PLAN SERVICE Has expansion possibilities Offer a soup-to-nuts business plan, including market research, the business plan narrative and the financial statements. Plan your fee around the main one that the client will want and offer the others as add-on services. You can give clients an electronic file and allow them to take it from there, or you can keep the business plan on file and offer the service of tweaking it whenever necessary. Have business plan samples to show clients--and make sure to include your own! 5. CHIMNEY SWEEP Learning to be a chimney sweep may mean nothing more than apprenticing with someone already in the business. By becoming a chimney expert, you can combine a chimney sweep business with a chimney inspection service--covering more than just whether or not the chimney needs cleaning but whether the chimney is in good working order or in need of repair. 6. CLEANING SERVICE There are many directions you can take this business. If you want to work during hours when no one else does, you can focus on office clients. You can focus on retail businesses and keep your customers clumped into one or two blocks. Restaurants are in great need of daily thorough cleaning and can be a great source of steady clients. Perhaps you would be more interested in house cleaning. Many times with cleaning services you don't have to spend lots of money on advertising or marketing because your customers will come by word of mouth. 7. COMPUTER REPAIR Experience, training or licensing may be needed Study the main types of software that system users will want--word processing, photo manipulation software, mail merge, spreadsheet, design and especially security software. Investigate all the components--monitor types in all their varieties; keyboards, from wired to ergonomic to wireless; mouse types; as well as peripheral components like printers and scanners. Become completely familiar with all the ISPs (internet service providers) available in the market area you plan to cover. Establish yourself as the guru who can meet the needs of the personal computer user, the small business or a larger corporation. 8. CONSULTANT Has expansion possibilities To be a consultant, you need to have an expertise in something so you can market yourself as an advisor to others looking to work in that area. Perhaps you managed several large warehouses in your career with a drugstore company, you did all the marketing for many years for a large shoe manufacturer or you set up a chain of beauty supply shops or take-out restaurants. You can use this experience to help others do similar things without making the same mistakes that you made along the way. 9. DOG BREEDER Experience, training, or licensing may be needed Pets are phenomenally popular in the U.S. While many people are willing to adopt from animal shelters, others are looking for a specific breed. Purebred dogs are more popular than ever and can command large sums of money. But becoming a dog breeder is serious business catering to savvy consumers with high expectations of their pet purchases. You will need to establish yourself as a conscientious breeder who cares about the health and welfare of the animals you bring into the world. 10. EBAY ASSISTANT Do you have items lurking around your household that you could sell on eBay? Figure out your asking price and decide whether to auction it or put it in your eBay store. Then decide if you want a minimum bid and how long you want the auction to last. You will want to establish a PayPal account to use for transactions. The eBay website provides all the information you need to know to get up and running with an eBay business.

From Editorial Services to Household Organizer

11. EDITORIAL SERVICES Has expansion possibilities Here are some of the editorial services you can provide from the quiet of your own home:
  • Copyediting. This is where fact checking takes place, and where grammatical, stylistic and typographical errors are caught.
  • Proofreading. This is the last stop for a "finished" piece. The proofreader makes sure the copyediting changes have been properly made and no new errors are created in the process.
  • Indexing. There are indexing courses available and you can get indexing software.
  • Developmental editing. A developmental editor works with a manuscript on big-picture things like organization and content issues.
  • Book doctoring. This is an editorial service provided for manuscripts written by experts. They create a manuscript as best they can and then a book doctor puts it into publishable shape.
  • Ghost Writing. As a ghost writer, you actually do the research and write the book and someone else's name is attached as the author.
  • Copywriting. Also known as business writing, this is writing that promotes a product or a service.
  • Book writing. Do you have an expertise in something professional, such as accounting or interior decorating? Or personally, like knitting? Why not write a book about it?
  • Magazine article writing. Magazines and newspapers are a great way to get your writing published before tackling the daunting task of writing a whole book.
  • Web page content provider. Providing content for a web site is a good way to make some money writing.
12. ELECTRONICS REPAIR Has expansion possibilities This business is similar to the computer repair business, but you will take on all sorts of electronic equipment besides just computers. With smaller electronics, you will need to be prepared to have customers bring their repair projects to you, as you would have difficulty recovering the cost of driving around picking up broken equipment and returning it. You may also want to encourage people to give you their old electronics so you can use them for parts. 13. EVENT PLANNING Has expansion possibilities One of the first things you need to do is visit every potential event location with which you plan to work. Work with the marketing manager to tour each site and learn what is available at each location. Start a database that will allow you to sort venues by varying features--the number of people each site holds, if there is AV equipment available on site, will you need to arrange for rental chairs, etc. Then when you are beginning to plan an event with a client, you can find out what the key parameters are for the event and easily pull up the three or four sites that meet the basic criteria. and engagement parties, etc. 14. EXPERT WITNESS SERVICE Experience, training or licensing may be needed One way to make money in this field is by being an expert witness yourself. If you have an expertise that could be useful in legal cases, you can market yourself to attorneys to act as an expert witness. Another way to be active in the expert witness field is to play a sort of matchmaker, matching attorneys up with expert witnesses for their cases--either for the defense or for the prosecution. Expert witnesses for big money cases can be expected to fly anywhere to testify. There's no reason your database of witnesses can't be from all parts of the country. 15. FINANCIAL PLANNER Experience, training or licensing may be needed To start, you should go through the certification process so that you can label yourself a CFP (Certified Financial Planner). Your certificate shows that you have expertise and credibility, and this differentiation will help people choose you as their financial planner. For more information and details on certification, click here. http://www.cfp.net/become/Steps.asp 16. FLEA MARKET Has expansion possibilities People love to spend weekends rummaging through tables full of other people's unwanted items, looking for treasures. Make sure to change your layout and put new stuff out for sale often. You want people to come back time and again to see what's new. You don't even have to have that much new stuff to make things look new. Just moving an item from a table to the top of a bookshelf might get it noticed, even though the item has been in your inventory since you first started having sales. 17. GOLF COACH Experience, training or licensing may be needed Let the local public courses know about your coaching business. Cultivate relationships with the staff and encourage them to recommend you as a coach. Another place to look for customers is the corporate world. Golfing is a game that business people use to develop relationships outside the office. You do need to be a better than average golfer to develop a reputation as a golf coach. You also need to be a good teacher, know how to be motivational and be willing to work with many different types of people. 18. HOME ENERGY AUDITOR Experience, training or licensing may be needed All homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to save on their utility bills. You can come to their aid by providing them with an audit of their house and giving them a breakdown of how they could accomplish real savings in heating, cooling and electrical use. You can go one step further and do the implementation and installation of some of your suggestions in their home yourself. Do a complete appliance audit, with efficiency ratings and calculations based on the age of the appliance. And don't forget the water heater! 19. HOME INSPECTION Experience, training or licensing may be needed In order to be successful, you will want to establish contacts with real estate agents who can recommend your services to customers. The home inspection field is one where you will need to do constant updating of your education and knowledge. New products are constantly coming out on the market--if you only know about decks made of wood, you will not know how to inspect and assess the new materials on the market, such as composites that are made to look like real wood. Also keep apprised of all safety updates of materials and issues with things like off-gassing, carbon monoxide production, and other chemical precautions. 20. HOUSEHOLD ORGANIZER Has expansion possibilities You can choose either to do the organizing work or to come in to a home and consult on the things the homeowner could do to better organize. Have a portfolio of different organizational scenarios in different rooms in the home and talk with the homeowner about the style he or she likes. Create checklists and questionnaires to understand how the family uses the home. Are the kids wildly busy with after-school activities? Or are they usually home after school and want access to their toys? Do they share rooms? All of these things will help you tailor an organizing plan and become the family hero.

From Import/Export to Solar Energy

21. IMPORT/EXPORT SPECIALIST Experience, training or licensing may be needed If you don't already have work experience with importing and/or exporting, you will have a longer learning curve. You can start by learning the basics and hosting educational sessions to teach others what they need to know to get started in import/export. That alone would probably gain you your first couple of clients. If you keep going with educational seminars and expand your reach to outside your immediate region, you could probably develop a sufficient and ongoing customer base very quickly, but be careful not to outpace your learning curve! 22. INTERIOR DECORATOR Experience, training or licensing may be needed Market your talents to building contractors. People purchasing new homes can often be overwhelmed with the choices and possibilities in home decorating. Design some questionnaires for each major element and each major room in the house. Find out how the homeowner will use the home--are there children? Pets? Does the woman of the house wear high heels? Do the home's residents neglect to remove shoes? How will each room be used? Where might task lighting and ambient lighting be most appropriate? 23. JEWELRY MAKING Experience, training or licensing may be needed There are many different ways of getting into the jewelry business and many different types of materials with which you can work. Working in metal will probably require the most in the way of specific tools. You need to be able to heat the metal to manipulate it, and you need metalworking tools to cut and engrave it. But there are many other materials that you can work with to make jewelry--glass, plastic, beads, feathers, even wood, to name just a few. 24. MARKETING COPY WRITER Experience, training or licensing may be needed If you can write copy that gets people excited about purchasing what your client has to sell, you can make good money in this business. Unless you are highly experienced from working in the copywriting field, take a course. There are online courses or classes at community colleges and universities that can give you a leg up in getting savvy at writing copy for brochures, catalogs, advertising and, of course, marketing copy for the web. 25. NOTARY PUBLIC/JUSTICE OF THE PEACE Experience, training or licensing may be needed In most states in the U.S., a notary public is a state officer who is authorized to witness and attest to the legalities of certain documents by signature and stamping a seal. Most states require that you pass an exam and a background check. It costs very little to become a notary and your income from notary work is negligible. A justice of the peace typically performs wedding ceremonies. States have varying rules and procedures for becoming a JP and performing services. Becoming a JP and/or notary public does not cost much money. And it is not a big moneymaking venture! Many states set the fees you can charge for JP services. JPs can add additional fees, and often do, including travel and hourly rates for additional meetings such as rehearsals, other prep time and any special requests. 26. PERSONAL CONCIERGE This business is for someone who is supremely efficient and has the ability to make things happen. People who hire you will expect things when they want them and you need to be able to come through with not only what they want, but with a personal touch and a smile on your face. The most likely clients for a personal concierge service are top executives who find themselves at the office by 7 a.m. and are there most nights until 9 p.m., leaving them very little time to do all those things that often need to be done during those very hours. 27. PERSONAL TRAINER Experience, training or licensing may be needed Advertise your services in places where everyone goes, like restaurants and grocery stores. Having a website is a good idea--people want some privacy in their decision-making when it comes to getting fit. They can go to your website and determine if your approach to personal training is an approach that would work for them. It is important to emphasize the safety aspect of using a personal trainer. You can help clients get fit and avoid injury. 28. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Your job, in the case of rental units, will be to make sure the property is running smoothly. For seasonal properties, you will most likely spend your management time making sure the property is ready for seasonal visits and well-maintained when no one is around. If the owners go away for six weeks in the winter, the property manager makes regular checks on the property. You will be the contact number if the security system operator needs to contact someone about a breach in security. 29. SMALL ENGINE REPAIR Experience, training or licensing may be needed Most community colleges offer some level of engine-repair courses. Another way to learn would be to take a part-time position at a repair shop or a rental facility where you could learn on the job, although you will want to be open about your plans. You should be prepared to work on push-behind lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers, generators, garden tools such as rototillers and edgers, chainsaws, wood chippers and snowblowers. You need to decide whether you'll want to take on bigger jobs, such as tractors, snowmobiles and ATVs; space may be your decision-maker. 30. SOLAR ENERGY CONSULTANT Experience, training or licensing may be needed Has expansion possibilities As a solar consultant, you can basically conduct a home inspection and give clients a report on their solar options for their particular home and site. This can range from full-fledged general solar installations that generate electricity to simple solar walkway lighting. You might want to start by working in a solar products company to become knowledgeable in the solar energy field. However, to be a consultant, it is often best not to be affiliated with any one company or product and be able to recommend products and options across the field of solar energy.

From Tax Preparer to Graphic Design

31. TAX PREPARER Experience, training or licensing may be needed Most tax preparation franchises offer courses, seminars, and training to get you ready to work for them. You will learn a lot about tax preparation while working for them before going out on your own. There is a lot of educational support out there to learn tax preparation and all its complexities. And there are lots of individuals and businesses willing to spend a few hundred dollars a year to have someone else prepare their taxes and keep watch for tax breaks or tax burdens on their behalf. 32. TAXIDERMIST Experience, training or licensing may be needed Today's world of taxidermy isn't exclusive to preserving real specimens. Taxidermy also refers to recreating a specimen using completely artificial materials. Taxidermy schools where you can learn the trade are located almost throughout the country, typically as courses over several weeks specializing in certain levels of expertise, from beginner to master's level. Like any enterprise, there are taxidermy conventions that you can attend and learn about the latest techniques and materials. 33. UPHOLSTERING If you have a knack for sewing, upholstery repair might be a perfect business for you. One of the best ways to learn how to upholster is to get some discarded upholstered furniture and start tearing it apart. Many books and some videos are available to help you learn this trade. Often furniture ready for upholstering will also need repairs. Have a list available of furniture repair people you can recommend to your customers. Or you can take the piece in, have repair people you work with do this work for you, and add it to the overall cost. You can also learn to do this work, especially minor repairs, yourself. 34. USED BOOK SALES Almost everyone has a few boxes of books stashed away in the house somewhere. Why not make a business out of them? In order to gain customers--especially repeat customers--you will need to have some regular shop hours. Make your shop known for something-a specific category (or two) of books, having some first editions for sale, all paperbacks a dollar and all hardcovers two bucks, and/or a swap program. Maps, illustrations, postcards, greeting cards and magazines are good sidelines to include in your shop. 35. WEDDING PLANNER You will need to be up-to-date on wedding trends and fads, dress styles, color trends--almost everything under the sun! Offer your customers an ala carte menu of services, from helping pick flowers, the wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses to picking the venue and hiring the caterer. Before you open your business, shop at all the wedding shops, and even pretend you are a bride-to-be to see what kinds of services the wedding gown shop provides and how they treat potential customers. You need to know every detail of the business to give the accurate impression that you are the go-to person for anyone planning a wedding. $1,500 to 3,000 to start up 36. APPLIANCE REPAIR Experience, training or licensing may be needed Every household has a number of appliances, large and small. You can work on your own or on contract with appliance stores to cover their warranty service calls--or, best of all, you can do some of each. Plan to start slow and build your customer base on recommendations and referrals based on work well done. Consider developing relationships with contractors to be the go-to person to install appliances in newly constructed houses. 37. COMPUTER TRAINING Experience, training or licensing may be needed Has expansion possibilities If you are proficient in both Macintosh and PC, you should offer training in both types of computers. You could probably make a living helping seniors learn how to use the internet and e-mail to keep in touch with their loved ones, who are now commonly spread around the country. Err on the side of caution in this business. People do not want to know all the details about what makes a computer work. If you overload them with information from the beginning by explaining bits, bytes, and megapixels, they will stick to their paper and pencil forever. 38. DESKTOP PUBLISHER Experience, training or licensing may be needed You can use desktop publishing software to create newsletters, magazines, books or even marketing materials. You can create the content for your desktop publications, or you can pay a writer to create the content for you. Alternatively, you can advertise your desktop publishing services to design and create newsletters and books for others with their content. 39. FENCE INSTALLATIONS Fences are everywhere. And they don't last forever, so they need to be repaired and replaced with a certain amount of frequency. The most common fence material is wood. However, vinyl has become a popular fence choice due to its longevity and relative freedom from maintenance. Wrought iron is another common fencing, especially in urban environments. You can have fun shopping for vintage wrought iron fencing at salvage yards. 40. FREELANCE GRAPHIC DESIGNER Experience, training or licensing may be needed Despite the proliferation of the internet, print media is here to stay for the foreseeable future! Fliers, newsletters, magazines, information sheets, letters and advertisements are just a few of the types of print media that business hire freelancers to create for them. Websites and online advertising need graphic design services as well. Even if your expertise is only in design, offer the works for potential clients, including the editorial creation and the printing and even mailing of the final piece. You can line up regular freelancers for those parts of the job you can't do.

From Gift Baskets to Rug Cleaning

41. GIFT BASKET SERVICE Has expansion possibilities Finding a niche is the best way to start out in the gift basket business. Are you a dog lover, horse lover, or exercise guru who could put together baskets that hold the things that people with this interest would like? Do you already create a product that a gift basket could be built around? Have you made your own soaps for the past 10 years? A gift basket that included one or two of your soaps, hand lotion, a scrub brush and manicure kit could be a lovely basket to receive. 42. GRAFFITI REMOVAL Create an arsenal of cleaning products that can clean almost every kind of product (paint, chalk, markers) from every kind of surface (cement, wood, pavement). The best way to conduct a graffiti service is to offer a subscription-like arrangement. Once a month or whatever interval makes sense for your clients, go around to their property and clean off the graffiti. Charge them a monthly or quarterly fee and make it simple for everyone--they don't have to think about graffiti, and you just do your job. 43. HAIRSTYLIST Experience, training or licensing may be needed Hairstyling is a popular business that can be quite lucrative. Generally a home based hairstylist business is likely to be started by someone who has already has a cosmetology career and wants a change. If you already have your cosmetology training and license, and loads of experience under your belt working in a hairstyling salon, you probably have a following that will follow you right home without any hesitation. 44. HERBAL FARM STAND You need to decide whether you will sell your herbs as live plants, picked or cut in bunches and packed, or dried. If you plan to market to cooks instead of gardeners, you will want to sell your herbs either fresh cut and packed in sealed bags, or dried and sold in baggies. You can also consider a "pick-your-own" arrangement; however, be aware that herbs are more delicate than most P.Y.O products. You may save your garden a lot of strife and your plants a lot of wear and tear if you do the picking. 45. LANDSCAPER Experience, training or licensing may be needed If you have a knack for this type of work, a degree won't be necessary. Most people want their yards tidied up in the spring, their lawns mowed in the summer, their leaves removed in the fall, and their shrubs and driveways ready for winter snow. You will also want to offer garden work such as spring planting of annuals and perennials; vegetable garden preparation, planting and fall cleanup; pest control and watering. You can offer tree care service. There is plenty to do in the yard that has nothing to do with plants: stone wall restoration, fencing, irrigation system installation. 46. MASSAGE THERAPIST Experience, training or licensing may be needed You will want to become certified in massage therapy to be able to effectively market your services. Courses that lead to certification include not only information on human anatomy and physiology and the effects that massage has on both, but also on how to make a business out of the field of massage. You could do either a certification program or an associate's degree and stay within the $5,000 scope of this book. 47. MOVING SERVICE Lots of people who are moving want to hire someone to do the heavy lifting for them. You can leave the large-scale, long-distance moving to the big moving companies. Your work can be the local, moving-across-town or to the town-next-door jobs. These are the ones that people start off thinking perhaps they could do themselves, and it will be your job to convince them otherwise. Your signs around town will tempt them to let you take care of that part of the move, while they are busy taking care of those other 500 items on their list. 48. MUSIC LESSONS Experience, training or licensing may be needed You want to stick to the instrument(s) you know, but you may be a skilled enough musician to offer lessons on several different instruments, or those in a particular class, e.g., stringed or woodwind.You can decide to take on individuals or classes, depending on space and availability of instruments. Public schools are continually reducing their commitment to art and music classes for students, so you can try to work with the public school system to supplement their efforts in those areas. 49. PHOTOGRAPHER Experience, training or licensing may be needed Making money as a photographer can be done in a number of different ways. You can specialize in one area, the most common being weddings. There are niches you can explore for photography: portraits of people and their pets, families, and homes; photographs of holiday events, birthday parties or Christmas cards; the possibilities are endless. 50. RUG CLEANING You will need to learn how to work with all kinds of carpet fabrics, from synthetic to wool carpets. Decide whether you will take on valuable antique carpets and family heirlooms; if so, you will want to get specialized training in how to handle these carpets and the specialized ways of cleaning them. Learn how to get tough stains and odors out of carpets--such as dog and cat odors--and your services will be in great demand.

From Websites to Pet Sitting

51. WEBSITE DEVELOPER Experience, training or licensing may be needed Many courses exist (many of which, logically, are offered online) where you can learn the language of website creation and can learn about the details, like how to set up shopping cart systems, security concerns, etc. You will, of course, need to learn about each company you design for. What is the atmosphere of the company that you need to reflect in the website design--is it wild and contemporary, meaning brilliant colors and fun graphics? Or will more classic colors like black, navy blue and maroon be more appropriate? $3,000 to $5,000 to start up 52. BED AND BREAKFAST Do you have a room that has its own bathroom and is private from the rest of the living space? Are you near attractions such as a tourist area, sports stadium or venue for a large annual event? Or is your home in the country with spring peepers, summer crickets and crisp fall nights that could give a city-dweller a weekend of peaceful living? Say you can rent the room for $150 a night for Friday and Saturday nights 48 weeks a year--that's $14,400 in revenue! Utilize what you have and create a unique experience. 53. CHRISTMAS TREE SALES If you want to start a Christmas tree farm, you need to plan ahead. It takes approximately seven years for a Balsam fir--perhaps the most traditional Christmas tree--to grow from a small sapling to a 5- to 6-foot tree. Selling your trees yourself is the best option. Consumers come to the property, pick the one they want, and you harvest it for them. The other option is to buy your trees from a wholesaler and sell them either in your yard or in a vacant lot that you rent from Thanksgiving to Christmas. 54. DAY CARE Experience, training or licensing may be needed Perhaps you love children. Perhaps you have children of your own and the idea of taking care of a few more for part of the day appeals to you. Child-care needs continue to soar in the United States. Many people prefer the option of their child being cared for in a home environment while they are at work, opposed to a more institutional-like setting. These things mean that a homebased childcare business can get off and running immediately. 55. PET SITTING Experience, training or licensing may be needed Starting a pet sitting service requires almost nothing in start-up costs. You do need some general credentials that will cost little or nothing to acquire. Your list of credentials should probably include personal pet ownership--if not currently, at least in the past--as well as other pet-related experience, including working at a pet food store, an animal hospital or other animal-related business. You will need to spend a little to become "bonded." This is known as "honesty insurance," and ensures your clients that you won't get their house keys and make off with their valuables (or that they'll get their money back if you do).

Scientists Finally Grow Artificial Human Sperm In Lab

September 25, 2015September 25, 2015
First Lab-Grown Human Sperm Technique Explained 3 Science prevails again as a breakthrough for infertility treatment has been made and scientists are now capable of creating human sperm in a lab for the very first time. If all goes well, the research will allow infertile men to have their own biological children in future. The breakthrough was achieved by a startup biotechnology company, Kallistem that is based in Lyon, France. The company revealed the breakthrough earlier this year and has now taken out a patent that describes the technique in collaboration with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). The procedure makes use of tissue that is responsible for producing sperm in testicles, seminiferous tubules, and then coaxing it in order to create mature sperm cells in a 72-day long process. For this particular study, the tissue specimens were collected from infertile men to demonstrate that this particular tissue from infertile males can be made to create sperm cells. The research still has to be peer-reviewed, however, was presented at a press conference in Lyon late last week. The process has been given the name of Artistem and enjoys the title of being the first time that a human sperm has been created in vitro. The functionality of the sperm still has to be tested, however, the company claims that it looks ‘morphologically normal’. Tests still need to be carried out to determine where it stands when compared with the normal sperm. These trials have been slated for 2017. According to CNRS, “This breakthrough opens the way for therapeutic avenues that have been eagerly awaited by clinicians for many years. Indeed, no treatment is currently available to preserve the fertility of young, pre-pubertal boys undergoing gonadotoxic treatments, such as certain types of chemotherapy. Yet more than 15,000 young cancer patients are affected throughout the world. Nor is there any solution for the 120,000 adult men who suffer from infertility that cannot be treated using existing technologies.”

How to grow your business using the new Facebook ‘page’

September 25, 2015
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="524"]The new Facebook business page now looks more of a website. PHOTO | FILE The new Facebook business page now looks more of a website[/caption]


Facebook has added features that could help small businesses grow. The giant social network said on Tuesday last week that the features will make it easier for businesses that maintain ‘pages’ on Facebook to get noticed by consumers, especially on mobile devices. Businesses could use the new platform to advertise their services while enhancing their interaction with customers. Though Facebook targets to boost its revenue through the new additions, the new features give Kenyan entrepreneurs a chance to grow their businesses. MORE OF A WEBSITE The new Facebook business page now looks more of a website. “We will not stop till all small businesses start using it to grow their business,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a statement. “The strategy is now to turn business pages into a complete mobile presence solution for small and medium-sized businesses.” Facebook says small businesses will find the new features preferable to building their own applications and websites. The new features include a bigger and more prominent call-to-action buttons. This comes in handy when a consumer views the business page and wants to book an appointment, browse an online shop or new product sections. There are also new tabs on mobile devices that allow people to find information very fast on the site. IMPROVED LAYOUT Businesses now have the advantage of call-to-action buttons, improved page layout and mobile update for business profiles. “We have tested several new call-to-action buttons on mobile including ‘call now’, ‘send message’, ‘contact us’, making it easier for people and businesses to connect directly,” said Facebook. New businesses can also connect with customers using the new additions. For instance, business owners can follow up Facebook posts and reply with a private message to meet the customer’s demand. In the new arrangement businesses that respond within at least five minutes will be awarded a badge making them stand out. The plan targets 45 million small businesses on Facebook who have been trying to connect with customers using the site. The pages also feature key information such as hours of operation. Now Facebook wants businesses to make their pages a choice online destination for consumers. EYEING BILLIONS Google also has an arrangement that encourage businesses to sell their ideas for free, connecting local businesses with potential buyers within and in foreign regions. The social media giants are competing for loyalty. They are also eyeing billions of shillings that small businesses set aside for advertising. The advantage of the new Facebook changes is that if you are an entrepreneur, whatever the size of your businesses, the doors are open for you to get global marketing. Facebook plans to reach every business, whether a plumbing company, a flower shop, a nonprofit business or a brand. Facebook added that the pages are now designed to represent a company’s image with the information that people look for. This, the firm says, helps businesses communicate with their customers and support their unique goals. The social media giant wants to connect the marginalised areas in Africa. Statistics by Facebook show that there is still room for growth in the region. More than 2.2 million people are actively using Facebook daily in Kenya, 7.1 million in Nigeria and South Africa has over 7.3 million active daily users.

Lupita Nyong’o to star in new animated film.

September 25, 2015
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="524"]Oscarc award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o. PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS Oscar award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o.[/caption]
Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o is set to star in a new Disney animated film The Jungle Book. The movie will hit theatres in April 2016 and boasts a star-studded Hollywood cast. Lupita plays the character Raksha, Idris Alba stars as Shere Khan, Scarlett Johansson as Kaa, Christoper Walken as King Louie and newcomer Neel Sethi as Mowgli. The partially-live-action movie is a remake of the classic 1967 Disney animated feature but has a new feel with the advancement of technology. The movie revolves around an orphaned boy who lives in the jungle and is raised by a black panther, a pack of wolves and a bear. MOTHER WOLF Lupita’s character Raksha is a mother wolf who raises the young boy alongside her own newborn cubs. The young boy adapts to jungle life as Raksha fearlessly protects the boy from lurking danger mostly from Shere Khan the tiger who is determined to devour him. Other movies in the pipeline for Lupita include Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens which is set to be released in December and Queen of Katwe set to be released in 2016. On Wednesday, she was splashed on the covers of Vogue, a fashion and lifestyle magazine for a second time under the banner: “La Femme Lupita: The Oscar winner sparkles from the New York stage to Star Wars”

Deceased herbalist leaves behind 151 children

September 25, 2015
The late Mzee Ayub Kathata
By DICKSON MWITI, @mwitidickson
A renowned traditional healer and polygamist from Meru County has died. Ayub Kathata,98, who claimed to have married 35 wives and 151 children took his final bow on Tuesday from an undisclosed illness at the Muthara District Hospital. According to one of his sons, Mr Ramoh Kathata, his father had brought up a family of diverse professionals. He was so famous that he was adversely mentioned in some lower primary Geography, History and Civics (GHC) books in the 1990s. He was also popular for “healing” people believed to have been bewitched. According to Mr Kathata who has taken over from his father, the old man embraced modernity and traditions in equal measure. “His was an empire built around farming. He had more than 4,000 and 3,000 cattle and goats in various grazing areas in the region. He also boasted of more than 2,000 acres of land where most of his children have settled,” Mr Kathata said. The old man cherished education. He founded and established Kaurine and Kina Primary Schools in Igembe Central. “My father had children from class one to eight. Withdrawal of these children from schools would negatively affect the school’s population as most learners were his children,” Mr Kathata said during an interview the Nation at his home in Kiengu, Igembe Central. To help him bond and keep track of his huge family, Kathata would always hold a party every December. “Some of our sisters got married in Europe and others working there. To ensure that we knew each other, dad ensured there was a get together every Christmas day. CATTLE RUSTLERS “As someone who has been given the responsibility of taking care of the family, I will ensure this continues,” he said. Before he died, Kathata left a word of caution that all his children should respect their eldest brother who is now the head of the family. No one dared go against word. A story is told of how one of his farmhands was instructed not to hurl stones at chickens in the farm. He disobeyed the old man and was severely pecked on the head by the chickens. The employee resigned on the fateful day. During the Shifta war, cattle rustlers always invaded his homestead to steal animals. He got overwhelmed and cast a spell on the attackers which confused them and they started attacking one another. “Through apprenticeship, he learnt the art of healing from his father, Kiunga Munoru. He started practicing at a very early age,” he said. According to Musa Kathata, another son, his father had started falling ill recently. Musa said his father’s burial arrangements were in progress. He, however, could not reveal if there will be a unique send off. “Our father was a symbol of unity in the society. He knew no boundary and even gave portions of lands to the landless,” he said. He added that most of their siblings were Christians and only very few who were clinging to the traditions similar to those of their late dad. He said his demise had left a wide gap in the family which would not be filled easily.

Bob Collymore joins influential club of business leaders

September 25, 2015
  [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"]Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore during the release of the company's full year financial results on May 7, 2015. Collymore has been selected to join a distinguished elite team of global business captains known as Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore during the release of the company's full year financial results on May 7, 2015. Collymore has been selected to join a distinguished elite team of global business captains known as "The B Team" whose aim is to catalyse a better way of doing business, “for the wellbeing of the people and planet.”[/caption] Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore has been selected to join a distinguished elite team of global business captains known as "The B Team" whose aim is to catalyse a better way of doing business, “for the wellbeing of the people and planet.” Bob joins Salesforce Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation Sharan Burrow, Sir Richard Branson and 14 other global leaders who have worked to “redefine the role of business in society”. The B Team is a not-for-profit initiative formed by a global group of business leaders ostensibly to catalyse a better way of doing business. BUSINESS ACTION On Wednesday, Mr Collymore welcomed his enlistment saying: “We all have a role to play in leveling the playing field for the next generation of entrepreneurs, in rooting out corruption and ensuring companies respect the boundaries set by nature.” He added that business leaders, should build a sustainable future “where no one is left behind.” Sharan and Bob role in the initiative will be to collaborate with all of The B Team Leaders on a new initiative to galvanise business action to meet the Global Goals for Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. TACKLING BUSINESS CORRUPTION The two will with Founder of Celtel Mo Ibrahim and former Nigerian Minister of the Finance Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to lead team's governance and transparency initiative to tackle corruption in business, widely seen as one of the biggest barriers to achieving the global goals. Meanwhile Marc Benioff will work with the founder of the Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson, co-founder of the Huffington Post Arianna Huffington on the team's “100 percent Human at Work Initiative” to make work a place where people can thrive and realise their full potential by improving employee wellbeing, increasing diversity, and ensuring equality and fair pay. The other business leaders in the team include Kathy Calvin, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Guilherme Leal, Strive Masiyiwa, Blake Mycoskie, François-Henri Pinault, Paul Polman, Mary Robinson, Ratan Tata, Zhang Yue, and Muhammad Yunus.

Safaricom named ‘Best Managed Company’ in Kenya

September 25, 2015
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"]Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore at a past event. Bob Collymore, the CEO of Safaricom, which has been named the "Best Managed Company" in Kenya by market analysts Euromoney Magazine.[/caption]
Safaricom has been named the "Best Managed Company" in Kenya by market analysts Euromoney Magazine. The entity recognises the best managed companies based on a survey of market analysts at leading banks, consultancy firms and research institutes around the world.
As a well-respected global business publication, Euromoney has been writing about macro-economics and global bank, equity and debt since 1969.
Companies are rewarded based on the most convincing and coherent business strategies, ranking them by region, industry and country.
Respondents are asked to nominate the top five listed companies in each of the main survey categories, bearing in mind market strength, profitability, growth potential, quality of management and earnings.
For the award in which Safaricom emerged the winner, respondents were asked to nominate the top three listed companies in each of the following categories: most convincing and coherent business strategy, best system of corporate governance, most accessible senior management, most transparent financial accounts, best for shareholder value, most useful and informative website, most improved performance and best newly listed company.
Safaricom has a business strategy that cuts across most thriving sectors. The firm provides voice, data, TV, financial services and enterprise for a range of subscribers, small businesses and the government using a variety of platforms.
It is the biggest telco in East and Central Africa, with over 23 million subscribers, providing over 300,000 touch points for its customers and offering over 100 different products under its portfolio.

Airtel recognised as top social media brand in Kenya

September 25, 2015
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"]Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi explains the firm’s latest promotion, UnlimiNet bundles, to Asha Wairimu (centre) and Amina Rabah. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA | Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi explains the firm’s latest promotion, UnlimiNet bundles, to Asha Wairimu (centre) and Amina Rabah. Twenty three more schools have joined the long list of beneficiaries of the Airtel led Internet for schools project[/caption]
Airtel has emerged top social media brand in Kenya, rated by the Africa Brand Index, a listing of the most successful brands in Africa on social media.
Africa Brand Index chose Airtel based on community growth, content engagement, sentiment and dozens of others.
The company has also been recognised as the second top telecommunications brand in Africa on social media, coming in ahead of MTN South Africa. Vodacom South Africa is the top telecommunications brand in the continent.
“Our success in social media is driven by the value we place on customer satisfaction. With the growth in digital technology there is more and more conversation in social networks,” said Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi.
The company has made significant strides in being socially devoted and receptive to its customers, receiving and responding to questions and communicating within the shortest time possible.
Last month, Airtel Kenya was recognised as a global best practice case study by Socialbakers, a global social media analytics firm for outstanding performance in serving customers online. This award recognised the company’s outstanding use of online social media platforms in engagement and resolution of customer issues.
Airtel was singled out as being socially devoted and receptive to its customers, receiving and responding to questions and communicating within the shortest time possible. A brand qualifies to be Socially Devoted if it responds to at least 65 per cent of audience questions on Facebook and/or Twitter

Windows 10 Vs Windows 8 Vs Windows 7: What’s The Difference?

August 2, 2015August 2, 2015
Log in with your social account: Social by Gigya Or, you can log in or sign up using Forbes. Connect | Sign up | Log in Help | AdChoices | Terms | Privacy Gordon Kelly Gordon Kelly Contributor Follow I write about technology's biggest companies full bio → Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. 11 Comments 3 called-out Follow Comments Windows 10: Should You Upgrade? Gordon Kelly Gordon Kelly Contributor When 'Free' Windows 10 Becomes Expensive, You Must Know This Gordon Kelly Gordon Kelly Contributor Windows 10 Upgrades Explained: Who Gets It Free? Gordon Kelly Gordon Kelly Contributor Windows 10 Automatic Updates Causing Serious New Problems Gordon Kelly Gordon Kelly Contributor Tech 8/02/2015 @ 9:30AM 143,556 views Windows 10 Vs Windows 8 Vs Windows 7: What's The Difference? Comment Now Follow Comments Windows 10 launched on July 29th and has already been downloaded over 14 million times. But why? Microsoft MSFT -0.36%’s decision to make Windows 10 free plays a big part (especially given warnings to wait) but it is also just the tip of the iceberg. So let’s weigh up the main differences between Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8. There are a large number of pros but also some significant cons, including a few potential deal breakers. 1. What Makes Windows 10 Worth The Upgrade Cost – While some Windows 7 and Windows 8 users will not get Windows 10 free, for the vast majority there is no cost to upgrading whatsoever. On paper this is a great deal because Windows 10 is not cheap and ‘Windows 10 Home’ and ‘Windows 10 Pro’ editions retail for $119 and $199 respectively. By contrast Windows 7 and Windows 8 have not been made free by Microsoft following Windows 10’s release and the company has no plans to make them so. Consequently even if you revert back to Windows 7 or Windows 8 in time, it would seem to make sense to take your free Windows 10 upgrade while it lasts. Longer Support -Another key reason for getting the latest edition of Windows is Microsoft will support it for longer than both Windows 7 and Windows 8. The Windows Lifecycle page (screen grab below) breaks this down into two sections: Mainstream Support and Extended Support. Mainstream Support is the deadline for adding new features and functionality which makes it less crucial, but Extended Support is when Microsoft will stop supporting the platform with security updates. As you will see Windows 10 gives five more years Extended Support over Windows 7 and two more years over Windows 8: Windows Lifecycles - Image credit Microsoft Windows Lifecycles – Image credit Microsoft Flexibility And Universal Apps -Where Microsoft deserves a lot of credit with Windows 10 is its ambition because the OS will run across all future Microsoft devices from desktops and laptops, to hybrids, tablets and smartphones. The biggest benefits of this are: Apps in the new Windows Store will run on any device which means a single version of Angry Birds works everywhere. Microsoft’s ‘Continuum’ feature allows you to potentially connect a phone or tablet to a monitor and keyboard and use it like a PC. Yes Windows 10 really does run through every device and the user interface can adapt to its environment – be that phone, tablet or PC and touch, mouse or keyboard interaction. Read more- Windows 10: Should You Upgrade? Gaming -Windows 10 brings with it DirectX 12 and for serious gamers this is a must have. Initial reports suggested DX12 would bring a 30-40% performance gain over DX11 and whereas the reality is closer to 10-20% that’s still money for old rope. Windows 7 and Windows 8 will never get access to DX12. In addition Windows 10 supports streaming games from an Xbox One. Controllers for the Xbox One are compatible with Windows 10 PCs and you can be playing The Witcher 3 on your desktop or laptop in minutes. Best of all, Xbox One streaming is fast and responsive and again it will not come to Windows 7 or Windows 8 at a later date. Windows 10 is the single operating system working across all Microsoft desktops, laptops, tablets and phones Windows 10 is the single operating system working across all Microsoft desktops, laptops, tablets and phones Search / Cortana – Windows 8 offers fairly decent online search baked into its controversial Start Screen and Windows 7 only offers local searches (what is on the computer itself), Windows 10 easily trumps them both. The secret to its success is Cortana, a voice assistant ported over from Windows Phone and whose name comes from the Halo video game franchise. Like Siri on iOS and Google GOOGL -1.01% Voice Search on Android, Cortana can respond to voice commands and perform everything from quick Internet searches to core tasks around Windows 10 like opening a new email, creating calendar entries and much more. Cortana isn’t perfect, but she/it works pretty well out the gate and will only get better with time. Edge Browser and Virtual Desktops - I’ve listed these both together as they are catch up features. The Edge browser (which is still feature limited at launch) is Microsoft’s attempt to claw back momentum from Chrome. Edge works significantly faster than Internet Explorer and is only available on Windows 10. In addition to this Windows 10 finally adds Virtual Desktops like those long seen on Linux and Mac OS X. These allow users without multi-monitor setups to create multiple virtual desktops which are handy for splitting usage between work and leisure, work into projects or whatever you require. It’s a great feature. Windows 10: Best And Worst New Features Windows 7 and 8 users are now prompted to get Windows 10 1 of 11 Windows 7 and 8 users are now prompted to get Windows 10 Photo: Microsoft Minimum Requirements - Technically Windows 10 doesn’t win this category, but in requiring a PC with no greater minimum specifications than both two year old Windows 8 and five year old Windows 7 Microsoft deserves great credit. Those specifications: RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bit Hard disk space: 16 GB for 32-bit OS 20GB for 64-bit OS Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver Display: 800 x 600 I suspect a major motivator for Microsoft here was that Windows 10 needs to run smoothly on both phones and tablets as well as PCs. That should make it efficient enough to run on most PCs these days, with the exception of some very old Windows XP machines. Read more – When ‘Free’ Windows 10 Becomes Expensive, You Must Know This Security - While both Windows 7 and Windows 8 do a pretty good job of keeping users secure, Windows 10 ups its game with several new features. First is ‘Device Guard’ which blocks zero-day attacks by vetting unsigned software programs and apps. Device Guard can also operate virtually so even if it is compromised a remote version can recognise and neutralise malicious software. Windows 10 is the single operating system working across all Microsoft desktops, laptops, tablets and phones Windows 10 is the single operating system working across all Microsoft desktops, laptops, tablets and phones Next is ‘Windows Hello’ which is enhanced biometric support designed to reduce reliance on passwords by using your face, iris, or fingerprint. You’ll need hardware support for this on your device (webcam, fingerprint reader, etc) but initial feedback is it works well and again should improve over the lifetime of Windows 10. Lastly in Windows 10 Microsoft now delivers security patches outside Windows Update so they go straight to your computer the moment they are available. In theory this means Windows 10 computers are always up-to-date which gives hackers a much harder time, even if there are also some notable downsides. In fact, while this list may make upgrades to Windows 10 sound like a no brainer, there are actually serious pitfalls in moving to Microsoft’s latest OS. So now here are all the reasons you should stay put on Windows 7 or Windows 8… Log in with your social account: Social by Gigya Or, you can log in or sign up using Forbes. 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What Makes It Worth Staying On Windows 7 Or Windows 8 Great as a free price tag, longer support, better apps and gaming, searches and security may sound unfortunately the list where Windows 7 and Windows 8 current beat out Windows 10 is just as strong. These are my main concerns: Stability – Right now Windows 10 is brand new and it has launched with a surprisingly large number of bugs which you won’t find in Windows 7 or Windows 8. Among these are disappearing icons from the taskbar, Start Menu lock-ups, Windows Store download bugs, copy and paste errors, problems with audio and more. In fact Microsoft is about to release a massive one gigabyte download of bug fixes, which gives you an idea of the scale. The trouble is such numerous patches always bring new bugs of their own. Consequently this isn’t so much a reason never to upgrade to Windows 10, but a good reason not to upgrade to Windows 10 right now. By contrast Windows 7 and Windows 8 (despite the latter’s bumpy start) are pretty much rock solid these days. Mandatory Updates – Windows 10 may be more secure and up-to-date because of this, but Microsoft’s decision to force updates upon users also has significant downsides. This has included automatically installing a broken graphics driver which crashed displays, a security patch which crashed Windows Explorer and more. By contrast Windows 8 and Windows 7 make all updates optional and you’re alerted to install them. I believe the ideal solution lies halfway between the two: make all updates automatic by default, but give users the option to stop or delay any update categories or individual updates they like. Right now this lack of flexibility makes Windows 10 a deal breaker for some. Read more – Windows 10 Automatic Updates Causing Serious New Problems Windows Update's Nvidia driver update clashes with Nvidia's own GeForce Experience update software leading to system instability and these contradictory notifications - Image credit Paul Monckton Windows Update’s Nvidia driver update clashes with Nvidia’s own GeForce Experience update software leading to system instability and these contradictory notifications – Image credit Paul Monckton Brutal Enforcement Policies - Of course mandatory updates have led to many users devising elabourate ways to sidestep Windows 10 patches, but there’s little point in this. Microsoft requires users to accept these terms in its Windows 10 EULA (end user licence agreement) and security updates now sidestep Windows Update and are installed to all versions of Windows 10 without warning. Meanwhile driver and feature updates through Windows Update can be delayed up to one month by Windows 10 Home users (the vast majority of consumers) and eight months by Windows 10 Pro customers (most businesses), but after that time Microsoft will cut off the next round of updates (including security patches) from users until they accept the previous ones. Windows 7 and Windows 8 have had similar policies for major updates in the past (Service Packs in Windows 7, and the Windows 8.1 update) but a user doesn’t face a ticking clock for every single update – big or small – as with Windows 10. Interestingly Microsoft recently released a tool for uninstalling bad updates on Windows 10 which suggests its stance may be softening, but the tool only works after updates are installed which isn’t much use if a bad one stops your PC from booting. Privacy -If the enforcement policies were tough, however, they have nothing on the privacy violations Microsoft requests in the Windows 10 EULA. A notable section reads: “We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary.” Needless to say “necessary” is a crucial qualifier and this should mean Microsoft won’t violate your privacy for no reason, but that all comes down to trust – and there’s not a great deal of that going around in a post-Snowden world. Windows 10 is a smart mix of the new and the familiar Windows 10 is a smart mix of the new and the familiar Ease of Use - In fairness Windows 7 is so ubiquitous that Windows 10 was never going to be more intuitive to use than its much loved forebear. That said Windows 10 is more intuitive than Windows 8 and much of that comes down to the return of the Start Menu. Consequently Windows 10 is a great blend of the advancements of Windows 8 and the familiarity of Windows 7, but sight of Windows 8 elements (and there are many) will still be too much for some. Windows 10 also needs greater consistency across its user interface as there is still a jarring transition between traditional desktop settings like the Control Panel and settings pushed into the Modern UI. Microsoft really needs to get this sorted out and it should’ve been by now. Lost Features - This won’t affect too many users, but the fact is Windows 10 does kill some features Windows 7 and Windows 8 users consider essential. The big one is Windows Media Center which is a mainstay in some home media setups, while there’s also no native DVD playback (Microsoft is reconsidering this), no desktop gadgets and no floppy drive support. Meanwhile games like Solitaire have been removed and are now ad supported from the Windows Store with payment required to remove them. Read more – Windows 10 Upgrades Explained: Who Gets It Free? Broadband Hog – While Windows 10’s mandatory update policy has split opinions, a far less widely reported issue is also taking place: the new OS uses a peer-to-peer (p2p) update distribution system called ‘Windows Update Delivery Optimization’ (WUDO). The benefit of WUDO is that once one Windows 10 device has downloaded the latest updates it will automatically distribute them to other PCs on your network, saving time. The problem is your PC will also start to share this update with other PCs around the world that still need it. This takes the pressure off Microsoft’s servers but also means Windows 10 will consume more of your bandwidth than Windows 7 or Windows 8, neither of which do this. The good news for those on metered connections is this can be changed by going to: Settings > Update & Security > the Windows Update section > Advanced options Select PCs on my local network only for WUDO to only be used for your PCs, or Switch it off so each PC has to get their own downloads While the option to disable is nice, WUDO is another example of where Microsoft should be more transparent with Windows 10 and let them know upfront what their devices will be doing behind their backs by default. Windows 7 and 8 users are now prompted to get Windows 10 Windows 7 and 8 users are now prompted to get Windows 10 Bottom Line Given the way Windows operating systems evolve over their lifecycles, it is impossible right now to overly praise or damn Windows 10 but we can start drawing conclusions compared to the differences between it and its predecessors. My personal feeling is that Windows 10 is an improvement on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 and in time it will be considered one of the great Microsoft releases. That said Windows 10 launches with more bugs than it should and (while Microsoft has crafted a super OS) it is also the most controlling and invasive version of Windows the company has ever released and a compromise does need to be found long term. All of which means Windows 10 is both the best and most troubling Windows version I’ve used. Those determined to be on the cutting edge will upgrade and love it, but those more wedded to Windows 7 and Windows 8 should wait a little longer. The Windows 10 free purchase period lasts until July 29th 2016 for eligible users so there is time to see whether Microsoft can address the differences which make Windows 10 worse than its predecessors compared to those that make it shine. More Windows 10 Coverage Windows 10: Should You Upgrade? Windows 10: 7 Important Things To Know Microsoft Backtracks On Windows 10 Forced Updates Windows 10 Upgrades Explained: Who Gets It Free? Windows 10 Review Roundup: High Scores, Big Bugs Why Windows 10 Upgrades Automatically On Windows 7 And Windows 8 Windows 10 Updating, Reinstalling And Activation Guide: Essential Advice To Avoid Problems How to Upgrade a PC to Microsoft Windows 10, Step by Step Instructions How The Marriage Of Windows 10 And Xbox One Will Help Microsoft

How To Reduce Unemployment In Kenya

July 30, 2015July 30, 2015
The huge number of population growth in the country is making alot of kenyans to encounter hardships when it comes to finding jobs and earning money from it.Many have ended up lacking jobs for a long duration of time making it necessary to have measures that can help reduce unemployment in the country.The following comprises some of the ways unemployment can be reduced in  kenya.

Developing the rural areas

The government should adapt a culture of spreading more industries and giving more incentives to investors to construct more industries in the rural centers of the country.The practice will help many gain opportunities in the industries hence getting some income sources.

Relevant Education System

The education system should keep reminding the students of what the outside market expects of them hence they should go ahead and teach students on ways of becoming competitive in the outside market.

Population Control

The government needs to get a way of reducing the rapid rate of population growth in the country to help many other people have access to the good and basic essentials of life.Control of population ensures that the numebr of people enterin the job market are few in number.

Increased government expenditure

The government needs to increase the finance pertaining development projects in kenya.Construction of more social amenities such as good roads needs to be one of the factors the government can consider.By doing that,they create numerous opportunities for people in the job market to get much access to available opportunities.

Protecting Local Industries

A major step towards protecting local industries will be to shield them from the tough competition they get from more developed countries that often bring in cheap products that kill the potential growth of local industries.By helping local industries to expand,the government takes part in solving high unemployment cases.

Oparanya protests sacking of AP with terse letter to Boinnet

July 24, 2015July 24, 2015
[caption id="attachment_3323" align="alignright" width="524" class=" "]HE Hon Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya, EGH, HE Hon Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya, EGH,[/caption] From The Weekly Citizen Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya has protested to the office of the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett over the sacking of an administration police officer from the force in Kakamega county. In a letter dated June 3, this year, the governor terms the dismissal of AP Michael Ngamiah Keya as “baseless, based on lies, innuendo and against the officer’s rights”. The letter referenced OG/CGK/AD/1/6/VOL1; Oparanya says it was foolhardy to have sacked the officer from the service on the pretext that he had “leaked sensitive” information to the governor. I did not know the officer prior to his sacking and I want your office to investigate and take action against the Lugari APs who invoked my name to dismiss an innocent officer,” reads the letter in part. The letter signed by Oparanya further states: “Second, I did not receive any information about Lugari Patrol Base, and this officer is innocent of the accusations”. The AP while at the patrol base fell out with his bosses on personal reasons and they promised to teach him a lesson and have him dismissed from service. The Kakamega governor now wants the officer reinstated since he was “dismissed based on falsehoods by his bosses”. AP Ngamiah, the sole bread winner in a family of eight from Musanda, was dismissed from the force three years ago and appealed the decision but the appeal has dragged on with his tormentors making it difficult for him to get justice from the police

National Govt should work with Counties to manage education.

July 24, 2015
[caption id="attachment_3169" align="alignleft" width="500" class=" "]Kakamega County Governor: Hon. Wycliffe Oparanya Kakamega County Governor: Hon. Wycliffe Oparanya[/caption] Oparanya calls for collaboration with the national government in management of schools Kakamega County Governor H. E. Hon. Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya has called on the national Government to work closely with the County Governments in the management of the education sector this, he argued that will help mitigate some of the issues at the grass root level. Speaking in his office in Kakamega the Governor suggested that it was important for County Governments to be given a role in the running of secondary, primary education as well as some of the technical institutions that fall within their jurisdiction. He however stressed the need for the national government through the relevant bodies to manage issues to do with salaries, setting of standards and curriculum development are agreed upon to be operating at a standardized level while leaving the general infrastructural issues to be managed at the County level. “It has been discussed and proposed at the Council of Governors’ level that as Counties we be allowed to help the national government in the management of the education sector mainly in the enforcement of the set standards. We don’t want to get involved in issues of setting standards and curriculum setting but in terms of infrastructural management, we have capacity and the will to do this,” Oparanya added. This follows the protracted strike by primary school teacher through the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) demanding that the previous promises to increase their salaries and allowances are met. This has led to schools staying closed since they reopened two weeks ago. He added that the Government needs to come up with a formula of not only sorting out the current strike but also develop a staying in school formula that is permanent and acceptable to the teachers and the Union leadership. While agreeing with the grievances raised by the teachers, Oparanya further said that this strike is not healthy for the education sector considering that children affected by the same are those in the Public schools while the private schools counterpart continue with their studies un-disturbed. This he added that is just going to widen the gap in performance for the two sets of schools. The Kakamega Governor noted that in no way should the Government and the Teachers Service Commission issuing a return to school formula without agreeing with the Union leadership is in itself a solution to this problem. He added that if anything, this just goes to aggravate the matter further because the TSC, in what they may think is a good intention for the leaners, in this case comes out as though they are aloof to the teachers’ needs. “There is need for serious negotiations by both parties to amicably sort out this matter once and for all,” Oparanya added.

International Criminal Court rejects evidence against Kenya DP Ruto.

July 22, 2015July 22, 2015
The International Criminal Court (ICC) judges have rejected a document the prosecution wanted admitted as evidence to demonstrate Deputy President William Ruto's alleged involvement with a network blamed for the 2007 post-election violence. The judges turned down ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda's application to allow the document that prosecution intended to use as the evidence to prove the crimes against humanity charges against Ruto. Ruto's lawyers alongside the defence of his co-accused journalist Joshua Sang had opposed admission of the document that they argued had been fabricated by those who had falsely wanted Ruto linked to the violence. The court however admitted five documents that were not contested by the defence as evidence in the trial of Ruto and Sang. The evidence was adduced by the Office of the Prosecution. The defence did not object to the five items, saying they did not affect their case. The prosecution said they intended to rely on this item to corroborate witnesses' evidence. See also: Obama trip: It’s more than just a visit They claimed the items were relevant to the charges and particularly to Ruto's criminal responsibility and the organised character of the network. Ruto's defence opposed the evidence, saying it did not have probative value since it relied on anonymous sources. They claimed the document had been created as part of a scheme to falsely accuse Ruto of planning and funding the post election violence. Further, they said the evidence was outside the temporal and geographical scope of the charges and was not independent. The Chamber said one of the document had limited probative value as there was no information on its source. "Although the Prosecution submits that it intends to rely on this document to corroborate other evidence in the case, the Chamber considers that it would be unduly prejudicial to the accused to admit an item of such limited probative value if information therein goes to the acts and conducts of the accused." Read more at: http://standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000170032/icc-rejects-evidence-against-kenya-dp-ruto

Kim Kardashian ‘betrayed after finding intimate pictures of Kanye West’s ex Amber Rose on his computer.

July 22, 2015
kanye west
The reality star, who is expecting her second child, was really upset when she discovered what her hubby was reportedly up to Kim Kardashian has reportedly been left furious after discovering intimate pictures of Amber Rose on husband Kanye West’s computer. The pregnant reality star discovered the pictures after she caught her partner looking at his ex girlfriend’s Instagram page, according to Closer magazine. To make matters worse Kim, who is expecting baby number two, feels particularly threatened by Amber’s sexy pictures at the moment because of her extra baby weight. Amber Rose shares some very racy pics on Instagram A source told the magazine: “Kim found Kanye looking at Amber’s Instagram page and went ballistic. It’s really damaged her confidence. He told her she was being ridiculous.” “She then went to his compute and found he still had old intimated pics and videos from their relationship. Kim was sobbing and confronted Kanye, telling him he had betrayed her, but her reassured her none of it was a big deal” They added: “She feels insecure about her changing body and hates seeing Amber parading her amazing figure. She has told friends she sometimes feels like Amber is the third woman in their marriage and just wants something to be done to erase her out of their lives.” A representative for Kim Kardashian has now denied the report and claimed it was a "complete fabrication". Kanye dated model Amber for two years before they split in 2010. Following the split Amber branded Kim a “homewrecker” claiming she had cheated with Kanye. Kim is currently pregnant and feeling insecure
She said previously: “Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together. She's a homewrecker," "They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other." She is referring to Reggie who was dating Kim at the time.

Mombasa Road, Uhuru Highway and Waiyaki Way to be closed Friday from 2pm.

July 22, 2015
Nairobi, Kenya: Police have warned Kenyans that Mombasa Road, Uhuru Highway and Waiyaki Way will be closed from 2pm on Friday ahead of US President Barack Obama’s arrival later in the evening. On Saturday, Thika Superhighway, Limuru Road and Waiyaki Way will be closed 10, 000 police officers are expected to cover Obama's arrival.

Mumias Sugar probe at advanced stage.

July 2, 2015July 2, 2015
Investigations into how Mumias Sugar Company (MSC) was brought to its knees by corrupt managers are at an advanced stage, Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko has said. Mr Tobiko who appeared before the Senate Committee on Legal Affairs on Thursday, said the MSC case is among the 175 made public by President Uhuru Kenyatta during his State of the Nation address two moths ago. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) are investigating former top managers and directors accused of mismanaging the firm. “I cannot pre-empt the specific outcome of the investigations. Once I receive the file, I will give a directive whether to charge,” said Tobiko. He added:”The DCI confirmed it had not launched any investigations. EACC confirmed it had launched investigations and the matter was very active. I am now waiting for the inquiry to be completed and the file forwarded to me for prosecution.” The DPP was responding to queries by committee chair senator Amos Wako (Busia) and deputy speaker Senator Kembi Gitura (Murang’a) who put him to task over the delayed investigations on the miller. See also: Mumias bailout in order, but demand prudence “The KPMG report linked former directors and senior management to the troubled sugar mill. There is a lacuna indicating when EACC commenced its investigations. Since February, it is now four months and there is not definite conclusive time frame,” Wako said. He also assured senators that in the coming days; “I will give a directive on the finalised file of the former manager accused of stealing 3,000 bags of sugar.” Read more at: http://standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000167173/keriako-tobiko-mumias-sugar-probe-at-advanced-stage

Why Always Apologizing Is A Sign You Are A Bad Employee

July 2, 2015
Have you thought of your co-worker as being a bully, snob or rude at the office? The person who is always irritating you at one time or the other? It is normal that there is always that someone who makes your day dull at the office. This person could be you. You could be this person who everyone complains about but you don’t even know it. That is why it is important for employees to take a self-evaluation test, find out if your coworkers or boss think you are a bad employee.

How To Know You Are A Bad Employee

1. You believe you are smarter than everyone at the office Being brilliant than everyone else is never a bad thing, but believing in it and undermining everybody else will make you a bad employee in the snap of a finger. You cannot work as a team if you think everybody else’s opinion is of lesser value compared to yours. Sometimes the smart people are the ones who don’t know they 2. You don’t believe in your company’s vision Most employees in Kenya do not believe in their jobs, they may love what they do but they do not believe in the ways of the company. If you are one of these employees, this could be a bad thing for you especially if your disbelief is picked up by your co-workers. No one is going to take your ideas seriously because they already know that your loyalty to the company is lopsided. 3. You are always apologizing It is okay to make mistakes but there is a limit to the mistakes you can make. How many times do you say sorry for doing something wrong at the office? If its often, then you probably top the bad employers list. Take a step back and evaluate yourself, keep a target for how may sorrys you say in each day and follow it up. You’ll be surprised at how better and productive you’ll feel. 4. You never take NO for an answer Are you always insisting that your idea for a project must be implemented because you believe it is the best, but no one else believes in it? Rejection in the office is inevitable, and you must be prepared to  have your proposals side-lined for your co-worker’s. Insisting too much will only term you as difficult or bothersome, qualities of a bad employee. To become a good employee, or the best, you should think about your every move and action. Everything you say will count, so remember to be cautious. Also, know you are not the best judge of yourself and ask for feedback from your colleagues. Selipha is a Communication Officer at Corporate Staffing Services, a leading Recruitment firm that offers free CV Placement & Career Advice. If you have any career queries, contact selipha@corporatestaffing.co.ke

4 Ways To Successfully Build Your Career From Scratch

July 2, 2015
By Sera Kazungu Starting from scratch is not a new concept, whether you are a fresh job seeker or you have been in a career that you do not really feel like you fit into. The most difficult part of this is usually how to find your footing. “I am in a profession that I never really studied for. Going to work these days is more out of obligation than anything else,”says Eric Wamugunda via email You should be in a career that you have a passion for. This is the only way to achieve success and happiness.

How To build Your Career

1. Change your mindset To succeed at whatever you choose to do, you have to train your mind to focus only on the positives. Strive to build on the strengths that you have. This will go a long way in enabling you to network more and have a focus on where you want to be.

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2. Make a list of your goals Making a list of all your goals will help you keep a focus on what you want to achieve. It will ensure that you do not get lost along the way. Your goals should be as specific and realistic as possible. This will make them easier to achieve and will put less pressure on you. 3. Rewrite your CV The CV is always the first impression that a potential employer gets of you. Edit your CV to highlight those specific skills that go in line with the career path that you have chosen. Keep it as updated as possible in order to ensure that it does not fail you. Ensure that you also pick references that will speak highly of your abilities. You might want to give them a phone call to inform them that they are your reference.

4. Clean Up Your Social Media Account

Yes, don’t look surprised. Clean up all your accounts (Facebook, twitter,google plus, LinkedIn). That’s right, clean up the college party pics and get it looking professional. Being the ‘digital age’ ,a lot of companies and recruiters are now using these platforms to recruit and find top talent. So get your profile up and running. Start following companies you would like to work for. Be a part of the community. Starting a new career is never easy. However,following these simple tips will increase your chances of starting a new career . Try them out. Sera is a Communication Officer at Career Point Kenya. If you have any career related queries, contact sera@careerpointkenya.co.ke

TV anchor’s wife ‘too generous’ to other men.

June 30, 2015June 30, 2015
An award-winning TV personality and his ever-cheating wife were recently a topic of discussion at a pub. The entertainment joint in Nairobi’s leafy suburb was playing host to a group of journalists who had just covered a major event in town and were looking all happy till the lady showed up in the company of some guy. Less than an hour into her arrival, the married woman must have felt the guilt and decided to change joints, but not after passing by the men’s table to save face. One of the men who works with her hubby casually dismissed her asking his friends to toast to the ‘forgotten tennis ball.’ Read more at: http://www.sde.co.ke/thenairobian/article/2000166760/tv-anchor-s-wife-too-generous-to-other-men

I want my sex toys back – Professor.

June 30, 2015
Sex toysSex toys A university professor claims the Postal Corporation has confiscated a sex toy she imported for personal use. The widow who lectures at a top private university says she has been lonely since her husband died and could not sleep with other men. “I want to be intimate, but I need to do it with the right person. I can’t just sleep with any man because I feel like I want sex. I am a grown woman who can’t at this age be sleeping around,” says the prof, who didn’t want to be identified. She says she shared her predicament with her sister who lives in France and bought her a sex toy that was shipped through the postal corporation. Her sister, in an e-mail to The Nairobian confirmed buying the purple sex toy called ‘Lelo Soraya’ for which the Postal Corporation charged Sh175. According to Law Society of Kenya programme officer, Harold Ayodo, there is no law in Kenya that prohibits the sale, distribution or circulation of sex toys. He added that even in the Sexual Offence Act, there is nothing that touches on the sale of sex toys. “The law is silent on the issue of sex toys. The aggrieved lady should go to court and the courts might compel the Postal Corporation to release the sex toy since there is no law that governs the sale of sex toys. But the law also states that there should be caution on the mode of display and selling to avoid the disturbance of public peace and breach of public morality,” says Ayodo. The university don argues that women have a right to decide how to satisfy their needs “and society shouldn’t dictate ways in which a woman should placate her desires.” Kenya Postal Corporation courier services director, Elizabeth Mwaura said, “I have confirmed with KRA that such parcels are prohibited into the country.” She added that Postal Corporation employees aren’t allowed to open parcels. “The parcel was handled by KRA agents, and they are the ones who determined that it is prohibited in the country.” Read more at: http://www.sde.co.ke/thenairobian/article/2000167116/i-want-my-sex-toys-back-university-professor

I can’t afford Sh200k bail – Governor Oparanya.

June 30, 2015
OparanyaKakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya surprised a Kakamega court when he said he is unable to pay a cash bail for Sh200,000. “I can only afford Sh100,000 at the moment since I have not earned this month’s salary,” said Oparanya, a plea that was laughed off by the state prosecutor who told the magistrate the amount was “too little and affordable” for a governor. Oparanya was in the dock for an incitement to violence charge. According to court records, on April 26 at Mabole village, Kakamega, Oparanya, without lawful excuse, uttered the words, “Kimila mpaka ifanyike, boma itandazwe” words which led to mourners burning houses, damaging properties and causing injuries to Wilsham Malele, Emilly Maika, Roseline Linet and George Namai. Oparanya denied the charge: “Mabole is my home and there is no way I can burn my own home,” he said. The case will be heard on the July 28. Read more at: http://www.sde.co.ke/thenairobian/article/2000167222/i-cannot-afford-sh200k-bail-governor-oparanya

10 ways spouses hide clande names in phones.

June 30, 2015
Cheating spouseIt is believed that men will always cheat. But women too have upped their game and will keep a toy boy or two. Catching a cheating spouse is very easy, but first you’ll have to break through the security pattern of his or her phone, get the PIN to unlock it and eventually thumb print identification to let you in on his secrets. See? Quite easy! Now all you need to do decipher how that clande is saved in the phone. Here are a few tips to help you in your snooping ways:      
  1. John Plumber The long-suffering wife has no reason to suspect John the plumber, especially if the hubby is in construction. If only she knew that the ‘plumber’ is actually a nubile college girl whose real name is Joan...! The construction businessman is the one who ‘unclogs’ Joan. But all hell will break lose when John Plumber calls at 2am when the hubby is asleep and wife picks the call, only to be greeted with: “Nimefika home sweetie, thanks, na uwache mchezo!”
  2. Mike Mechanic The mechanic is on the speed dial of most owners of the katoyo brand of cars. The mechanic also has a licence to call any time of the night to find out if umefika salama. But to all the naive women out there, Mike could doubles up as a nyumba ndogo!
  3. OCS Rongai How can a sane wife doubt ‘OCS Rongai’? After all, this is the cop who helped hubby when Alcoblow was planted on the Nairobi-Magadi road and he was arrested when you were returning home from a ‘loose mbuzi thing’ at Olepolos Country Club. A wife will also support the idea for mzee to go buy nyam chom and copious amounts of booze for the OCS. But surprise, surprise, the ‘OCS’ is actually ‘Olive Chepkemei Some’, a cute cop whose rent the man pays in Rongai, where she handcuffs the randy hubby to her bed for a kinky session.
  4. Prophetess Pastor Wanjiku Her real name is indeed Wanjiku, but there is nothing spiritual about her relationship with your man, apart from the fact that baba watoto fills her up with alcoholic spirits, and then she takes him high into her heaven. Your are here » Home » City News 10 ways spouses hide clande names in phones By David Odongo Updated Tuesday, June 30th 2015 at 08:40 GMT +3 0 inShare Unless wifey is clinically paranoid, how can one even suspect the hubby beds a thing called Mtu Nguyas? Mtu Nguyas happens to be that Manzi Nguyas he left in his old hood and whom he meets for ‘old time’s sake.’
  5. Daddy Few men in their right mind can pick father in-law’s call. Even when dead drunk. But ‘Daddy’ could be your wife’s financier, who works up her ‘spreadsheet.’ Of course the alarm will be triggered when the man happens on Daddy’s text with a not so cryptic message that: “Meet u sweet thing 2moro @Bikinis Bar 9pm then ni chape isusu!”
  6. CEO/Boss The dosi in the corner office can call any time, day or night. So, ‘CEO calling’ raises no eyebrows, but ‘CEO’ could actually be the ‘other guy’ on the wings just in case ulete nyokonyoko!
  7. Morris Taxi Every city woman has a reliable cab guy for those days she’s stranded. But don’t be surprised if ‘Morris Taxi’ is her favourite makanga on the Buru 58 route who drives her bonkers.
  8. Nick Nails Salon You might not read so much in a call from Nick the salonist. But you better man, for Nick could be your woman’s ex-file who nails her most Sunday afternoons after church, which you don’t attend owing to that small matter of a killer hangover.
  9. Kelly Handbags You won’t suspect the man who supplies her with those trendy outfits now would you? But ‘Kelly Handbags’ also saved under other names like ‘Kevin Viatu’ and ‘Kalvin Dresses’, could be mama’s toy boy (who dresses her) then undresses her during those out of town booty calls, when you are on a business trip.
  10. Lawyer Dan
    He is probably Duncan from USIU and the only law he knows is: ‘Don’t call a married a woman between 6pm and 8am.’

Exercise your way out of workplace stress.

June 30, 2015
exerciseConflicting job expectations, excessive workload demands and lack of clear direction can cause stress at work. If you look at it closely, not all stress is bad because somehow, it pushes us to fully maximize our potential and performance at work instead of just being safe - doing just enough to get by. It also helps us learn how to maintain our mental and physical health. Low morale and productivity, frustration, negativism, irritability, anxiety, fatigue, boredom, absenteeism, depression, apathy, headaches, stomach problems and general poor health are red flags. Apart from getting rest and making healthier decisions, one way to combat workplace stress is to exercise and make better lifestyle choices. Here are a few tips. Burn off some steam. A good workout can do wonders to your psyche and physic. A nice exercise for about 40 minutes to an hour often can help boost your energy, elevate your mood and help you feel better in the long run. Some of the effective exercises you can try are cardio sessions like aerobic classes, cardio machine workouts like running on the treadmill, outdoor jogging, running and swimming. By the time you are done with all these, your body shifts to relaxing mode and that is where your healing process really starts. Get some time to unwind. Take a break or some time away from work just to relax. You need a clear mind to function accordingly and working under duress or stress won’t solve anything. Go get some nice therapy like holistic massage or yoga. Take some days off and visit a quiet location. By the time you are back, you will be good to go. Laugh and laugh more. Laughing only activates your feel good hormones (endorphins) boosting your immune system. Maintain a positive attitude and make sure you find humor in every situation. Join a group that practices laughter meditation or laughter yoga, like the Laughter Yoga Club of Kenya. Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/lifestyle/article/2000167407/exercise-your-way-out-of-workplace-stress


June 30, 2015
USA: Having gigantic breasts may dominate daily life for Kristy Love, 37, but still the bubbly singleton embraces her body. Getting ready for a girls’ night out, Kristy gathers up what she needs for the evening. Keys? Check. Mobile? Check. Lipstick and perfume? Good to go! But Kristy isn’t packing a handbag, she’s storing her essentials down her cleavage. "I love my body,’ she chuckles. "My boobies are so big I can hide cans of Coke and even bottles of wine between them." At size 48NN, Kristy’s boobs weigh over a stone EACH, the equivalent of carting round a two-year-old child all the time. Her role model is Dolly Parton. "Like me, she is proud of her babies, so I really look up to her," she grins. "I want to find a man" But American Kristy hasn’t always enjoyed being so well-endowed. Like the other women in her family, Kristy started developing, and wearing a B-cup bra, at just eight years old. By 12 she was a self-conscious D cup. "I used to wear oversized jackets because I didn’t want the attention," she recalls. ‘Even the teacher said to me, 'Oh my gosh, you’re bigger than me!' which I hated. Some of the boys were nasty, they’d touch me and run away." At high school, she landed the nickname "Boom Boom Kristy". Kids begged to see her boobs and she shied away from having a boyfriend. "They looked at me as a sex object," she says. By the time she was an adult, and weighing 23st, Kristy was struggling to buy underwear and clothes to fit her whopping 48NN frame. "I’d just burst out of any shirt with buttons on, and I had to go to a specialist shop to have bras made. "They cost hundreds of dollars and only lasted three or four months because of wear and tear. The straps left a deep mark, and the tension of holding the weight up gave me neck ache, backache and a rash – I’d have to wear talcum powder under my boobs to prevent rubbing." Kristy worked briefly as a masseuse, but was forced to stop when it became clear most over-excited clients expected more.
Your are here » Home » Crazy World Woman with the largest breasts in the world looking for love By Mirror Updated Monday, June 29th 2015 at 10:31 GMT +3 Share this story: "I earned good money, up to £200 a time, but it was repulsive the way I kept being grabbed at. One guy got cross when I wouldn’t do any more than give him a basic massage." Kristy turned to the online group BBW (Big Beautiful Women), who she credits for finally instilling her with body confidence. "When I started seeing big, beautiful women like me showing off their sexy pictures, loving their bodies, wearing bikinis on the beach, it made me want to just be myself too." And she has never looked back – nor has she worn a bra in the last 10 years. "They just hang where they hang! And now I never have aches and pains." Kristy’s size affects many aspects of her day-to-day life: car seat belts can be agony, she once burned her boob cooking on the stove, and one breast flopped in some bleach while cleaning her bath. People frequently take her picture at the supermarket, and Kristy needs a doctor to carry out routine breast checks as they’re too big to feel herself. Yet despite all this, Kristy refuses to consider reduction surgery. "I get so offended by that idea. Who in hell are other people to tell me what to do with my body? I’m 100% comfortable with my body, I don’t have a problem with it, society does! "I have a beautiful body. Now I want to find a man who’s not just after a “booby call”. I need a man who can handle heavy equipment and lift these babies up! It’s time for me to find love." "I've got the world's biggest hips" Bootylicious Californian Mikel Ruffinelli, 39, is proud of her hips measuring 99 inches – or 8ft – all the way round. Every time mum-of-four Mikel walks through a door, she enters sideways otherwise her gigantic hips won’t fit. She’s too big for a bath tub and has to stand sideways in the shower, or leave the door open.
She has to buy two seats together if she wants to travel by aeroplane, and she even takes her own chair – sturdy and armless – out to restaurants. But rather than feel bad about her figure, Mikel (a UK size 22 on top and 30 on the bottom) sees it as a blessing. "I look beautiful" "I call them my 'diva hips' and I’m proud I am unique," she grins. "God made me different and gave me this journey to help others see what confidence looks like." Mikel was born with lipedema, a condition that distributes fat in an irregular way. After each of her four children, she got wider and wider. But she insists she’s fit. "I exercise with water aerobics, and I enjoy the beach. Sure, I get stares, but these folks with their issues don’t bother me. If I want to go to a restaurant I call ahead about seating – and if they can’t accommodate me, I bring my own chair," she shrugs. "Yes, there are challenges, but I drive a car with a bench, and I have fabulous clothes made. These world-renowned hips deserve to look amazing!" Hubby of 12 years Reggie adores her curves, and they renewed their vows last October. "I wanted to put on a gorgeous white gown and say, 'Look at me – I’m beautiful!' So I did." Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/lifestyle/article/2000167408/woman-with-the-largest-breasts-in-the-world-looking-for-love?pageNo=3

Seize chance presented by Obama visit to market Brand Kenya.

June 30, 2015
obamaPresident Barack Obama visits Kenya next month to attend the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES). The visit is significant in two aspects; he is the first sitting US President to visit Kenya. Secondly, he traces his ancestry to a village in Kenya. In 1987, Barack Obama, then a young man, sought to trace his roots and found them in Kogelo, Siaya County. He visited again in 2006 when he was a senator. It is a source of great pride that the first Black President of America traces his roots to Kenya and naturally, many people thought that would perhaps make him visit Kenya often or, at least during his first term in office. That did not happen. President Obama hosted the Africa Leaders Summit in Washington last year in which he outlined the US government's plan for the world's poorest continent. In attendance was President Uhuru Kenyatta. Expectations are high, and Kenyans hope the visit portends good for the country. Hordes of entrepreneurs are expected at the summit. That the US economy has thrived mostly on start-ups that morphed into business colossi is a subject of many business school case studies. Local entrepreneurs therefore have a chance to showcase their wares and get noticed. Kenya-US relations have remained strong despite the ups and down in the recent past. Last month, the US pledged $45 million (Over Sh4billion) in the fight against Al Shabaab. The US Government through various non-governmental organisations, is engaged in a myriad of programmes from agriculture, health to education to civic education. Its role in helping build strong institutions that support democracy cannot be gainsaid; from the Judiciary, Parliament, to the Executive, to the Fourth Estate. Mr Obama's visit is a stamp of confidence on Kenya. This confidence will no doubt send a signal to investors that Kenya is open for investment. The tourism industry is likely to receive the much-needed boost, having slumped after the issuance of travel advisories following Al Shabaab's murderous forays into our borders. In the last two weeks, Britain has withdrawn travel advisories against Kenya and America is expected to follow suit soon. A revamped tourism industry (earnings in 2013 was 462 billion) means improved foreign exchange earnings, employment and a thriving economy. Mr Obama's Power Africa initiative in which millions of homesteads across Africa are to have power is commendable. His coming would certainly put the local chapter on course. Nairobi is slowly transforming into a clean city with the anticipation of the visit. The overgrown grass along Mombasa road is gone. Trenches have been cleared and are being repaired. Street lights are working. Hawkers are nowhere to be seen and the city looks generally clean. See also: US top court invalidates Obama administration mercury air pollution rule Yet it is the obvious lack of plan by the authorities to market Brand Kenya on social media, print and broadcast that is unsettling. If it were, say, a sport tournament, the country would witness the greatest marketing blitz ever. It is unbelievable that with hardly a month to go, all that is being done is applying fresh paint on the roads and a spruced up road infrastructure. Obviously that has been done with the dignitaries in mind. Unfortunately, there have been no campaigns to inform the man across the street what GES 2015 is all about. When the attendants fold up their mats and leave GES 2015, the abiding memory for city residents will be the myriad inconveniences caused to them rather than the business opportunities offered in the week-long event. The thousands of investors coming to Nairobi want to know what is in it for them. No one is telling them. It would be a great shame if Kenya were to miss the chance to appropriate that value. Read more at: http://standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000167486/seize-chance-presented-by-obama-visit-to-market-brand-kenya/

Shipping firm sues KRA over Sh150m refund.

June 30, 2015
A shipping company is demanding a refund of more than Sh150 million from the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). Inshape Shipping Service is seeking orders from the High Court to compel the tax collector to process a refund of Sh150,125,095 contained in VAT certificates and claims. In a suit filed before the High Court, the shipping company also wants the court to quash KRA's decision to reject their claim for a refund in VAT amounting to over Sh20 million dated February 19, this year. The firm is also asking the court to stop KRA and its agents from recovering VAT amounting to Sh18 million and to further stop the tax collector from taking adverse actions against them. The company's Chief Executive Officer David Mackay stated in an affidavit that KRA's domestic Taxes Department conducted an audit report of their tax affairs for January 2010 to June 2012; whereby it was required to file its statement of facts by June 7, 2013, if they disagreed with what had been filed. Mr Mackay pointed out that since KRA had accepted the facts in their statement of facts, it was required to inform the secretary of the VAT Tribunal in which event the appeal would proceed as the statement of facts was unchallenged. "KRA has not filed its statements of facts within the stipulated time and to date, more than two years later, they still have not," he said. See also: Mombasa Port workers go on strike over pay hitch He accused KRA of refusing to process the payment of VAT refunds due to them and ignoring them by not issuing any response on the matter. KRA, he said, continues to abuse its powers with regard to refunds. The firm asked the court to certify the matter as urgent. Read more at: http://standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000167500/shipping-firm-sues-kra-over-sh150m-refund

Industrial Court awards teachers 50 to 60 per cent salary increase.

June 30, 2015
NAIROBI, KENYA: Court on Tuesday awarded teachers pay rise of between 50 to 60 per cent with immediate effect The increase will be backdated from July 2013 and goes to July 2017. Court ruled that Collective Bargaining Agreement should be registered between Teachers Service Commission and Teachers Union within 30 days. The bitterly contested pay increase for teachers goes back to 1994, when the late Ambrose Adongo was Secretary General of The Kenya National Union of Teachers ( KNUT). Read more at: http://standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000167561/industrial-court-awards-teachers-50-to-60-per-cent-salary-increase

5 CV Writing Tips For Management Trainee Positions In Kenya

June 30, 2015
Many recent graduates look forward to landing management trainee openings with companies such as Total, I& M Bank, Kenya Railways Corporation and The Standard Group. As lucrative as these positions are it requires a good CV for the hiring manager to recognize you. These tips will guide you in coming up with a good CV for the next management trainee vacancy in Kenya:

How To Write a Management Trainee CV

1. Have a Powerful Career Objective “A well written career objective helps you gain the attention you need to land a job,” explains Melody Mwendwa, a CV Writer at Corporate Staffing Services. “The objective must be concise and relevant to the job. This is more beneficial compared to expanding it to have a longer CV and if you do not have the necessary experience,” she adds. Sample Career Objective: “A Finance Graduate (Accounting Option) seeking employment at XYZ Company as one of the trainees for your Management Training Program to utilize my Accounting Skills and help with reconciliations in the managerial level.”

Kind of Skills To Include on your Management Trainee CV

2. Include Crucial Skills Having the right skills impresses the employer more than having the right qualifications. Important skills in management trainee positions include strong interpersonal skills, diplomacy when dealing with people, ability to build strong working relationships, good communication skills, leadership skills, positive attitude and flexibility. If you do not have these skills you can get them from volunteering, taking up part-time jobs or by finding a mentor to guide you through. 3. Highlight your leadership skills A management trainee programme is designed to pick candidates with impressive leadership skills. When writing your CV write down the skills and attributes that make you a good leader. For example organization, decision making, business acumen and delegating tasks. 4. Indicate your achievements in your management trainee CV If you are looking for a way to stand out from the rest of the candidates who applied for the management trainee position include any achievements you have. “An employer is not looking for what you have done, but at how well you have done it. Do not just include your duties and responsibilities, but include any measurable achievements such as “ Reduced Company losses by 6%” in the achievements section,” says Ms. Mwendwa. 5. Proof read your CV carefully Are you happy with your CV? Does it make sense, contains no typos and shows the employer that you are the right candidate? If does not, ask for constructive feedback from your friends or relatives. Had you been interested in a management trainee position? The tips above will help you come up with an impeccable CV. Contact elizabeth@careerpointkenya.co.ke for more details.

Two self-driving cars avoid each other on Californian roads.

June 28, 2015June 28, 2015
A Google self-driving "koala car" on a public road in California.Delphi Automotive Audi took ‘appropriate action’ after Google Lexus forced it to abort a lane change, says executive who was riding in the car. A self-driving Audi owned by Delphi Automotive took “appropriate action” to avoid one of Google’s self-driving Lexus cars after it cut it off on a Californian road in a rare meeting of driverless vehicles. John Absmeier, who was travelling in his company’s car at the time, said the Delphi Audi was forced to abort its lane change in the incident, which happened earlier this week. The incident was initially reported as a “close call” by Reuters, which cited Absmeier’s comments, but both self-driving car companies involved have since been at pains to state the incident was being used as an example of the cars operating safely. A Delphi spokeswoman, Kristin Kinley, told Ars Technica: “The story was taken completely out of context when describing a type of complex driving scenario that can occur in the real world. Our expert provided an example of a lane change scenario that our car recently experienced which, coincidentally, was with one of the Google cars also on the road at that time.” Delphi later released another statement saying: “It was an anecdote of an interaction, not a ‘near miss’. Reuters completely misrepresented the facts.” A source at Google also confirmed there was no near collision and said no one was at fault. Reuters says “the description differed from Delphi’s original account on Thursday”, and a Reuters spokesman said the company “stands by accuracy of its original story.” Self-driving car companies are particularly sensitive over their safety records. A report from Google in May revealed that its own fleet of cars has had 11 minor accidents since the programme began in 2009. The director of the programme, Chris Urmson, wrote that not one self-driving car was the “cause” of an accident, and many of the incidents involved the car being rear-ended by another vehicle. Delphi, a self-driving startup, also reported an accident with one of its cars back in October, when an accident report showed that it was broadsided by another car while waiting to make a left turn – although the Delphi car was not actually in self-driving mode at the time, it was still required to report the accident under Californian law. As of May, there were seven companies with testing permits in the state, operating 48 self-driving vehicles. None of the other five had reported any accidents. On Thursday, Google announced that its purpose-built self-driving cars, nicknamed the “koala cars” due to their marsupial-like appearance, are also taking to public roads. In a blogpost, the company detailed the features of the cars, saying: “They’re ultimately designed to work without a steering wheel or pedals, but during this phase of our project we’ll have safety drivers aboard with a removable steering wheel, accelerator pedal, and brake pedal that allow them to take over driving if needed. The prototypes’ speed is capped at a neighborhood-friendly 25mph, and they’ll drive using the same software that our existing Lexus vehicles use.” This story has been updated in light of Delphi Automotive’s statements on the incident.

Love new technology? Plan ahead to make upgrades easier.

June 28, 2015
Are you a technophile? My husband certainly is. If we had unlimited money, everything from our home lights to our heating to our crockpot would be controlled by his cell phone. Both of our phones already act as remotes for our TV. He loves to learn about any and all new technology, which is quickly followed by wanting to own said technology. Enthusiasm like that equals an expensive hobby. He’d love nothing more than to have the newest tablet and newest laptop technology at all times, and I know he’s not alone in that desire. Technology changes so quickly that we’d have new gadgets and toys around here monthly if he gave in, but on occasion we have both been fortunate to upgrade to new technology by selling our older models of phones, cameras, etc. Forethought and planning will help fund your addiction for newer and better while maximizing your return.

Invest in protective ware

The best time to decide you’re going to resell your electronics to offset the cost of an upgrade is at the time of purchase. If you know from the moment you take possession that your goal is to resell it, you might be more careful with it from the beginning. You’ve likely done research before going to make your purchase, so bring protective ware with you. Yes, buy your phone case and screen protector before you buy your phone. I would wager that cases, sleeves, screen shields, and other accessories are almost always going to be cheaper online than they are in the store where you purchase the device. Do your homework and buy adequate protection for your technology that you can assemble before you walk out of the store; your device should be in excellent condition when it comes time to sell it if you do this. The good news is that durability is increasing with technological advancements, which is a really good thing for your investment. Remember all the spider web iPhone screens you used to see? Newer touch screen phones are less likely to shatter, but they aren’t invincible. You can buy low cost, high quality screen protectors to avoid scratches and other minor dings. Another way you can plan ahead to get the most out of your resale is by purchasing neutral accessories that may stay with the phone when you sell it. The glittery, hot pink case you fell in love with may not fit your next device and may not be loved by the middle aged man who wants to buy the phone in it. It’s fun to personalize your belongings and add flair, but if your goal is to earn back some of the money you put in to it, consider buying a neutral case and accessories that can add value. I’d rather sell the case for ½ or ⅓ of what I paid than get stuck with it. The same principle applies to other electronics. If you own a DSLR camera, I’d highly recommend investing in a more protective bag than the camera likely came with. I purchased a Case Logic bag with a waterproof, non-sliding base and a suspension system inside. I also purchased UV filters for lens protection and an LCD screen protector. I was eventually able to sell my camera, which was in great condition, and put the money toward the purchase of a newer and better model. All that said about protection for your technology, you’ll not want to go overboard in order to minimize your losses. A $100 armored case may not fit the next version of phone that’s released, which means it will be utterly useless to you and potentially money down the drain. Unless you’re accident prone, opt for quality, mid price range protection.

Unlock before selling

The second big thing that adds value to your device is having it unlocked from its original carrier. An unlocked phone or tablet with data will work on other networks, which widens your market of potential buyers and increases the device’s value because of its flexibility. For example, my AT&T locked phone can only be sold to other AT&T customers to use in the AT&T network, but if unlocked, it would be valuable for, say, a college student who wants to use the phone while traveling abroad this winter break. He could purchase SIM cards in numerous countries and use the phone without paying huge international fees to a U.S. based phone provider. See the added value and flexibility an unlocked phone has? You can plan ahead for this scenario by knowing your service provider’s criteria for unlocking your phone, which varies greatly and should be outlined on their website, or by purchasing the device already unlocked from the maker. Purchasing a new device already unlocked will be more expensive, which could make your resell less lucrative. Regardless of how you buy it, you’ll find unlocked devices selling for more than a locked device, which means more money for you to put toward the cost of your most recent technology obsession. Do you sell your used gadgets to fund your upgrades? If so, what tips do you have?

10 things not to say in a job interview

June 28, 2015
A job interviewWith many job hunters struggling to even get an interview, it would be doubly frustrating to throw the opportunity away by saying something stupid. With the jobs market more competitive than ever it can be hard work just to get an interview, so once you're actually in front of potential employers you don't want to ruin your prospects with an ill-chosen comment. Sadly, some job hunters still do speak before they think. Corinne Mills, managing director of Personal Career Management, says she can recall many instances of interviewees saying the wrong thing. "I remember when one man was asked why he wanted the job, he replied, 'Because my mum thought it was a good idea'," she says. She adds that some job hunters have also been known to say they've applied for a job "because it will pay the rent while I look for a job I really want to do", and a common response to a question about what candidates like to do in their spare time is "go to the pub". Richard Nott, website director at CWJobs.co.uk, says candidates should avoid discussing religion and politics. "Employers like people who can talk passionately about their own interests as it helps them to get to know you as a person. But we would always advise against sharing your views on these two topics without knowing if the interviewer shares that point of view." We asked Nott, Mills and Nik Pratap of Hays Senior Finance for their list of the top things to avoid saying at a job interview: 1 "Sorry I'm late." It goes without saying that punctuality is key. Your interviewer doesn't want you to arrive for work 20 minutes late every morning. 2 "What's your annual leave and sickness policy?" It doesn't look good if, before you've even been hired, you're planning your absence from the company. 3 "I'll just take this call." Mills says a large number of candidates think it is OK to take telephone calls, texts etc during an interview. It isn't. 4 When asked, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" never say, "Doing your job." As much as this might be a genuine answer, Nott says candidates should "try to build a response around the experience they would like to have gained and the level of responsibility they'd like to have, rather than threatening the interviewer's job." ADVERTISING Advertisement 5 "My previous employer sucked." No matter how mind-numbingly boring those roles might have been, "speaking badly of a previous employer is not only unprofessional, but also reflects on your character," Pratap says. Your new employer will contact your former employer for references following an interview, so it's never wise to burn your bridges. 6 "You make widgets? I thought you made cricket bats." Failing to research your prospective employer fully is a big faux pas. "Saying you've looked at their website is only marginally better – employers expect far more research," Mills explains. 7 "Bloody hell." Never swear in your interview. It can happen, especially if your interviewer is themselves prolific with the profanities, but don't let them set the standard of the interview and remain professional at all times. 8 "I was very good at sorting out PEBs by using ARCs." Don't fall into the industry jargon of your previous employer or assume the interviewer knows anything about your experience, Pratap advises. Instead, speak clearly about your skills and experience to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. 9 "Do I really have to wear that uniform?" Any criticism of staff uniform will go down like a lead balloon. Do you think your interviewer enjoyed wearing that fluorescent green ensemble when they performed your role? 10 When asked, "What do you expect to enjoy most about this role?" never reply with any of the following: the perks, the pay, lunchtimes, my co-workers or the holidays, Nott says.

What do employers think of online degrees?

June 28, 2015
perfect online degreeSome employers have negative perception about the online degrees but this perception is changing rapidly. In 2013 a report found that many of the human resource managers and other company executives thought of online degrees as unaccredited programs which offered a degree to anyone who had sufficient money to pay. They called the online degree programs as diploma mills. Yale University - Not what you thought But recently the perceptions of the employers have changed and this is evident from the following real experiences shown by some online degree students. A train conductor who is also a full time program student says “In my interviews no one has asked me if I am a class going student or an online program student. The only thing they asked and cared about my GPA and the major degree subject”. An another aspirant for bachelor’s degree at Pace University was confident of taking the degree online and the only thing he thought will be in the way of getting a good job was a Master’s degree. He seemed really confident about the online program and was sure that no employer is going to ask about the mode of pursuing the program. In the recent years the number of job applicants having online degrees has increased significantly and at the same time the acceptance of the online degrees by the employers has also increased.  The judging criterion is totally based on the real time experience of the candidate and his personality and skills possessed by him relevant to the job. Though still there are a number of employers and companies who still give the preference to the traditional college going candidates but the real time performance of the online degree students in jobs is changing their perception. Soon their will be no difference between an on-campus degree and an online degree.    

Sh35 billion released for fight against HIV Aids and malaria in Kenya.

June 20, 2015June 20, 2015
The fight against HIV Aids and Malaria in Kenya has received a major boost of Sh35 billion from the Global Fund. Sh24 billion will be used in the fight against HIV Aids and TB while Sh11 billion will be used in addressing rising malaria cases. This comes a few months after some donors expressed their plans to stop funding various programs in the country but the latest move will ensure HIV and TB interventions go on as planned. According to the Health Principal Secretary Dr. Khadija Kasachoon, the funds have already been availed to the country and the ministry is planning on rolling out the program to all the counties. She said that under the Kenya Coordination Mechanism (KSM) on Global Fund, a new financing model had been approved after consultations with stakeholders in the health sector. "The country has already received from the Global Fund Sh24b towards supporting the fight against HIV Aids and extra Sh11b towards reducing malaria cases," she said. The PS said under the new model, key stakeholders had to be involved where a concept note was developed and assessed before it passed the eligibility stage. "This is a shift from the past where funds would be availed to government without consulting anyone and we will continue in this framework to make sure that HIV cases are reduced drastically," she said. Kasachoon was speaking to the press after opening a two day workshop for Kenya coordination mechanism on global fund members at Sopa Lodge in Naivasha. She said that KCM was working on national proposals to allow a comprehensive participation in order to execute the mandate of the funds with no delay. "These funds which have come at the right time will go a long way in making sure that the fight against TB and HIV war is won," she said. She at the same time hit out at the Counties over delaying salaries for doctors saying the national government had done all it was required and the money sent to counties. The PS said all the funds had been disbursed on time and asked governors to stop blaming the national treasury and instead put proper mechanisms to ensure that the monies get to health workers on time. "The national government has disbursed the funds to the counties and the counties treasuries should be held responsible for the current impasse," she said. According to her, other funds such as those provided by the World Bank and Danida had also been sent to counties. "Even the money for free maternity and those of clinics and dispensaries have also been given out to all the counties," she said.

Baby squashed in tube picture baffles internet users.

June 20, 2015
The unusual image of a confined tot puzzled viewers as to what was happening - but it turns out it was all for a good reason after all. Arms aloft, this image of a baby seemingly squashed into a plastic tube had concerned viewers wondering what the infant was being subjected to. The tiny tot is confined within a see-through tube which has been placed on a table. The rosy-cheeked infant is squeezed into the cylinder, with its little hands forced above the head. But it turns out there was nothing sinister going on - the apparatus is actually an x-ray device . And the trapped tot is merely undergoing some medical tests. See also: Kenya will do well to borrow a leaf from innovative research in Cuba The image has gone viral on Reddit and a former healthcare professional commented that the device was definitely not an instrument of torture. He said, "I worked as a floor guy buffing and scrubbing at a hospital and every time I got to xray and radiology I always saw this machine sitting in the hallway and had to move it. I never once saw the xray tech grab it. "I had no idea that is what this was. This pic answers a 3 year old question I never asked." Another comment had an ingenious use for the picture. "I'm totally saving this picture for when my 8-year-old asks me where babies come from and how they get in the mom's belly, 'See, sweetie, the doctors load the baby into the hopper on top, and this machine compresses the baby, and using high pressure, inserts it into the belly of the mom-to-be'." We just hope this baby got all the treatment needed and is now on the mend.

Suspended Transport Cabinet Secretary Michael Kamau’s case postponed for a month.

June 17, 2015June 17, 2015
[caption id="attachment_3917" align="alignleft" width="442" class=" "]cs transport Suspended Cabinet Secretary Michael Kamau[/caption] The trial of suspended Cabinet Secretary Michael Kamau has been postponed for a month by a magistrates court. This is to allow the Chief Justice appoint a three-judge Bench to decide if the case against the CS, who is charged with abuse of office, will continue or not. During yesterday’s proceedings, Kamau’s lawyers told the court yesterday that they could not prepare their defence as Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) was yet to furnish them with crucial documents. They urged the court to compel the anti-graft watchdog to release the documents as had been directed by the High Court. EACC, however, denied withholding documents on the case, adding Kamau’s defence team was free to go for them. Kamau is accused that while serving in the Ministry of Roads as PS, he and with ministerial tender committee re-designed the Kamukuywa-Kapsokwony-Sirisia road contrary leading to loss of Sh33 million. He also denied colluding with officials of Kundan Singh Construction Company to disregard a consultant’s design leading to loss of tax payers’ money. He has denied the charges. See also: Five county officers face graft charges Those charged alongside him include Mwangi Maingi, Philip Sika, Kaka Matemu Kithyo, Gilbert Arasa, Raphael Okubo Sylus Gitau and Charles Mubweka.

Kenyan top music artists reveal the origin of illuminati.

April 24, 2015April 24, 2015
It all started with talk of actor Martin Lawrence’s death that turned out to be a hoax. That was last week Tuesday. But if you recall, in 1997, there were reports that the actor lost his mind and had run onto the street waving a gun at people. The story had an Illuminati twist, or so, now it is being claimed. And Martin Lawrence now says they want to kill him. It is said they killed Robin Williams. Insane! The Illuminati scare landed here last weekend. It was a freaky debate by local artistes sharing a WhatsApp group. Are hip hop artistes are preparing the world for the Mark of the Beast? Is hip hop nothing but a tool from Lucifer himself? Here was hip hop star Bamboo, Crème de la Crème, Deejay Kay Dee, Nonini and many others discussing the end times. “You will be surprised how everything links with the American music industry,” posed Nonini as the story of Jacob Rothschild whose family is worth 500 trillion dollars took centre stage. In simple words, Jacob Rothschild was allegedly claiming that his family runs the world. Well, the Rothschilds run a Jewish banking dynasty. “Is this the family that started Illuminati?” someone posed. “I have been trying to tell peeps about this for years. Guys were looking at me like I was crazy. A French poet once said ‘money is the god of this world and Rothschild is his prophet,” weighed in Bamboo, the rapper who once told Pulse that he had quit hip hop after Jesus appeared to him after some Illuminati followers tried to recruit him while he was in America. “13 families rule the world,” Crème de la Crème said. “Those 13 families are represented on the 13 stripes of the flag of the United States of America,” Bamboo remarked. “If you wanna make it in music and entertainment business in America, you need a powerful Jew behind you...Even Lupita has a powerful Jew behind her pulling strings, luck has nothing to do with it,” Bamboo noted. “I actually think everything around us - music, movies, governments and businesses - is prepping us for what is written (in the Bible). Jude brings home the story of the Nephilim. This is very deep stuff. I believe the Third World War will be an ideological war. Don’t look for army against army. What is happening now sets the stage for what is to come,” Big Kev chipped in, with Nonini agreeing. “We will all go to hell,” joked deejay Kay Dee, as the fear of Illuminati became real. The Illuminati are generally powerful and rich people and this group is said to be in control of the music and film industry. Many celebrities are now members. It is said that the Illuminati will kill anyone, anywhere at anytime to get what they need. Word has been that the celebs that are against the New World Order, those who oppose the Illuminati will be murdered like the likes of 2Pac and Michael Jackson, who are said to have planned to warn the world against Illuminati before they died. Come to think about it, remember 2Pac’s album The Don Killuminati? 2Pac was actually referring to the Illuminati. It is said that the Illuminati killed 2Pac, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Jon Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, John F. Kennedy, Abe Lincoln, Princess Diana, Martin Luther King and the list goes on. Now many pop stars are believed to be a part of the infamous Illuminati secret society. These stars allegedly use Illuminati and satanic symbolism in their music videos and on their clothes that go unnoticed by those not “in the know.” Even though no one in the local industry has come out claiming to belong to the secret society, there have been rumours that some of our entertainers have already been recruited.

MPs reject Senators’ proposal of allocating an extra Sh. 7.7 billion to counties.

April 22, 2015April 22, 2015
The National Assembly has slammed the Senate for allocating an extra Sh7.7 billion to the counties. The MPs took issue with the Senate and accused them of failing to tell how the money will be raised, and with that, they unanimously voted to reject the senators’ proposal contained in the Division of Revenue Bill, 2015. Soon after the vote, Speaker Justin Muturi ordered the Leader of Majority Aden Duale and Leader of Minority Francis Nyenze to give names of MPs who will sit in the mediation committee to find an agreeable position for the two Houses. "I need those names so that we can alert the Senate that their amendments have been rejected so that we set a mediation committee," said Mr. Muturi. The committee will have 30 days to reach a consensus over the rejected proposal. Until then, the counties will have no basis on which to prepare the budgets. In rejecting the proposal, the MPs accused the senators of misreading the Constitution, playing ping-pong with the budget process and seeking to either push the country into debt, cut the budgets to the national government or raise taxes to get the extra cash. See also: Ethuro wants full transfer of functions to counties The backlash against the Senate came on the day when the senators were meeting governors and the members of the county assemblies in Kisumu to take stock of the two years of devolution. The MPs felt that the senators were setting them up against the public by coming up with the "unrealistic" proposal. expected revenue They agreed with the Budget and Appropriation Committee that it was wrong for the senators to add more money to the counties before the Budget Policy Statement is approved, and the country knows what is in the resource envelope. "The Senate adopted the report of the BPS and yet the same Senate goes ahead and wishes to vary its own decision on a policy decision," said Mutava Musyimi (Mbeere South), the chairman of the Budget and Appropriations Committee. The Senate had proposed Sh4.4 billion for the emergency kitty for governors, and had also proposed Sh1.8 billion to be slashed from the national government's budget. "When they take money from the national government without explaining how the gap is to be filled, it leaves a lot to be desired and we can't accept that," said George Omondi (Alego Usonga). By Alphonce Shiundu

Drama as police arrest 37 drunk teenagers in Nairobi.

April 22, 2015
There was drama at the Kiamumbi police station when police arrested 37 teenagers for being drunk and disorderly. The officers said they collected eight spent bottles of whisky and brandy from the house where the teenagers had been in Kahawa West estate Tuesday night. The children aged between 12 and 14 were attending a birthday party of their colleague when they decided to take alcohol. Police say they have established the children bought the alcohol from a nearby wines and spirits shop and hid it in one of the rooms of the house they were enjoying. Kasarani OCPD Francis Sang said an attendant at the Wines and Spirits shop was later arrested and was expected in court Wednesday to face charges of selling alcohol to underage persons. “The person who sold the alcohol to the children was arrested and is in court to face various charges. We released the children to the parents,” said Sang. He said neighbours of the house where the party was being hosted noticed the children were rowdy and drunk and called police. When police arrived there, they established the children were drunk and uncontrollable. It was then that reinforcement was called in and a police vehicle arrived to pick the children. When the parents of the children were informed of the incident, they rushed to Kiamumbi police station where a scuffle ensued at about midnight. According to police, the parents started being unruly and demanding that their children be released prompting police who were present to shoot into the air to disperse them. The children were later freed to the parents on Wednesday morning. Sang told parents to always monitor their children’s activities. “They were all primary school children and we were shocked to collect eight spent bottles of alcohol from the house. This raises questions on the parents’ knowledge on their children activities,” said Sang. Alcohol consumption among teenagers is illegal in Kenya. The Alcoholic Drinks Control Act (2013) imposes stiff penalties to individuals who sell alcohol to minors or even allow them access to areas where alcohol is manufactured, sold or consumed. The law also ensures the right to access information and education on health effects of alcohol abuse and access to treatment and rehabilitation programs for those facing the detrimental effects of alcohol. The law on underage drinking in Kenya requires that no person shall knowingly provide alcohol to persons under the age of 18 years. The trend in alcohol consumption among people below the legal purchasing age has however been on the rise with increasing reports in several parts of Kenya. A study by the Students Campaign Against Drugs (SCAD) undertaken in Nairobi and Kiambu, in 2013, revealed 26 per cent of high school students have their first alcoholic drink between the ages of 14 – 16 years. It further revealed that 23 per cent of the students have their first alcoholic drink while aged below 12 years. The study indicated that the key influencing factors of alcohol consumption include peer pressure, easy access to the alcoholic beverages, stress caused by school-work, enabling social environments such as parties, family problems as well as a general culture of acceptance of alcohol. Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) launched a new campaign against underage drinking, dubbed ‘Under 18 Asipewe’ in March 2015.

Savage! Disgruntled Kenyan Man Attacks Ian Mbugua And Carol Odero (PHOTO)

April 14, 2015April 14, 2015
“These four souls always yap how other people are poorly dressed in that stupid segment on CORD TV they call fashion police. Looking at these two ladies who look like patrons taken straight from “Karumathings”…. what is fashionable about their dressing?? One with red hair u might think she works in a slaughter house in kiamaiko and had goat blood splashed on her hair while the blonde one loooks like a teenage girl going for PE lessons inside her boyfriend “thingira” or “kiumbu”… Terrible… They know nothing about fashion.. They should tell us aboutukulima wa carrot or cucumber…”  
They say fashion is anything you feel comfortable in and I agree to that. Off late, many media houses have come up with fashion programmes that air fashion related content and even hosts fashion critics commonly known as the fashion police, thanks to the fast growing fashion industry. Recently, a Kenyan man by the name Mugambi Wa Muraguri lashed out at the Citizen TV’s fashion watch squad that comprises of Carol Odero, Ian Mbugua, Pst. Robert Burale and Annabel Onyango. According to the disgruntled man, the team know nothing about fashion but should instead focus on an agricultural show that he thought suit them.  


April 14, 2015
After she came into public scrutiny for being a tolerating wife to an Kanyari, a controversial pastor who was allegedly busted for performing fake miracles for money, she went into an indefinite hiatus. Betty Bayo is now back with a bang. Her latest project is a collaborative effort with her long-term partner, Mr. Seed. She will be featured in the song which is set to premiere online this Friday. Mr. Seed has taken to social media to hype the release:


April 14, 2015
The idea, that the Luyia are dis-united is a fallacy being peddled around the country as the truth is still putting on its shoes.  That idea itself though is closer than we think as it’s just the wrong group being peddled as an entire community.  Our western leaders are disunited to the core. Wrapped up in selfishness, each one seeks his moment of fortune and fame. In 2012 for instance: Many claimed to be interested in the presidency but only one of them made it to the final hurdle and not for lack of political parties : Ford Kenya-Moses Wetangula, New Ford Kenya-Eugene Wamalwa, UDF-Musalia Mudavadi and FPK-Cyrus Jirongo’s but has since disassociated himself from the party. Let’s not forget Raila Odinga’s ODM, which has a strong following. True to what Governor Oparanya said, we have enough of these-parties or matatus as he eloquently termed them. So what’s not happening? The divide and conquer strategy is at play and has been at play for a while now. We are the second largest community in the country. Commanding a population of close to 6 million. The song they keep making us sing, stops today. The disunited community song must stop! Conventional wisdom dictates; you keep telling a child he is stupid-he embraces it and starts to manifest that stupidity. Why? Because you have been telling it to him over and over and over-making him doubt himself. And in the process, he submits to your thoughts of him being stupid. Eventually as a parent what you have is a stupid child. Entirely your own doing. As a people we need to scale back a little. It’s time we actually knew that we are as united as can be. We are not the problem. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem. In retrospect, in 2002 when Ford-Kenya’s Kijana Wamalwa teamed up with former president Mwai Kibaki and current Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu, the Luyia voted Kibaki almost to the last man. The same is true when it was Raila’s turn to take a stab at the presidency. This is the reason why we were targeted during the disputed elections of 2007/08. To say that we are not united, no. However, of late we haven’t had a reason to team up. If unity is not our problem, then what is? Our leaders. This has been evident in our own county. The moment Governor Oparanya took office, he spent countless days battling it out in courts. A political group was not happy with him at the helm. It took him time to settle in and commence operations. Who were at a loss? Us of course. As other counties, were slowly picking up speed-we were as still as a monument. A year or so later and we are the poorest county in the country, go figure. The battle for the presidency is no walk in the park. It takes loosing to finally ascend to power as you learn from the failure on what it takes to win. Uhuru, failed once. Mwai Kibaki failed, Raila failed, but with persistence and determination they won and shared the spoils. In that same spirit so should we be prepared to if not lose, then win but we have to be at the table to participate. If elections were held today, who would nominate himself for the race? I am not talking about the usual suspects. I am conjuring an image of somebody fearless, who will be capable of bringing it closer to home if not home. Among all those currently in office who can we rally behind? Governor Oparanya, Gov. Ojamoong, Gov. Lusaka, Gov. Akaranga; who? Mudavadi or Wetangu’la ? Wamalwa or Jirongo ? Khalwale or Wako ? Ababu or Savuli ? The list is surely long and so will the matatus to ferry them into fame and fortune at expense of the community. These are the tough questions that we need to ask ourselves. Meanwhile, we need to refrain from preaching the disunited gospel. For truthfully speaking, we aren’t. It’s a convenient game by politicians, who cash in when that time comes. It is a song they keep singing to us, with the hopes that we actually live up to our disunity. Upon which they will conquer different section of the region to fulfil their agendas. To reiterate the words of Ababu-ODM secretary general, we need a leader who can network with other leaders from other regions to win the elections. If you are ‘he’ may you please stand up? As we work that angle, let us load our Uzi. The battle coming soon, will not be won by our presenting the most formidable leader, but by votes. LUTESA should focus on registering as many voters as humanly possible. As they claim to register local voters please remember JAP are a few steps ahead registering diaspora voters as we find it near impossible to get a simple ID. I look forward to a day when we will compete favourably and on equal pegging in national politics. Something we did last during Kijana Wamalwa’s time. Political tyranny is nothing compared to social tyranny and a reformer who defies society is a more courageous man than a politician who defies Government.

Ruto, Khalwale differ in public over governance

April 14, 2015
Screen-Shot-2015-04-13-at-20.32.12Deputy President William Ruto and Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale differed during a fund raiser in Ikolomani, Kakamega county on Sunday. The duo promised each other a “battle royale” during the 2017 General Election with Khalwale telling Ruto that “their time at State House was up”. Ruto, however, hit out at Khalwale whom he said still cling to “archaic politics that had no place in the Kenya of today.” “The country is undergoing tough moments as a result of poor leadership from the Jubilee administration. Insecurity, tribalism, corruption and other ills are the order of the day. I tell you today bwana Ruto that we shall rally Kenyans to topple you in 2017,” claimed the senator. He further told Ruto to sack his Chief of Staff Maryanne Kaittany over accusations that she used Sh100 million to fund a censure motion against Devolution Cabinet secretary Anne Waiguru. But Ruto shot back saying they were committed to fighting graft in line with the Constitution and accused Khalwale and other opposition leaders of propaganda. “We were elected to serve Kenyans and we are committed to this cause. We are not in the business of empty politics without any development. What is your development track record?” he asked Khalwale. Ruto told Khalwale and Cord to forget about the Presidency in 2017, saying Jubilee was determined to remain intact and get re-elected. “You think going to State House is a walk in the park? Stop day dreaming and channel your energies towards serving Kenyans,” he told Khalwale. Ikolomani MP Bernard Shinali had earlier told Khalwale to stop criticising his cooperation with the government, saying it was for the good of the people. “It is as a result of this relationship that Ruto is here to help local women and youth groups. It is also out of this cooperation that the Sigalagala-Bukura-Butere road which has been in a deplorable condition since independence is being tarmacked,” he said. Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya said they were committed to working with the National government and all the leaders in the county no matter their political affiliations, for the sake of development. The leaders spoke at Makhokho Secondary School during the harambee in which Ruto gave Sh2 million from him and the President, Shinali, Sh500,000, Oparanya, Sh300,000 and Khalwale Sh100,000. More than Sh6 million was raised.


April 14, 2015
[gallery columns="5" ids="3797,3798,3799,3800,3801,3802,3803,3804,3805,3806"] Bumamu FC emerged victorious thrashing Shitari FC 4-2(penalties) in the maiden elephant cup held in Butere constituency after a heart wrenching final played at Buchenya grounds yesterday. The match was decided after a penalty shoot-out as the first 90 minutes ended in a stalemate. IMG-20150412-WA0035 Jamal Musa gave Shitari the lead after seventy minutes of play with a volley that caught the goalkeeper (Paul Amunga) napping. He smashed the ball just outside the eighteen yard box and the Bumamu keeper was flat footed even as he tried to punch the ball away. The lead didn’t last long as Bumamu quickly pounced on a free kick outside the box and equalized though David Ongaya in the 88th minute. The goal awakened the fans into a wild frenzy as they celebrated the equalizer. After the ninety minutes the referee quickly ushered in the penalty kicks to decide the winner. Shitari were the first to take the kicks and they squandered their chance. Bumamu also lost their first penalty as it was saved by the keeper denying them a chance to go ahead. However in the second kick, Bumamu got their mojo back and it was a smooth ride all though as they thrashed their rivals 4-2 and emerged the overall winners of The Elephant cup organized by Butere MP aspirant Hon. Joseph Inzofu Nyamwata. The third and fourth play-offs saw Shiraha FC take on Emusunguri FC, where Justus Olando scored a brace to earn his team the third slot in the tournament. The match ended 3-1 in the final as Emusunguri solitary goal couldn’t stop the mighty Shiraha. The tournament organizers thanked everybody for the support thus far and urged the youth to not only nurture their talents but to also further their studies so as to have a fall back plan even as they follow a career in sports. The main aim of the tournament was to empower the youth though sports who would in turn empower the community at large. Tournament patron Joseph Inzofu, the main title sponsor, took the opportunity to declare his interest in the Butere member of parliament position come 2017. This was received well as speaker after speaker spoke of his abilities as an able and committed servant leader. His campaign message a head of 2017 will be “Mwanzo mpya” (A new beginning). He called upon everybody above 18 years of age to acquire an ID card for easy identification and not to miss out on opportunities for lacking one. This has been a rallying call by Luhya leaders ahead of 2017, where they target to register six million votes so as to challenge for the presidency. Aspiring leaders also took the opportunity to announce their future plans come 2017, Hon. Amariati,who hails from the constituency is eyeing a Member of county assembly post. The winner of the tournament bagged a trophy and fifteen thousand shillings in cash, as the runners up were awarded ten thousand shillings and the 1st runners up bagged five thousand shillings. The local FKF branch announced that a new club Butere United has been included in the nationwide league and that recruitment of players has already kicked off. The first training shall be held on the 13th at Buchenya grounds starting 2PM. Looks like the 2017 campaign has already started in top gear and soon we are about to witness political realignments as aspirants consolidate their grassroots support. The current MP Hon. Andrew Toboso has been accused of under development and misplaced priorities in managing the affairs of the constituency. Joseph Inzofu seeks to utilize his shortcomings to launch his bid ahead of 2017.With a strong team full of vision and strategies for grassroots support he can prove to be a force and eventually bag the seat. To Mr. Andrew Toboso, shots have been fired. Msela

Best Interview Answers: Why Will You Be Successful in This Job?

April 11, 2015April 11, 2015
Interview Answer: Why Will You Be Successful in This Job? By Tabitha Makumi You will agree that there are some interview questions that do not need much thought when it comes down to proving you are right candidate for the job. But there are those which will leave you scratching your head if you are not well prepared. Such is, “So, Mr Otieno, Why do you think you will be successful in this job?” “I am used to the usual “Why should we hire you…” kind of interview questions and not where I am supposed to justify why I will be successful if I end up taking the job,” writes Mercy Wambugu to Career Point Kenya.

To start off, is this a common interview question?

Speaking to Melody Mwendwa an Interview Coach at Corporate Staffing Services, she agrees that it’s a common question especially when the employer feels that “in paper” you have what it takes to get the job. “At this stance they just want to know if you have the skills, past experience and competencies to execute the job at hand. It can also be directed as “What kind of contribution can you make to our company?” Ms Mwendwa’s simple but effective advice is to focus on your passion, skills and how you can fully meet the needs of the job based on your past experience. “You will also need to have done thorough research about the company as this will enable you to match your skills, interests and experience to the job role and the company,” Ms Mwendwa suggests that as a starting-point you should refer to the competences in the job description, and have concrete examples that prove you have the skills and work experience required. Let’s have a look at a sample answer to guide you in future.

Sample Interview Answer: Why will you be successful in this job?

“Judging by the job representation, I am confident I have the right combination of skills and experience to meet your key performance indicators. For example, the job description says you need a person with a go getter attitude who has customer relationship management skills and can lead a team of 4 people. At my current job as FMCG Sales Supervisor, I am tasked with assisting sales personnel in establishing personal contact and rapport with top echelon decision-makers and I am used to developing specific plans to ensure revenue growth in all company’s products…….. At the end of the day, if you can back up your answer with information that helps to quantify your contribution and impact, it will help you convince the employer that you’re the right candidate for the job opportunity. Do you have an interview question you would like addressed? Write to tabitha@careerpointkenya.co.ke

Best Interview Answer On What’s The Worst Mistake You’ve Made At Work

April 10, 2015April 10, 2015
How to answer this tough interview question on ‘What’s the worst mistake you’ve made at work and how did you deal with it?’ This question can also be phrased:

Can you tell me about a time when you made a major error at work?

The meaning behind the question: What the interviewer is trying to extract from you here is not an admission of guilt but a demonstration of how you reacted to your error and what steps you took to resolve it. You can learn a lot about someone from the way they handle their mistakes.

How to answer:

As with the previous question, you might think this rather a tough one. The interviewer has specifically asked you about the very worst mistake you’ve ever made at work. The key is to realise that everyone makes mistakes; the important thing is to learn from them and make sure you never make the same mistake twice. Also, just because they’ve asked you what the worst mistake you’ve made was, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to tell them! Try to talk about a mistake that was clearly severe but one that is unlikely to put them off hiring you completely. How? By choosing carefully and placing the emphasis on what you did to resolve the situation – and what you learned from the experience. If you can subtly apportion some of the blame to circumstances out of your control – or if you can choose an example which didn’t directly involve your work – then it’s going to strengthen your answer. It also helps if you can pick an example which goes back some way in time. However, you definitely want to avoid coming across as someone who can’t admit their own mistakes.

Best Answer On Worst Mistake Interview Question

I think the worst mistake I ever made at work was in my first ever job – five years ago now. One of the managers seemed to take an instant dislike to me from the start – and one day she was particularly unpleasant to me in front of several colleagues. Later on, I was talking to one of those colleagues who was, I thought, attempting to console me. Angry and hurt, I foolishly vented my feelings and told her what I thought of the manager in question. I was naturally shocked to find out that she went on to tell everyone what I had said and this certainly didn’t help my relationship with the manager who was causing me problems. Rather than let the situation carry on, I chose to have a quiet word with this lady (manager) so as to find out what her problem was with me and to see if we could put it behind us. It turned out it was nothing personal; she just resented the fact that a friend of hers had also been interviewed for my position and had been turned down. Once we had got matters out into the air, her behaviour changed and we actually got on quite well after that. However, I certainly learned a lot from the experience. I learned that careful communication is vital in managing interpersonal relationships and that if I have a problem with someone it’s always best to talk it over with them rather than with someone else.

5 Easy Steps To A Successful Residential Landscaping Project

April 10, 2015
Step #1 Planning is the essence of any activity that is related to your home maintenance or improvement. I consider landscaping as a part of home improvement activity because it will enhance the resale value of your home greatly. A well maintained home is a great asset. That’s why when it comes to landscaping put the plan on a plain sheet of paper. Mark out various areas on the sketch plan. First mark your home building on the sketch and then locate other spaces such as pathways, flower beds, sand pits, swimming pools, patios in relation to home building that are already existing in your home plot. Don’t forget to mark any existing big trees that you want them to be in your final layout. Step #2 Look around your home plot for natural and artificial elements such as a busy street, flowing river, mountains, other buildings, etc. All these will have a direct effect on your home garden. This kind of analysis will help in locating various elements in your garden. natural elements include the direction of sunlight, quality of sunlight, direction and speed of wind (if your home is on seashore the wind will be a major factor). Depending upon all these the design of your garden will change. for example if the sunlight is too harsh, you might consider to plants tall trees so that the garden area remains in shade most of the time. Landscaping Ideas Step #3 Define the function of your garden. This means that your family members will use the garden, so what are their needs. What happens if you arrange a small family get-together in this garden, Will the garden space be sufficient to accommodate your guests. Try writing down various situations in your everyday life when you will be using this garden. Once you define the purpose it will be easier to locate the final layout depending upon your plot analysis in step #2 and function of the garden. Step #4 Write down a brief of the materials you would like to see in your garden. This does not mean write down everything to the minutest details, but a rough idea of what will happen in the garden. for example would you like to build the pathways in brick or paving tiles, or would the compound wall be painted from inside or will be kept exposed. This will guide you to create a list of common material so that you get a primary idea of the budget of your residential garden. Step #5 Create a schedule of execution for your garden and take action. Creating a schedule is a great way to save a lot of time and money when it comes to execution. Once you know which activity starts first, it will be easier to plan accordingly. For example first comes the site cleaning, then plotting out major areas on ground. Then if you have electricity cables running around your compound wall lighting, you will have to call the electrician to complete his tasks before you start planting the delicate and precious plant species. It should happen that you have planted the flowerbeds and a water pipeline needs to be laid under the flowerbeds that supply water to the fountain in the corner of your garden. So planning and executing a schedule of tasks will help to improve your efficiency.

Nakuru MPesa agent robbed of Sh260,000 by ‘strangers’ who sought direction.

April 9, 2015April 9, 2015
Elizabeth Nyambura, an Mpesa attendant explains to journalists how he was swindled some Sh260,000 NAKURU: An MPesa agent in Nakuru town claims she lost Sh260,000 to robbers pretending to seek direction. Elizabeth Nyambura, 23, said she was carrying the money to the bank at around 9am when a woman in a parked vehicle called her and asked for direction to Kabarak University. "When I approached the vehicle, I saw a man in the driver's seat. The woman asked me for direction to Kabarak and I showed them. She gave me a business card and I do not know what happened next," Nyambura said. Three hours later, Nyambura was found stranded on Kenyatta Avenue outside National Bank, without the money. "I believe they spiked me with something that is why I became confused," she said. She reported the matter at the Central Police Station under OB22/9/4/15

Funyula MP Otuoma eyes Busia governor seat.

April 9, 2015
Funyula MP Paul Otuoma now says he will vie for the Busia gubernatorial seat in 2017. Dr Otuoma accused Governor Sospeter Ojaamong of marginalising some parts of the county in development projects. Mr Ojaamong has however denied ever marginalising any part of Busia but welcomed Otuoma to the contest. Speaking at a press conference at a Kakamega hotel, Otuoma took issue with Ojaamong's leadership, accusing the governor of failing to initiate development and belittling elected leaders. But in a swift rejoinder, Ojaamong denied belittling elected leaders from the region. He also denied 'hoarding' Teso votes as alleged by Otuoma. "The post of governorship is elective. All the people of Busia, those who qualify, can contest for it. So Dr Otuoma is welcome," Ojaamong said adding: "The issue of belittling elected leaders does not arise. I know what a constituency is and cannot refer to it as a ward." Ojaamong said Otuoma should come up an agenda instead of just declaring his intention. "On the issue of development, he is aware of how structures at the county work. We have just begun working. So in two years we may not have effectively carried out development in all parts of Busia," the governor said. Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/thecounties/article/2000157852/funyula-mp-otuoma-eyes-busia-governor-seat

17 arrested in Kitui after residents mistook them for terrorists, freed after interrogation

April 9, 2015
Police in Kitui on Wednesday evening arrested seventeen people of Somali origin after members of the public mistook them for terrorists. Armed security personnel pounced on the men and women who were clad in Somali buibui as they approached the Kitui's M & M Hotel and Resort Club seeking for accommodation. After an intensive man-hunt, the suspects were bundled into a police vehicle and whisked away to police station where they were questioned before being released. Kitui Central district OCPD Kennedy Osando said they were alerted by inquisitive members of the public that the suspects had approached several hotels but turned away on suspicion they could be dangerous. The police boss said after interrogations, the seventeen who hail from Mandera, Wajir, Garissa, Tana River, Meru North, Mbeere, Tharaka-Nithi and Turkana Counties were found to be harmless procurement officers reporting for a seminar organised by the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) in Kitui town. "We demanded for requisite documents including their passports and identity cards to verify whom they were and what they were doing in Kitui County. They produced the evidence and we released them after brief detention at the police station," said Osando. The OCPD said police were leaving nothing to chance after the Garissa University terrorist attack last week. Osando further disclosed that a senior NDMA's official immediately called the County Commissioner Moffat Kangi seeking indulgence for the release of the suspected aliens after word of their arrest went out. Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/thecounties/article/2000157789/17-arrested-in-kitui-after-residents-mistook-them-for-terrorists

To Curb Corruption Integrity in Public Office is a Must!

April 9, 2015
The List of Shame made public this week has shed light into corruption in government. Commonly used avenues of corruption include: procurement procedures, abuse of office, diverting public funds from intended use and questionable wealth. Various public officers allegedly have cases to answer. Most of the elected officials have declined to step aside, citing various issues, either law or jurisdiction, as directed by the President. Stepping aside, while only a Kenyan practice, does not amount to being guilty. Every accused person is presumed innocent until proven guilty by the courts. Tabling of the list of shame in Parliament coincided with the Parliamentary Initiatives Network (PIN) release of a report on the implementation of chapter 6 by all arms of government. The report titled; Towards Hazy Horizons; spotlights shortcomings that still exist in making leadership and integrity matters a reality as envisioned in the Constitution. Guided by jurisprudence from the courts, the report affirms the purpose of Chapter six is to set higher standards of integrity for persons seeking to serve as state officers. The report backed its leadership culpability claims with the case between Trusted Society of Human Rights Alliance v The Attorney General and Others. In that case, the High Court observed that
“…a person is said to lack integrity when there are serious unresolved questions about his honesty, financial probity, scrupulousness, fairness, reputation, soundness of his moral judgment or his commitment to the national values enumerated in the Constitution. In our view, for purposes of the integrity test in our Constitution, there is no requirement that the behaviour, attribute or conduct in question has to rise to the threshold of criminality. It therefore follows that the fact that a person has not been convicted of a criminal offence is not dispositive of the inquiry whether they lack integrity or not…it is enough if there are sufficient serious, plausible allegations which raise substantial unresolved questions about one’s integrity.”
It is therefore evident that a person needs not to be criminally culpable for them to have questionable integrity. The lack of transparency around procurement, tendering and signed agreements provide avenues for looting in public office. Corruption is not limited to bribery alone. For instance, keeping wealth declaration forms confidential undermines transparency and they must be made public. In practice, most public officials privatize public resources. Audits of their lives before, during and after office reveal this phenomenon. Kenya’s problem is not laws but implementation of laws. Kenyan laws are adequately robust in fighting corruption and providing provisions for integrity to inform decisions in public office. People need to resign when implicated as a sense of honor not when told by someone else. It is time that those convicted of corruption also have their wealth, which was acquired illegally, confiscated and used for public good. It is also time those implicated in corruption to not just step aside, but resign to allow to fair and proper investigations. What say you?

5 Skills Employers Look For in “The Best” Candidate

April 9, 2015
Skills employers look for when selecting the best candidate Source: Corporate Staffing Services Survey By Elizabeth Benu A recent survey conducted by Corporate Staffing Services revealed HR Professionals are usually challenged when they have to choose between two equally qualified candidates for the same position. Out of the 208 employers who participated, here are the key attributes they look for when forced to choose between two equally qualified candidates.

Top 5 Skills For Best Job Candidates

1. Area of specialization 61.6% of the employers use this to identify the right candidate. This shows that a candidate should concentrate on gaining experience in their areas of specialization. For example, sales jobs are continually becoming everyone’s job: whether you have the qualifications or not. If an employer has a problem choosing between a candidate with a background and experience in sales and marketing and one with experience in sales, but has a background in IT, the sales and marketing graduate will be chosen because the job falls under their specialty. As a candidate, strive to gain experience in the area you have studied in 2. Leadership Experience This is a criteria used by 40.7% of the employers. This because such a candidate has an ability to manage themselves and teams and can take responsibility and are accountable. For example, if you are a candidate who has held any leadership roles in your past, be it in a job or in school an employer will pick you because you can take charge of achieving company goals and commit yourself to high level performance. 3. Candidate affordability 34.5% look at a candidate’s remuneration expectation. A lot has been emphasized on the need to have salary expectations that are in line with the market rates. Most companies are looking for a candidate who is affordable and can do an impeccable job. A case in point is an IT Assistant who wants to earn Kshs.110,000 and another who wants Kshs.92,000. 4. Industry Experience 31.6% of the employers are interested in industry experience because they believe that a candidate without any experience will take too long to get up to speed to be successful and they are doubtful if they will make the position a successful one. Candidates are therefore advised to gain valuable experience, be it in volunteering or internships. 5. Education Attainment According to the survey, 26% agree that a certificate, diploma or degree, education matters in job placement. Education forms a basis of any career success because it reveals that a job seeker has what it takes to focus on a particular subject or industry and develop within it. Education also shows that a candidate is worth investing in and serves as a reference to a job seeker’s reliability and professional promise. That being said, improving on the above skills makes you better placed when an employer has to choose between two equally qualified candidates.

Remodeling Your Kitchen Cabinets

April 9, 2015
While remodeling your kitchen, install only the essential cabinets, so you can spend on quality rather than quantity. Look for durability, and specify plywood panels rather than particleboard. Laminate is economical but still can look classy in a patterned finish or trimmed with wood edging. You should put your money into the hardest-working and most permanent features of the kitchen, especially the cabinets and countertops. There are two basic cabinet styles: European-style (frameless) and face-framed cabinets. Either can be ordered from custom or semi-custom cabinet-makers or from stock supplies. Each style has a variety of door, wood and finish options. Some cabinet hardware features simulated finishes or surfaces that look and perform like the real thing. Brass-plated knobs can substitute for solid brass, and some plastic pulls mimic the look of solid surfacing. Remodeling Your Kitchen Cabinets Installing cabinets in a remodeled kitchen require some basic finish carpentry skills. Before starting any installation, it’s a good idea to mark some level and plumbing reference lines on the walls so everything lines up properly. Most stock cabinet layouts won’t fit perfectly within a given wall space, but cabinetmakers provide narrow filler pieces to fill in the gaps between cabinets. The most efficient way to start installation is with the wall cabinets, since the base cabinets would get in your way if they were already in. It is better to put the corner units in first, squaring them and moving toward the center of the wall where you have more leeway for making adjustments. If your budget is tight and you want to give a new look to your kitchen cabinet, you have the option of re-facing, which involves replacing or veneering the parts of the cabinet that are visible all the time. Therefore, the cabinet boxes — called the cases — stay in their current layout, but get a new finish with veneer. Other parts, such as drawer fronts and cabinet doors, get completely replaced.

Youths converge for a cleanup exercise for cohesion.

April 9, 2015
Hundreds of youths are set to converge in Nairobi’s Mathare North in a cleanup exercise on 14th February 2015. The exercise is meant to fight stigma, embrace peace and cohesion among Kenyans. The project supported by the United Nations Habitat, The Nairobi County, Athi Water Services Board, Save the Nation and the Visionaries Aloud will bring together people from all walks of lives irrespective of class, race and tribe in a one day activity. The project founder and The Visionaries Aloud Chairperson Nerima Wako said that the six hour initiative will bring together people from different learning institutions, estates in Nairobi, companies, religious groups and Non-Government Organizations (NGO) in a bid to demonstrate that Kenyans can work together. “It is an activity meant to bring together people irrespective of profession, class, race and tribe doing the same job an indication that our country and pride is beyond our differences,” said Wako. The project which will be flagged off by the Nairobi County under the slogan My City My Home will see volunteers who are students, religious leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals engage in a patriotic cause to the country. “I am always inspired with Mahatma Gandhi’s quote- Be the change you wish to see in the world We are literally a group of young, passionate and ambitious Kenyans. We want to see the young people take charge and make a big difference to our society,” said Wako adding that cleaning exercise on a Valentine’s Day is a sign of love to Kenyan people and the country’s environment. As part of the Nairobi government initiative to clean and restore Nairobi River, the public will banners take part in the sport-cum-cleanliness drive to clean Mathare North Area 1, 2 3 and the Nairobi River that snakes through Mathare slums. “It’s our first volunteer project and the first of its kind. It’s important for us as youths and the people of this great nation to give our society so that we can collectively build it,” said Wako, adding, Rahim Rawji, the Event Manager said that the event will bring together youths who are the main technocrats of the policy, made at all levels of governance in both private and public sector. “Most of us are jobless, employed or run small businesses. The event brings us together for the common goodwill of the Nairobi city and country as a whole so that we can network and exploit available opportunities as a family,” said Rahim. Event Organizer Sahlim Charles and founder of The New Image Youth Organization said that the cleaning exercise will provide a platform for youths to engage with a purpose of developing close working ties. “As youths, we have grown and studied together. We should live with this spirit of togetherness to empower ourselves as youths,” said Charles. “It’s purely a voluntary project where our friends and the networks reach out to each other to come together as a team in an exercise to clean Mathare North. The exercise reminds us that we belong together as a people and as Kenyans,’’ He added. Visionaries Aloud started in May 2014 with the aim to focuses on producing short film, documentaries and sharing stories about young people who are often underrepresented by the media. The organization provides a platform to inspire, educate and mentor filmmakers to speak to their community and advocate change through quality, educational and compelling film.

Van Gaal is a BAD MAN! Ribery launches an attack on his former manager.

April 8, 2015April 8, 2015
Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribery has branded Louis van Gaal a "bad man" - admitting he never felt comfortable around him. The Manchester United manager led Bayern to a league and cup double in 2009/10 with Ribery in his side, but the Frenchman says that the pair had significant relationship problems. He has revealed that Van Gaal created a bad vibe in the dressing room from the moment that he first arrived at the club. Despite a significant amount of success in his first season, Van Gaal left Bayern in 2011, prior to taking up his role with the Dutch national team. Speaking to Goal, Ribery said: "We had problems on a human basis. When he started, nobody knew what was going to happen. "His idea was that he did not care about names at all, you don't need stars, everybody had to prove themselves again. "The first contact with him was already poisoned. As a professional you lose your trust. He does great things on the pitch but the coach Van Gaal was a bad man. Our relationship was crushed." See Also: Man United 'agree deals to sign two £75m world superstars' Van Gaal has had no such problems since taking over at Manchester United. Heading into next weekend's Manchester derby, United will be above rivals Manchester City in the table and has seemingly got the overwhelming support of the dressing room and the supporters.

Cabinet secretaries failing Jubilee government.

April 8, 2015
In uncharacteristic approach as he initiated yet another slum upgrading project in Mkuru Kwa Njenga, Korogocho and Mathare; President Uhuru Kenyatta challenged cabinet secretaries in his government to go to the grassroots and “come face to face with the challenges facing average Kenyans.” The president was spot on considering that his cabinet secretaries took oath of office against the backdrop

Clint Hill upbeat about QPR after breaking Premier League duck

April 8, 2015
Veteran Queens Park Rangers defender Clint Hill insisted the London club could stay in the English top flight after he scored his first Premier League goal in the 3-3 draw with relegation rivals Aston Villa. Tuesday’s result kept QPR in the bottom three but meant they were just two points from safety and three behind Villa, for whom striker Christian Benteke scored a hat-trick. Matt Phillips opened the scoring, although Benteke’s two first-half goals gave Villa the lead in Birmingham. Hill made it 2-2 before Charlie Austin put Rangers 3-2 up with 12 minutes left only for Benteke to complete his hat-trick with a 25-yard free kick five minutes later “I’m glad I’ve got the goal because it’s been bugging me for a number of years, I’m 37-years-old and you don’t think you’ll get to play another Premier League game,” Hill told QPR’s official website. “I’m glad that’s off my back and I’m glad I played my part. “To go in 2-1 behind we could have kept our heads down and sunk, but we showed a lot of character and going 3-2 up you think you’ve got the precious three points in the bag but they scored a fantastic free kick in the end.” However, Hill added: “We have dragged teams in to it now, Villa probably thought they could win the game and pretty much put themselves safe. “It’s about the team and players who hold their head and keep calm who will prevail and stay in this league. “The positive is we have four points from difficult travels and we’re right in the battle now so we’re looking forward to the next game,” he said of Sunday’s west London derby at home to leaders Chelsea. Photo Credits : AFP

CS Charity Ngilu Questioning.

April 8, 2015
In normal days, suspended Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu would either have been sitting through long meetings in her office boardroom, or shuttling to State House either for Cabinet meetings or to brief the President on “hot” land issues on her docket. She would even probably have been in a five-star hotel for this or that “important” conference, or would be high in the skies flying to another of those foreign excursions people of her status get invited for, as people of her stature like to call it, to represent one’s country and even president. That was not the exactly the “busy” day “Mama Rainbow”, as she is known to her close associates, had Tuesday. For eight straight hours, cutting through her lunch time, Ngilu was at Integrity Centre, Nairobi, fielding questions from investigators keen to know more about the damning corruption claims against her by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. Forced to step aside over claims she dismissed as fabricated and designed to bring down the pillars of the Jubilee government, Tuesday Ngilu arrived with a big bundle of documents, clearly exhibiting the will to fight and reclaim her honour and credibility. After all Ngilu is not just a CS but a former presidential candidate, and there is no ruling out that she might run again, and you can't command that respect and garner support if you are a certified thief. Ngilu had promised to put up a fight for her name so that on being cleared she would be readmitted to the Cabinet, but as it turned out, the process was very long - taking up eight precious hours of Ngilu's day. See also: Ngilu appears before EACC over State House, Karen land graft allegations But when she emerged from Integrity Centre, she declared it was President Uhuru Kenyatta who had sanctioned two of the matters for which she was under investigation. "The questions they have been asking me are not real to me. Where did the issue of overpricing of the Waitiki land come from when those who were involved are known?" Ngilu asked referring to claims she had backed overpricing of private land the Government wants to buy in Likoni, motivated by a promised Sh65 million kick-back. She was grilled from 9.20am to 5.55pm over the planned sale of the 930-acre land belonging to Evanson Waitiki in Likoni, Mombasa. She also faced questions on claims top Government officials were involved in the Karen land grab and the alleged irregular seizure of land along State House Crescent Road. "I can't say much on the issue of the Karen land saga because issues of land are serious for now. You have seen people killing each other because of the land matters and what I have may not please many," she said. On the Waitiki land, Ngilu argued the owner had demanded Sh9.3 billion for his land, translating to a cost of Sh10 million per acre. But Government valuers put the price at Sh2.64 billion and when Waitiki stood firm on his demands a meeting was hosted between the seller, the President, Ngilu, Treasury CS Henry Rotich, Head of Civil Service Joseph Kinyua among others whereby an offer of Sh1.1 billion was given. FAKE TITLES
"The President himself told Waitiki to take Sh1.1 billion for the land. I don't understand where the figure of Sh110 million comes in," she said. On the State House Road land, the CS said it was President Kenyatta who on January 22 ordered that the land be reverted to the Government and be allocated to the Foreign Affairs ministry. "I was not alone. I was with the Director General of National Youth Service Nelson Githinji and Chairman of National Land Commission Muhamad Swazuri among other officials when the wall was brought down. They can attest to that," she said. She said many people have titles for the land that she termed fake and that the land was given to the defunct City Council of Nairobi in 1965 for a children's playground. Ngilu arrived at the commission accompanied by her lawyer Njoroge Nani Mungai. They kept her in the waiting room for a long time as they consulted given the names she is said to have dropped in the Sh8 billion Karen land saga. The commission said it would peruse her statements and documents before they refer her file to the Director of Public Prosecution for action. See also: Ngilu appears before EACC over State House, Karen land graft allegations Tuesday, Waitiki claimed he had met Ngilu "briefly" in her office on March 30 after the President had submitted the graft list to Parliament. It was also on the eve of the day the report was made public. The Standard could not, however, independently confirm this meeting. Waitiki claimed that during the meeting Ngilu had wanted to know if there was any outstanding loan on the farm. "She (Ngilu) inquired if I had cleared the Sh1.2 million loan I had acquired from the Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC) in the mid 1970s which I told her that I completed paying in 1999. She then told me to go and get official documents from AFC showing that indeed I had cleared the loan," said Waitiki who claimed the meeting took place in Ngilu's official reception. Waitiki also alleged he met Ngilu in 2013 during which time the CS floated a Sh2.6 billion offer for the farm. He told The Standard he refused the offer because he considered the amount too little for the farm. "If the farm was to be valued, I'm sure it would fetch four times that price. One does not even have to be a property valuer to do an estimate of land bordering a beach front," said Waitiki. "But let it be known that I will not be intimidated to surrender a farm I bought using my hard earned cash." But Waitiki dismissed EACC's claim of collusion with Ngilu to inflate the farm's price by Sh110 million. "How can we collude to inflate the price of the farm before agreeing on the price?" he asked.
He said he is ready to face the EACC for grilling over the allegations.
By Cyrus Ombati

Ibrahimovic vs Google! Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ibrahimovic gets his own search engine.

April 8, 2015
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a truly unique human being. Forget the astonishing numbers, stats, trophies and achievements of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Zlatan is the only footballer on Earth who can honestly say he does things differently to anyone else. Dealing with referees, handling the press, performing acrobatic overheard kicks… PSG's big Swede operates in a different universe to most of us.

Raila absolves himself from any blame over Garissa attack.

April 8, 2015
CORD leader Raila Odinga has distanced himself from any blame over Garissa University terror attack, where 142 students died. The opposition leader was reacting to an article in a local daily, which he alleges had assigned him and President Uhuru Kenyatta, equal responsibility for the security and general welfare of the country. Raila argued that the task of protecting Kenyans and ensuring their welfare must remain with the person who swore to do it. “This declaration that the leader of the Opposition somehow shares equal responsibility for the safety of citizens with a president who took the oath to defend and protect Kenya’s territorial integrity and ensure safety of its citizens is unprecedented. It is pure malice and a life in denial by an editorial team too embarrassed to admit that a leadership it is deep in bed with has lost it’’, read part of the statement sent to newsrooms Wednesday. Here is the full statement In its now familiar tradition of finding it extremely difficult to single out President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Jubilee regime for blame over the troubles the country is going through. A local daily today, in an extremely lopsided analysis of the Garissa attack and the response to it, decided to blame Opposition leader Raila Odinga alongside the President. See also: Security team blamed for Garissa University terror attack In doing that, the paper has assigned Raila and Uhuru equal responsibility for the security and general welfare of the country. This declaration that the leader of the Opposition somehow shares equal responsibility for the safety of citizens with a president who took the oath to defend and protect Kenya’s territorial integrity and ensure safety of its citizens is unprecedented. It is pure malice and a life in denial by an editorial team too embarrassed to admit that a leadership it is deep in bed with has lost it. We refuse to allow the local daily to use Opposition leader Raila Odinga to whitewash a President and a regime it sympathises with but which has failed. The task of protecting Kenyans and ensuring their welfare must remain with the person who swore to do it. That notwithstanding, the facts speak for themselves regarding Raila in the aftermath of Garissa attacks. Raila Odinga condemned Garissa attacks on the day they happened, long before State House uttered a word: In his condemnation, he called on Kenyans to work together, on the international community to support Kenya and for the government to accept the intelligence contribution by our international partners. In the morning after the attack, the former Prime Minister was the first high ranking leader to visit the victims at the Kenyatta National Hospital to console them. There, again, he called on Kenyans to unite against terrorists. He threw his weight behind the government’s efforts to deal with terrorists. He spoke of the pain of educating children all the way to university only to lose them to terrorists. A day later, Raila spoke in Kwale, where he renewed calls on the need for the President to bring the country together to discuss the challenges, arguing that Kenya is going through extra ordinary times that would require extra ordinary measures. In a country so deeply divided, where the ringing response of the President and his deputy has been that they won the election and defeated Raila, the steps taken by the former Prime Minister are symbols of maturity, sound judgment, patriotism and an outstanding capacity to pursue compromise. The Daily Nation owes Raila Odinga an immediate apology.
By Standard Reporter.

UASU says 166 Garissa students are unaccounted for.

April 8, 2015
The Garissa University College lecturers, who have been missing out in the institution’s massacre script, have finally spoken out. They were flanked by the Universities Academic Staff Union ( UASU) officials at the Uniafric House, in what the Secretary General, Muga K’Olale, described as a crisis meeting. A seemingly angry K’Olale had several demands towards the government, the first one being that they should come clean on the fate of the missing students. “We know 152 students to be dead and 166 are unaccounted for. We fear that they might have been kidnapped by Al-Shabaab, and the government should come clean about their whereabouts,” Muga K’Olale said. This is not clear from the Government, though at the Chiromo Funeral Parlour, several families say they are yet to identify their children. Also, on the number of dead students, the government puts the official figure to be 142. See also: Security team blamed for Garissa University terror attack At the meeting, the lecturers expressed fear about the security of their jobs, and K’Olale demands from the government that they should be relocated with immediate effect. “We are meeting tomorrow with the Moi University Council to discuss the plight of the 27 lecturers. They must be assured of their job security, and they should not lose their benefits.” He added that the Moi University Vice Chancellor has confirmed that the University is making arrangements to accommodate the lecturers before May 25. One of the GUC lecturers and the UASU Garissa chapter Secretary General Walter Kodipo says that when the Kenya Defence Forces rescued them from the staff quarters, they had no time to pack and they lost personal belongings, including computers and Ipads. “They are now living like internally displaced persons,” said K’Olale. “We expect the government to relocate the staff from Garissa and provide transport and security,” he added.
At the same time, the Cabinet Secretary for Education, Jacob Kaimenyi, while speaking at the Harambee House during a joint ministerial statement on the Garissa massacre, reported that the Garissa University College students will be integrated in Moi University campuses across the country. But the issue of insecurity took centrestage, with UASU putting the government on the spotlight for failing to protect the students despite there being a security warning two weeks before the attack. The UASU added that after the security threat, they immediately had a meeting with the Vice Chancellors to discuss the measures to be taken. “The security of the country rests at the doorstep of the President, Inspector General of Police and Interior Cabinet Secretary,” said K’Olale. He added that the massive deaths of the students would have been prevented if the security intelligence report was acted upon. Similarly, UASU wants the government to allocate part of the next financial budget to universities’ security.
By Kiundu Waweru and Brigid Chemweno

Accounts with links to terrorism frozen.

April 8, 2015
Nairobi, Kenya: Kenya froze accounts linked to suspected terror supporters after militants massacred 148 people last week at the Garissa University. Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet gazzetted 85 names of people and organisations linked to terrorism citing section III of the President of Terrorism Act 2012, which declares them as a specified entity. “In accordance with subsection II of section III of the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2012, the Inspector General of police notifies the entities set out in the attached list to demonstrate within the next 24 hours why it should not be declared as a specified entity,” said Boinnet in the notice dated April 4. The organisations include Haki Africa, Muhuri, Agency for Peace and Development, main buses operating North Eastern routes G. Coach, Sabrin Bus Services Limited, E Coach Company and wanted Mohamed Kuno aka Gamadheere. The inclusion of some of the organisations in the list is likely to cause uproar but officials said the decision was final and was arrived at after wide consultations. Treasury Principal Secretary Kamau Thuge said they had also notified owners of 13 Somali remittance companies whose licenses had been suspended following the massacre. “We did this based on our laws and international laws after it emerged they are financing terrorism. Those affected have been informed,” said Thuge. They are Dahabshill Money Transfer Limited, Juba Express Money Transfer Limited, Amal Express Money Transfer, Amana Money Transfer Limited, Continental Money Transfer Limited, Bakaal Express Money Transfer and Flex Money Transfer Limited. Others include Hodan Global Money Remittance and Exchange Limited, Iftin Express Money Transfer Limited, Kaah Express Money Transfer, Kendy Money Transfer Limited, Tawakal Money Transfer Limited and UAE Exchange Money Remittance Limited. At a press conference at Harambee House, 11 Cabinet Secretaries said the closure of the remittance companies was part of efforts to tame terrorism in the country. “These wide-ranging efforts include the freezing of all accounts suspected to have links to the masterminds of the terrorist attack. Members of the public should also be more vigilant to help forestall any acts of terrorism or security breaches,” they said in the statement read by defence CS Raychael Omamo. In Nairobi, some of the affected entities put notices on their entries apologising to their customers for the closure. “Dear esteemed customers, we regret to inform you that we are closed for business until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience caused,” read a notice at the Dahabshill Money Transfer Limited along Standard Street, Nairobi. All those affected are in Nairobi and were used to transfer money from other parts of the world to Somalia. Reports said Somalia’s central bank governor, Bashir Issa Ali had said the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) had notified officially 13 Somali remittance companies about the closure of accounts. He said the move would have a devastating impact on Kenya’s Somali community. “It’s going to hurt Somalis in Kenya more than Somalis in Somalia. The amount of money sent from abroad to Kenya is huge,” Ali said, pointing out that many Somalis in Kenya rely on relatives abroad to pay for basic expenses, including school fees. At the press conference yesterday, the Cabinet Secretaries said the government is committed to fighting terorrism and ensure security for all. The briefing was attended by Rachael Omamo (Defense), James Macharia (Health), Attorney General Githu Muigai, Fred Matiangi (Information), Ali Wario (Sports), Phylis Kandie (Tourism), Anne Waiguru (Devolution), Amina Mohamed (Foreign Affairs), Jacob Kaimenyi (Education), Najib Balala (Mining) and Head of Civil Service Joseph Kinyua. Omamo said 28 people are still admitted in various hospitals after the attack last Thursday. She said 123 of the 142 students were killed in their dormitories while the rest were shot dead as they escaped from the killers. Among those who died include 65 female and 77 male students. 128 bodies had by last evening been identified and efforts to identify the others were ongoing. Read more at: http://standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000157696/accounts-with-links-to-terrorism-frozen

Highest Paid African Footballers

April 3, 2015April 3, 2015
1. Wilfred Bony $25 M wilfred 2. Yaya Toure $18.2 M yaya 3. Samuel Eto’o $13.4 M eto 4. Didier Drogba $12.9 M drogba 5. Seydou Keita $12 M keita 6. Emmanuel Adebayor $10 M adeb

Kakamega Hospital to get referral status.

April 2, 2015April 2, 2015
Kakamega General Hospital will receive Sh6 billion from next financial year for a facelift that will elevate it to a teaching and referral hospital. The money is to be released in phases over a period of five years, according to Health Executive Peninah Mukabane. Speaking to the Press in her first tour of the facility, the new Health Executive said the facelift will ease pressure on the facility and boost services to the huge population of patients in the region and beyond. "We are aware the hospital handles a huge traffic of patient from around the county with a limited number of staff. We have slightly over 1,000 nurses in the county, out of the World Health Organisation requirement of 4,000. We hope to hire more through talks with donors," she said. Ms Mukanane expressed optimism that the maternity wing theatre currently under renovation will be ready by the end of this month to serve mothers with complicated birth cases. CROWDED BEDS Medical Superintendent of Health in the facility Austine Agevi, who took the executive around the facility, complained of the few bed space in the facility, which has resulted in overcrowding, with others being forced to look for services elsewhere. "With a little boost in the scope of services we offer, say, get a dialysis machine and an Intensive care Unit, we will be on better standing," he said. See Also: Sh87.5m for polytechnic development in Trans Nzoia County Kakamega Hospital is one of the facilities in the region being used as training centres for nurses and other medical students. Agevi said the many students who use the facility as interns have to cope with the large number of patients. Head of Preventive and Promotive Health David Oluoch said he had dispatched officers around the county to sensitise the residents on cholera outbreaks that have affected the neighbouring counties.

Ruto defends self against wealth claims.

April 2, 2015
Kenya: Council of Governors Chairman Isaac Ruto has accused the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission ( EACC) of being used to settle political scores. The Bomet governor, who is under probe by EACC over allegations of acquiring immense wealth and breach of the law, maintained his innocence and termed the claims as malicious, baseless and lacking in substance. "It is claimed that I own a house worth over Sh30 million in Nairobi. I have no idea where this said house is and I invite the commission to show me where it is," said Ruto. He is accused of accumulating immense wealth, including a Sh300 million-worth helicopter, 40 earth-movers/tippers/graders, all estimated at Sh400 million and a palatial home worth Sh33 million. unsubstantiated allegations "To claim that I own a chopper is a bad lie to the public. I can possibly not own a chopper, perhaps, one day I will own one or even a Dreamliner. EACC claims I own 33 petrol stations. Nothing can be further from the truth. I don't own a single gas station and again I invite the commission to help me trace them for purposes of clarity. I have never sold even paraffin in my life," he said. See also: So who is forcing their hand on EACC? He said none of his properties is listed in the EACC report. Ruto accused Deputy President William Ruto of being behind his present woes, since he declined to play by his rules. He said MPs loyal to the DP have been moving around Bomet county making unsubstantiated allegations against him. "The legislators have even been calling me names simply because I refused to dance to the music of their master (DP). I have always ignored such and soldiered on with my work," he said.

Five people die in a road accident in Nakuru town.

April 2, 2015
Rift Valley Five people die in a road accident in Nakuru town By Mercy Kahenda Updated Thursday, April 2nd 2015 at 16:00 GMT +3 Share this story: Residents of Nakuru Mill at the scene of the tragic road accident that occurred at Toten area along Nakuru Eldoret highway near the Everyday roundabout on 02-04-2015, five people died while others were left in critical condition NAKURU ACCIDENTPHOTO: BONIFACE THUKU/STANDARD] Five people died in a tragic road accident at Totem area along Nakuru-Eldoret Highway in Nakuru town while fifteen others are nursing serious injuries at the Rift Valley General hospital in Nakuru. According to hospital Nursing Officer in Charge Dr. Arphaxard Kemboi, three people died before arriving at the facility while two died while receiving treatment at the facility. Dr. Kemboi said the casualties were received at the hospital in serious condition including head injuries and fractures. "The hospital received twenty casualties, three died before reaching hospital while two died while receiving treatment. Though their conditions are severe, nurses are attending them and further x-rays and investigations are being conducted," said Dr. Kemboi. The accident involved a matatu that was transporting passengers from Ngata estate in Nakuru town and lorry that was headed to Kericho. According to eyewitnesses, the matatu was speeding and on attempt to avoid hitting a cow that was on the highway, it swerved into another lane hitting the lorry head on. Nimrod Nyakundi a witness said he was heading to town by foot when he saw the matatu speed and on reaching the scene of accident, the driver had an emergency brake but could not control the vehicle. Nyakundi said the vehicle veered to the opposite lane and hit the lorry heading out of town. Four people died on spot while others were seriously injured. See Also: Two people die in Naivasha road crash attributed to careless overtaking "The driver was heading to town from Ngata and as he tried to avoid knocking the cow, he veered to the opposite lane where he hit the lorry headed to Kericho," said Nyakundi. Adding that the speeding matatu was overloaded during the accident. Bodies of the dead were taken to Nakuru Municipal morgue and the damaged vehicles towed to Nakuru police station.

Kakamega man in court for stoning mum’s house.

April 2, 2015
 Stephan Gudoyi at Kakamega Law Courts Stephan Gudoyi at Kakamega Law Courts Stephan Gudoyi at Kakamega Law Courts A man was arraigned in court for allegedly causing disturbance in Malaika area in Kakamega. The court heard that Hillary Mukabwa (pictured) hurled stones at the roof of his step-mother Agnes Musula’s house on March 22 with the intention of harming the woman. A stone which he allegedly threw on the roof was produced in court as evidence. Mukabwa pleaded guilty to the charge. In mitigation, he said that, “My step-mother has never loved me. In fact, she has always been advocating for my failure and will do anything to see my life get ruined, even if it means sending me to jail. I was drunk when I committed the offence.” Mukabwa was released on a cash bail of Sh5,000. His case will be heard in May.

I’m after Kabogo’s seat – Ferdinand Waititu.

April 2, 2015
[caption id="attachment_3613" align="alignleft" width="300" class=" "]Former Embakasi MP. Ferdinand Waititu Former Embakasi MP. Ferdinand Waititu[/caption] Former Embakasi MP, Ferdinand Waititu, believes he is the man to rescue Kiambu from ‘bad leadership.’ The politician who has just won the Jubilee Alliance Party ticket for the Kabete by-elections spoke to Mwaura Samora about his vision for the constituency, and perception that he is as a ‘hooligan’ You had initially told us that you were not going to vie for the Kabete seat. What changed? That was a diversionary tactic and strategy to stir up debate and distract my opponents. There was never any doubt about my candidature. I was firmly in the race from the word go. What makes you think you are the best candidate for the people of Kabete? I have many plans for Kabete, including improving the road network and water supply to deal with the perennial water shortage in the area once and for all. I plan to see to the tarmacking of the Wangige-Gikuni-Nyathuna road and ensure all households have piped water. I also want to improve Wangige market by building an organised and clean structure with stalls that is conducive for business. It is also my objective to put up streetlights in all urban centres in Kabete, even as I push for youth and women empowerment. How do people on the ground feel about your candidature? They are very excited because they know I am a development-conscious leader who will be the voice of the voiceless. It’s not only Kabete people who are excited about my candidature. The whole of Kiambu has embraced me. People in this county have been subjected to dictatorship for long and are happy that finally there is a defender of the people who will prioritise their needs. The people know that I am an incorruptible, hands-on leader. Does your move to Kabete mean that you are now done with your former stronghold of Embakasi? See Also: ‘Sh500k salary’ exposes MCAs to attacks - Kiambu Speaker No. I will now be a next-door neighbour and many of my former constituents still have my number. I haven’t abandoned them. They are still my people. So, does this mean that you are still eyeing the Nairobi governor’s seat? No. I am now focused on working for the people of Kiambu. I believe Nairobians will choose wisely come the next elections and elect a leader who can deliver services. The city is in a deplorable state and needs a saviour. Can we then assume that Kabete is but a preparation for a face off with Governor William Kabogo in 2017?
That is correct. I am going for Kiambu governorship in 2017. If Kabogo decides to defend his seat, then we will meet at the ballot box. However, right now the focus is to deliver to the people of Kabete over the remaining three years. My tenure in Kabete should speak for itself and prove to the people of Kiambu that I am the right man for the job. What of the allegations that this is an elaborate plan to later take over Central Kenya votes and gun for the presidency after Uhuru? I have big dreams and ambitions like any other politician. For now, I want to work for the people of Kabete and then the people of Kiambu as Governor. The rest will follow. Have you made any attempts to change the perception that you are a street brawler and hooligan? If defending people, especially the poor and the voiceless, means being labelled a hooligan and street brawler, so be it. I am still the same Waititu and will not relent in the fight to defend the weak. Is it true that you went back to school? Yes, I am undertaking an MBA programme and will be graduating in July from the Kenya Methodist University. Knowledge is power. You did not contest in the Mathare by-election where you probably stood a good chance of winning. Why Kabete? See Also: ‘Sh500k salary’ exposes MCAs to attacks - Kiambu Speaker During the Mathare by-election, I was still waiting for my petition against Kidero in the High Court to be concluded. I therefore couldn’t run, though even at the time, I had not made up my mind whether to vie for the seat. Kabete is my ancestral home and I feel a deep connection with the people and their plight. Even the retired President Mwai Kibaki started as the Bahati MP in Nairobi before relocating to Othaya. Supposing you had beaten Kidero in the 2013 elections, what would you have done differently? I would have concentrated on projects and initiatives that immediately benefit Wanjiku directly. I could have done a lot, like upgrading of markets, enhancing security by ensuring young men are engaged in economic activities, improving water supply to populous neighbourhoods in Eastlands that are subjected to long and frequent water shortages, improving public schools, ensuring the jua kali sector that employs thousands of youth and women is safeguarded and shielded from police harassment, lowering market levies to the bare minimum, and creating a conducive environment for investors. Where did the name ‘Baba Yao’ come from?
I am the father of all hustlers and therefore they started calling me Baba Yao and the name stuck. I am also a hustler, but a senior one, so they gave me that name to signify that I am a father figure. Yaani mimi ndio baba yao (I am their father).

Is Prezzo’s Dream Fashion Line Over Ambicious

April 2, 2015


Leave this nonsense to Tyler Perry please! No man should ever mistake this nonsense as a sign of being fashion forward! Bleaurgh! And so when I saw that Prezzo had made the mistake of going along with the tide, I was completely put off! And he did so on national TV no less! From a man who has been setting fashion standards in our entertainment industry, I do not understand what could have possessed him to rock a skirt in public. I can understand a father playing dress up with his daughter but for a man to rock a skirt and it’s not in any cultural context? Wharrathese now? Check out the rapper below: https://scontent-lhr.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xaf1/t51.2885-15/11023182_810370999017065_836695210_n.jpg

“Lupita”The Camera Loves You!!

April 2, 2015
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Nkaissery’s say on the Garissa Attack

April 2, 2015
Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery and Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet flew to Garissathis morning, hours after gunmen laid a siege at the local university killing at least two and injured many. They left in police choppers to help in coordinating the operation of rescuing those trapped in the college by gunmen. Officials said the officials had been ordered to go there to help in containing the situation. By 9 am, two people had been confirmed dead and 32 wounded. Witnesses say the gunmen went into the university as most of the victims went for morning prayers. Boinnet confirmed the attack and said efforts to restore the situation were ongoing.

Sonko Masterminded Plot Says EACC.

April 2, 2015

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and suspended Energy CS Davis Chirchir have been accused of corruptly asking for a kickback of $15 million.
The EACC graft report tabled at the Senate on Tuesday claims Sonko and Chirchir were to share the Sh1.39 billion. The report accuses Chirchir of being the perpetrator of corruption in procurement processes and the awarding of tenders at the ministry. He is allegedly working to ensure the successful execution of corrupt deals in the energy sector. “A case in point is where there was an attempt to influence the awarding of a Kenya Pipeline Company tender costing $500million (Sh46.2 billion) to SINOPEC instead of ZAKHEM,” read the report.
It said that the tender was meant to corruptly yield the Sh1.39 billion. Chirchir is one of five cabinet secretaries directed to step aside for graft investigations after being mentioned in the report. He stepped aside on March 28 but Sonko has remained mum on the graft list.  

Is fibre optic cable key to Africa’s economic growth?

April 2, 2015
Fibre optic cable
In the developed world fibre optic cables like this are what keep many people connected

The elite of Kenya's much-heralded entrepreneurship revolution work in an ultra-modern. co-working space overlooking the bustle of Nairobi.

Their businesses are reliant on the high-speed internet available here. The Nairobi Garage is one of a limited number of work spaces in the city boasting a dedicated 25 megabits per second [Mbps] fibre internet connection. Fibre is definitely not the norm in Kenya - a country viewed as a leader in African technology innovation. In financial terms, fibre internet is way beyond the grasp of most entrepreneurs and small businesses. A 25Mbps connection costs in the region of $4,000-$5,000 (£2,700-£3,380) a month.
Nairobi Garage
Nairobi Garage is one of the tech hubs that have made the Kenyan capital a technology powerhouse

Pulling together

"Tech is taking off in Kenya thanks in large part to the arrival of fibre internet - unfortunately the cost of this to companies is still extremely high. "Large companies like banks can afford the prices of corporate internet, but for start-ups and SMEs [small and medium sized enterprises] the costs are crippling," says Hannah Clifford, general manager at Nairobi Garage. Over 100 small businesses have started out life in the communal work space, which currently accommodates 30 start-ups all using the stable high-speed internet connection offered at a subsidised cost. "Through shared work spaces like Nairobi Garage, which is aimed at supporting the start-up sector, young businesses and entrepreneurs are able to get internet access as part of their office space at very affordable rates. "High-speed, reliable internet is vital for these young businesses to compete with the likes of Silicon Valley," she says.
Nairobi Garage
A decent internet connection is vital to the success of many start-ups

'Human right'

Companies such as Liquid Telecom are working to make fibre internet a reality across Africa. By the end of the year it will have spent about $500m (£337m) laying more than 18,000Km of fibre cable on the continent, making it the owner of the largest fibre network in Africa. It has also started working on providing fibre-to-the-home - a service now beginning to be enjoyed by some customers in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Chief executive Nic Rudnick is convinced that fibre roll-out is a human right as well as a business necessity. He says the "backbone" Liquid is laying will contribute to Africa's economic growth. "Liquid Telecom was founded based on a conviction that telecoms connectivity is now a basic human right. We've devoted a tremendous amount of time, strategic thinking and good old-fashioned hard work to create the largest and fastest single fibre network across Africa," says Mr Rudnick. "Traffic comes onto it from across Africa and from other continents. Access is not limited to just our direct business and retail customers. We sell capacity to other operators. "I firmly believe that the small businesses of Africa need access to affordable broadband to grow. Fibre is key to the future economic prosperity of Africa."
Liquid Telecom chief executive Nic Rudnick
Liquid Telecom chief executive Nic Rudnick believes internet connectivity is a human right
Liquid Telecom workers laying cable
The company is working hard to increase its cable infrastructure

In the ether

However, not all believe that fibre is the right solution for Africa. Alan Knott-Craig, founder of South Africa's Project Isizwe, believes wireless technologies are the way forward. He aims to bring free internet to everyone in South Africa by installing wi-fi hotspots in low-income areas across the country. "Fibre is not the future for Africa. The distances are too big, the existing footprint too small. Wireless is the future," he says. According to Mr Knott-Craig, satellite and microwave technologies will dominate African transmission networks in the future, while wi-fi and 3G will provide connectivity over that last mile to the home or office.
Workers haul part of a fibre optic cable onto the shore at the Kenyan port town of Mombasa in 2009, bringing internet connectivity from the United Arab Emirates
Workers haul part of a fibre optic cable onto the shore at the Kenyan port town of Mombasa in 2009
One reason for this, he believes, is that wi-fi is the most suitable form of connectivity for mobile devices - Africa's breakthrough technology - and as such, is the best way to achieve universal internet access. "Wi-fi is the only economically feasible technology. Not only is it robust, but most families already have access to a wi-fi-enabled device," he says.

Satellite nation?

Not surprisingly, satellite connectivity provider, Gilat Satcom, agrees. The company points to the fact that fibre laying in Africa has mostly been restricted to big cities. But World Bank data estimates that only 37% of Africa's population actually live in these urban areas. Satellite is the therefore the most effective way to reach rural areas, and thus the majority of the population, Gilat believes. "In the smaller cities, towns and rural areas, wireless broadband and satellite are still the only practical options," says Dan Zajicek, Gilat Satcom's chief executive.
School in South Africa
Project Isizwe aims to bring free internet to all in South Africa by installing wi-fi hotspots in low-income areas
"Despite a few predictions that demand for satellite would start to drop away as the amount of operational fibre in Africa increased, the opposite has occurred," he says. As demand for satellite connectivity is expected to take-off, providers such as Gilat are racing to improve their technologies so that costs can come down. "We think that rural Africa will continue to depend on satellite capacity over the next few years," says Mr Zajicek. "The good news for people and businesses in Africa is that we expect a significant fall in prices as a new generation of satellites are being launched to replace old satellites. "Improvements in compression techniques used by the smart satellite providers will also reduce costs passed on to end-users." A standard unlimited 1Mbps satellite package for a small business will start from $50 (£34) per month, says Gilat.

Join the dots

One thing everyone agrees on is that widespread internet access can have a profoundly positive effect, particularly on small businesses and in lower-income areas. "The most immediate impact is making it easy to find jobs online and apply electronically," says Isizwe's Mr Knott-Craig. "There are job seekers that have been recorded at 1am on a Monday morning searching for jobs," adds the projects chief operations officer, Zahir Khan.
Man using his smartphone
Mobile phones are one way to get rural communities online using 3G or 4G technology
"We have students and learners that are using the services daily for research to improve the quality of their assignments and report submissions," he says. Another point of agreement is that the cost of internet must come down if this impact is to be felt. "3G is virtually ubiquitous in Africa, provided you have money. If you are poor the internet is inaccessible because 3G data rates are simply too expensive. The need and the highest impact is in low income communities," Mr Knott-Craig says. In the meantime, technology hubs remain a lifeline for small business in much of Africa. "It's great to be able to provide fast internet in a continent that is still seen by many outsiders as being behind - and because of this, mobile and web businesses will be the future of Kenya's success, that, I'm sure," says Nairobi Garage's Hannah Clifford. "It's really inspiring to see these changes happening."

Virtual reality looks for a role in journalism

April 2, 2015
Scene from Clouds over Sidra
The video is set in the Zaatari camp in Jordan

I recently visited a refugee camp for Syrians, spending time in the home of 12-year-old Sidra, accompanying her to a makeshift school, meeting her friends and watching children playing football on a rubble pitch or pass the time in a woefully ill-equipped gym.

It brought home to me the reality of life for the millions of displaced Syrians, trying to make the best of daily life in the face of an uncertain future. But I did not go to Jordan, where the Zaatari camp is based, to experience all this. Instead I made my visit via a virtual reality (VR) headset at the Ted (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference in Vancouver. Film-maker Chris Milk spoke at the event in the Canadian city about how he wanted to use technology as an empathy tool - and delegates got a chance to watch for themselves the film that his team had made. An estimated four million Syrians have become refugees since the conflict began, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), of whom a million are children.

'Changing lives'

Clouds Over Sidra, which shows life for refugees from one child's perspective, was made in partnership with the UN and Samsung, which supplied the Gear VR headset.
Delegates at Davos watch Clouds over Sidra
The film was shown at the World Economic Forum in Davos
It was made using a 360-degree camera with scenes then stitched together. It was shown at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January, where a series of state and business leaders were given the chance to watch it. For Mr Milk, being able to show the film at Davos was important. "We took it there to show to people who can change the lives of the people in the film," he said during his Ted talk. Film-makers are increasingly seeing the benefit of using virtual reality to give viewers a far more empathetic view of things than has ever been possible before.

'More human'

Film director Rose Troche made a film about sexual assault on college campuses, which invited viewers to experience the reality of rape from the male and female perspectives. And in 2012 film-maker Nonny de la Pena, seen by many as the godmother of virtual reality films, showed off her "immersive journalism" piece Hunger in Los Angeles, which won plaudits at the Sundance Film Festival. She has since made a follow-up film, also highlighting the civil war in Syria. She told the BBC: "Virtual reality, as a journalistic medium, will follow a similar trajectory as newspaper, radio and television. "And like those different platforms, virtual reality has its own affordances, the most exciting being the embodied feeling of being 'on scene'. This can give the audience a deep and more visceral understanding of a story." For Mr Milk, VR offers a way to "connect humans to other humans in a profound way". Virtual reality, he said, had the power "to change the world. "It is just a machine but through it you can become more passionate and empathetic and ultimately more human." Gabo Arora, senior adviser at the UN, who also worked on the project said: "By leveraging breakthrough technologies, such as virtual reality, we can create solidarity with those who are normally excluded and overlooked, amplifying their voices and explaining their situations."
Project Morpheus, from Sony, is one of several VR headsets in development
They are bold claims for a technology that many remain sceptical about. VR has long promised and never quite delivered but, in recent months, it has stepped up a gear with a series of announcements and demonstrations suggesting that the technology is nearing maturity and mass-market adoption. Sony, Samsung and the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift all have headsets that provide a good consumer experience. But it still has some technological hurdles to overcome - a lot of people testing the current headsets on the market report that it makes them feel sick or woozy. My own experience of watching the Syrian film was that it was somewhat blurry - something that was not rectified by adjusting the focus or even by wearing glasses beneath the headset.
Me wearing VR headset at Ted conference
My experience of the film was that it brought home the reality of life for refugees in a new way
The focus of developers making content for VR is currently on gaming, so can it also play a role in film-making and journalism?

"The technology is just at the beginning of being used as a story-telling medium," said Piers Harding-Rolls, head of games research at analyst firm IHS.

Visceral reaction

"When you experience films such as Clouds Over Sidra, it makes quite an impact. It is not a passive experience and there is a small amount of interactivity because you can look around you. Like any piece of journalism this can be quite powerful. It adds a dynamic to the storytelling."

Increasingly, he said, Hollywood studios are looking to the potential of VR as a entertainment medium, and short promotional films are already being shot using the technology.

Using virtual reality as a tool for empathy is an interesting way to elicit a visceral reaction from audiences that are now more than familiar with surround sound, 3D and special effects.

I can testify that watching the film was a very moving experience. You really believe you are walking alongside the children and experience the details of their lives as if you were with them. If you reach out your hand you believe you can touch them.

And when you take the headset off and find yourself in the Vancouver Convention Centre you feel a little disorientated and rather silly particularly if, like me, you have tears streaming down your face.

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero orders seizure of Sonko Rescue Team vehicles for operating without valid licenses

March 29, 2015March 29, 2015
Your are here » Home » Nairobi Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero orders seizure of Sonko Rescue Team vehicles for operating without valid licenses By Digital reporter Updated Saturday, March 28th 2015 at 15:43 GMT +3 Share this story: Nairobi, Kenya: Nairobi County Governor Evans Kidero has ordered immediate seizure of the Sonko Rescue Team vehicles for allegedly operating without valid licenses. Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko launched the rescue team to offer various services to Nairobi County residents. Among the services offered include ambulance, hearse, breakdown, wedding transport, water, security and emergency services. The team also acquired four Land Rover discovery vehicles to carry out ‘Mashinani’ Security Patrols within Nairobi County and beyond. The team’s collection of vehicles comprises S class Mercedes Benz, Land Cruiser, Limousine and Hummer, which majorly serve weddings.

I Quit My Job Then Lost My New One To A ‘Better’ Candidate

March 29, 2015
We are all striving for a better job with a bigger salary and a conducive environment for career growth. However, the hopes for greener pastures lead us into making mistakes. Jeremy Ogola* had a job he did not like, but with his skills and qualifications he was offered another opportunity. Unfortunately, something bad happened. Here is his story: I worked for three years in a clearing and forwarding company as a logistics Officer. However, as the company grew I felt secluded because I never got a pay rise and the younger staff got a better salary than mine. Anytime I asked for a salary raise, all they did was tell me off.

I quit my job only to lose my new one to a better candidate

A month ago, I went for a job interview in a another company where the salary was double of what I was earning. The interview went well and I was invited for a second interview. After negotiating and settling for my start date I went to my former company and handed in my resignation. What happened next shocked me and I still haven’t come to terms with it. On my first day to work, the general manager called me to his office and told me that they had taken in another candidate who they felt was better than I. Since I hadn’t signed a contract I could not refute their decision. I went home feeling frustrated without a job. What should I do because I feel that I am slowly sliding into depression. It is also embarrassing if I go back to my former company. Please help me.

Pay us more to exhume bodies and pave way for SGR line, Kwale villagers plead.

March 29, 2015
In the first 24 hours of the operationsm eight graves had been dug up and their remains reburied elsewhere. Six days later, 12 bodies had been recovered in Kafuduni ‘B’ location. And by Saturday the remains of 44 people on the path of the Standard Guage Railway had been moved to new graves. The headman of the village, Katana Chondo Katana said 44 graves would be exhumed in the village. Samson Chale Joho, the chief of Mwatate location in Kinango, said families in his area were also exhuming their dead. “I am aware of the project but I do not have the full list of the number of graves to be exhumed,” said Joho.

They’ve stepped aside, but what does it mean for Kenyan Government officials implicated in corruption?

March 29, 2015
The real meaning of “stepping aside” is on the spotlight once again with Thursday’s Presidential order. In his address to Parliament, President Uhuru Kenyatta directed all officials of the national and country governments adversely mentioned in corruption “to immediately step aside pending conclusion of investigations of the allegations against them”. The term “stepping aside” gained currency in the first term of President Mwai Kibaki when former cabinet ministers Kiraitu Murungi and George Saitoti introduced it as a novel political terminology as they buckled under public pressure over the Anglo Leasing scandal. On February 14, 2006, President Kibaki surprised the nation when he announced that he had accepted “requests” from the pair to step aside pending investigations into their role in the multi-billion scam. From the statement, it was clear that they had not been suspended, sacked nor had they resigned. “The legal theory behind the Public Officer and Ethics Act presupposes this concept of stepping aside. Besides, law also grows from traditions and customs. We have done this before,” Abdikadir Mohamed, the president’s advisor on constitution and legal affairs, explained yesterday. He said the requirement to step aside is different from “interdiction” which is by and large a civil service measure usually taken after officers are charged in court of law or at conclusion of a disciplinary action.
“Essentially, the requirement to step aside is in and of itself a suspension pending conclusion. If you are told to step aside, you step aside,” Abdikadir explained. According to the president’s advisor, the stepping aside concept is a function of a particular cadre of executive officers whom the president has direct responsibility over and whose offices are expected to meet high standards of probity established by law. “It’s a proactive, leaning-forward governance concept which responds to extraordinary situations as the ones we find ourselves in at the moment,” he said. VAGUE CONCEPT According to Prof Ben Sihanya of the University of Nairobi’s School of Law, the concept of stepping aside is vague: “Technically, in public service terms it sounds like interdiction but it’s not it. It’s not very clear what it means.” Sihanya describes “stepping aside” as a game of musical chairs where the affected officers always bounce back but long after the public pressure has eased. He says it’s a gimmick the political class have learned to play on the people.
Dr Francis Owakah, a culture and value analyst at the University of Nairobi, says that ideally, “stepping aside” ought to be a moral decision taken when one is pricked by their conscience. ”It cannot therefore be forced on someone by another”. Former Law Society of Kenya chairman Okong’o Mogeni says the objective of the first cases of “stepping aside” was to scuttle the influence of the office holders during the period of investigations. He, however, admits that more often than not, such officers tended to retain their trappings of power and they always bounced back. Lawyer Harun Ndubi agrees. “It was created by the Narc regime to avoid the embarrassment that comes with the suspension of senior state officers who also happened to be political confidantes of the then president. One would argue they served their purpose then. Things are quite different now because the Cabinet does not consist of politicians.” MEANINGLESS According to Ndubi, the concept is “meaningless, hollow and manifestly contradictory”. He says the requirement to have the officers step aside presupposes that it is not a voluntary act. “A conditional discharge from ones duty can only be forced on one by the authority above that person. One cannot purport to suspend himself,” Ndubi explained. See also: Why dossier is a statement on friction in EACC He said “resignation by half” cannot be the solution to massive graft afflicting the Kenyan government at all its levels. However, Abdikadir reiterates that the concept should be taken in good faith and as good measure of enforcing accountability and integrity in government. He said that other than the requirement of officers to step aside, the Presidency is taking multiple actions to weed out corruption in government. BY THE STANDARD

The lies women in relationships tell

March 27, 2015March 27, 2015
Women single handedly determine where a relatioship is headed, or so i am told. They have the power to dictate quite a lot of things. In their effort to keep the relatiosnhip going and to get what they want, they tend to use some of these lies. Reasonable as they may seem, the lies are sometimes not noticed by their partners. Some are quite genuine, others are just used to blackmail men. 1. "I'm not mad at you." “They say this and mean that’ my high school teacher used to say. Well, perhaps he was right. When men run late for dates or forget to pick up something in town this is one lie that is prone to be told when the lady hears about the excuse. The lady will say she is actually okay, and that “there’s no problem” but her actions will always betray her because she is definitely super mad 2. "I'm just not ready for a boyfriend right now." Most men will know this: After unleashing their entire strings of ‘ngeli’,tossing here and there, the lady says this one line. That she isn’t ready yet. For men who cannot see through this mask, they easily can call it quits, and move on. But the gospel according to women, say otherwise: She is probably testing the waters. 3. "That was so great! After a man describes how much fun he had on a night out with his boys; how great it was meeting his old friends, this phrase is likely roll out the tongues of most women.  Well, in most cases, she means not a single word. In her mind she is like “what’s wrong with this idiot, how could  he do that”

9 things you should never do to a pregnant woman

March 27, 2015
Things that annoy pregnant women 1. Bump touching "Did I say you could touch my stomach? If I weren't pregnant, would you think you could invade my personal space? No? It's still not ok." This took the top spot - with 60% of women surveyed saying bump touching by friends and family, but mostly complete strangers, was the ultimate irritant. 2. Back-handed compliments You know the ones - those helpful, 'friendly' tips such as "you look tired, make sure you're getting enough sleep" and exclamations on the size of the bump - "you look huge for how far along you are" and "are you sure you're not carrying twins?" You know they mean well, but it's not what you want to hear when you already feel huge, exhausted and over-emotional. 3. Terrifying labour stories Yes, you know a human has got to come out of you. Yes, you know it will hurt. You really don't need to hear horror stories right before you live through it - it will only make you more nervous. 18% of women surveyed said that they hated this. 4. People giving your secret away

‘Adulterous’ Kenyan woman ordered to pay back dowry in landmark divorce case.

March 27, 2015
After a two-year court battle, a secondary school teacher has scored a landmark victory in a divorce case. The court granted James Mayaka divorce from his cheating spouse and also ordered her to partially refund the dowry he paid. Kisii High Court has ordered Everline Kerubo, his estranged spouse, to refund Sh205,000 being part payment for dowry and the fees he paid for her college education. The judgement, read by Judge Chrispin Nangila on behalf of Judge Ruth Sitati on February 27, could have far-reaching ramifications in future divorce suits involving cheating spouses. The cuckolded man said his wife, whom he wed in 2004, ran into the arms of another man in 2009, barely five years into their marriage. But despite the pain of being jilted, it is clear Mayaka will now have the last laugh. He had petitioned the court to order Kerubo to pay back the Sh209,000 he paid for her in college fees. In addition, he had asked the court to compel her to refund the Sh120,000 he paid as dowry. See also: Husband wins over Ksh5.5m compensation from wife after she lied about him being the father of their baby However, the court ordered Kerubo to refund half the amount for each category; Sh104,000 for college fees and Sh60,000 for dowry. That worked out to a total of Sh164,000. The figure, however, rose to Sh205,000 after interest was factored in. Mayaka filed the divorce case at Kisii High Court in March 2011, but proceedings did not commence until 2013. Mayaka said his wife's actions were an embarrassment not only to him but also to the community. The court's verdict, he said, should be a lesson to philandering spouses. Thursday, he made it clear that he expects Kerubo to pay up the Sh205,000 as directed by court. The Standard caught up with the teacher in Nyamira town as he was preparing to go for an interview at the local Education offices. He wants to become a deputy principal in one of the schools in Nyamira. Further, Mayaka is seeking to be granted custody of their two children, arguing that his wife had become adulterous and was cruel to him.
"My only hope is that I get custody of my children who have constantly suffered under the ill treatment of Kerubo as she keeps changing their residence from one relative to another," said Mayaka. He says his children might suffer because Kerubo had opted to get married to a polygamous man. Going by the court documents, Kerubo never appeared in court. Thursday, we tried to contact Kerubo via her mobile phone but she did not pick our call. An attempt to reach her later were futile as her mobile phone had been switched off. Mayaka had submitted to court that despite paying her wife's college fees and bearing two children with Kerubo, he lost her wife to another man. He said that he married Kerubo on September 7, 2004 at the then District Commissioner's office under the Marriage Act Cap 150 and they lived together as husband and wife at their matrimonial home in Mosobeti, Nyamira County. His wife, he said, however deserted their matrimonial home and went to live with another man at Nyagachi Chief's Camp also with Nyamira County. See also: Husband wins over Ksh5.5m compensation from wife after she lied about him being the father of their baby During the hearing, the petitioner alleged that the wife had subjected him to anguish and mental torture by running away from their matrimonial home and eloping with other men. He said since June 2009 to date, his wife lived with Charles Moseti, the second respondent, at Daraja Mbili in Kisii town. Dead marriage The petitioner, through his lawyer, Samson Sagwe, told the court before Judge Ruth Sitati that his wife kept on deserting the matrimonial home and roamed several villages with other men until she settled with the second respondent as wife in 2009. Since then she has been living with him and they even have a child together. Moseti said his wife on several occasions carried away from their matrimonial home property that he bought. In the judgement that was read on February 27, 2015, the court based its grounds for dissolution of the marriage under section 8(1) of the Matrimonial Causes Act. Part of the Act states that: 'A petition for divorce may be presented to the court either by the husband or the wife on the ground that the respondents has since the celebration of marriage committed adultery or has deserted the petitioner without cause for a period of at least three years immediately preceding the presentation of the petition.'
"I am convinced the marriage herein has broken down irretrievably. I find that the marriage herein is dead and I see no reason why the court should not grant the order sought as it is obvious to the court the couple herein lost all love for each other and the likelihood of a reunion is remote," said the judge. The judge added: "Accordingly, I pronounce a decree of divorce and order that the marriage solemnised on September 9, 2004 at the DC's office Nyamira between James Mayaka and Everline Kerubo be hereby dissolved. Decree nisi shall issue forthwith and the same shall be made absolute after expiry of a period of thirty days from the date hereof." Mayaka had earlier said despite paying college fees for his wife to the tune of Sh209,000, he had also acquired a medical cover for her. In his tearful testimony, Mayaka told the court he paid Sh60,000 representing three heads of cattle and Sh60,000 in cash to his wife's parents. The respondent's counsel, Wilkins Ochoki, argued that marriage is a sacred institution that cannot be dissolved on allegations that cannot be proved. He told Judge Nangilah that the respondent has not asked for custody of the children and there were no exceptional circumstances why his wife should not continue having custody of the children. See also: Husband wins over Ksh5.5m compensation from wife after she lied about him being the father of their baby Judge Nangila noted that the issue of children custody shall be determined by the children's court in Nyamira as there is an application pending there (Children's case number 11 of 2009).

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero orders seizure of Sonko Rescue Team vehicles for operating without valid licenses.

March 27, 2015
Nairobi County Governor Evans Kidero has ordered immediate seizure of the Sonko Rescue Team vehicles for allegedly operating without valid licenses. Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko launched the rescue team to offer various services to Nairobi County residents. Among the services offered include ambulance, hearse, breakdown, wedding transport, water, security and emergency services. The team also acquired four Land Rover discovery vehicles to carry out ‘Mashinani’ Security Patrols within Nairobi County and beyond. The team’s collection of vehicles comprises S class Mercedes Benz, Land Cruiser, Limousine and Hummer, which majorly serve weddings. The team has so far facilitated over 21 weddings across the country.

March 25, 2015March 25, 2015
durexDurex has recently been involved research on how technology affects our sex lives. The one finding that has been constant is that technology has destructed couples, so much so that they no longer have enough time for each other… or could be in the same place, room or even bed without sharing the same experiences and consequently putting off sex. It is with this information, from a survey conducted by Durham University that DurexLabs went out and attempted to create solutions for this problem. One of their earlier ideas was the off button; they even did a video of volunteer couples talking about the use of the off button and how it has affected their lives. Well, Durex did not stop at the off button and the YouTube video. Basing their thoughts on information found in the Durham University findings, Durex has gone ahead and built an app. The Durex Connect Application synchronizes partners’ phones and sees them go to sleep at the same time. It could be pre arranged and spontaneous, but the goal is one. By taking away people from technology, the Durex Connect app seeks to see to it that people are not too distracted to spend quality time with their partners. The Durex Connect app is available on Google Playstore for android and will soon be available for iOS. Another interesting bit about the app is that since it actually sees phones go to sleep simultaneously, it is promote energy conservation. This is especially a timely conservation seeing as we are about to celebrate Earth Hour. Now, Earth Hour is a global initiative started by the World Wide Fund for Nature. It sees to promotion of climate change awareness by switching off the lights from 8.30 to 9.30pm on every last Saturday of the Month, since 2007. Earth Hour promotes not just saving energy, but switching off and reconnecting with things that are of important to us; a principle common to the Durex Connect app as well. More information on the Earth Hour, which takes place on the 28th of March this year, can be found here. Also, do not forget to try out the Durex Connect app from Google Store and see if it indeed changes the quality of your sex life.


March 25, 2015

Start a Bookshop Business

Budget: Sh250,000 When the Narc government took over in Kenya in 2003, free primary education in public primary schools was launched all over the country. This increased the number of pupils attending schools countrywide. As a result of this, and in addition to the increasing number of private schools, adult readers, secondary and college students, the demand for books dramatically increased in the country. Though electronic books, audio books and digital magazines have come into use, many people still enjoy buying and reading traditional, printed books. It is estimated that the government pays fees for more than 10 million pupils in primary schools and about 2.1 million students in secondary schools. A total of Sh670 is budgeted for each primary school pupil to cater for textbooks, instruction materials and facilitation of internal examinations. The demand for exercise books, text books and other stationery materials will therefore keep rising. This tells you that bookshops will remain viable businesses for many years to come. An entrepreneur can therefore greatly benefit by investing in a bookshop business. You can identify a niche market or stock a mixture of school books and other types. bookshopLocation Book business has serious competition. Your location should therefore be in a place that is not already saturated with bookshops. Choose a place that has high human foot traffic. Make your bookshop business highly visible and accessible. Such places are mostly found in established busy shopping malls, busy residential shopping centers and areas with high economic activities. In a city like Nairobi, busy areas like River road, Tom Mboya Street, Accra Road, Latema Road, Commercial, and Tea Room are some of the strategic areas to locate a bookshop business in Kenya. In residential areas, it is better to operate from busy shopping malls since these areas are frequented by large numbers of people all the time. Other towns in Kenya also have busy sections that are suitable for a bookshop business in Kenya. The size of your operating space will depend on your expected volume of business. It is more expensive to rent a big space therefore, clearly map out your demand and expected turnover before deciding on the size of room/premises to rent for your bookshop business. It will also depend on whether you may want to stock other stationery items such as office supplies. Requirements We have already talked about the space to operate your bookshop business. Other requirements will be the stock of books and shelves to stock them. Bookshelves should cost you roughly Sh10,000. You will need a well designed stocking system fully labelled to enable you easily find the books. You will also need an assistant who understands the books very well. You may need to make a catalogue of your stocks, divided into different categories, and complete with retail prices. This will help you and/or your assistant to easily locate any book that you need to sell. Other requirements will be a single business permit from the county to legally operate your business. Supplies Primary and secondary school textbooks may form a big portion of your sales. It is therefore advisable to stock these books as a priority. With the numerous changes in our education syllabuses, as a bookshop owner, it will be in your interest to keep in close touch with the happenings in the Ministry of Education and the policies. As a starting place, we recommend that you download the Orange Book for both primary and secondary schools. Download for free the latest primary and secondary Orange Books here. These documents have elaborate list of approved books and other instructional material for both primary and secondary complete with class, author, recommended price and publisher. Publishers such as Longhorn, Kenya Literature Bureau, Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, Oxford University Press, Moran and East African Publishers are some of those recommended by the government. You should identify the fast moving books in the area where your bookshop is located. These should be the books to give priority as you stock. Apart from text books, other stationery items such as exercise books, pens, note books, geometrical sets and dictionaries also move fast. Buying stock of books in bulk from these suppliers attracts good discounts. To minimize your costs and increase your profit margins, consider buying school textbooks books in bulk from the publishers. You should also buy exercise books and other supplies in bulk directly from the printers and other major stationery suppliers. If you are well established, publishers will be fighting over each other to deliver books to you, mostly on credit, which is payable once the books are sold. The Orange Book will also give you a comprehensive list of all the recommended publishers and their addresses, telephone contacts and email addresses. It is a complete “Bible” for bookshop owners. Competition As already mentioned, bookshop business has stiff competition. Apart from locating in a busy and accessible point, your bookshop business setup should also differentiate itself from competitors. Aggressive marketing will be crucial for survival. You will be competing with major established players such as Book Point on Moi Avenue, Text Book Center on Kijabe Street, Sarit Center and other major malls, Svanis on Latema and many others in supermarkets and all over town. You may need to reach out to clients instead of waiting for them to come to your bookshop. They may just go to your competitors since most books are standard; there is no recommended text book that can be said to be more superior. You may also stock a section for second hand books, both textbooks and novels. These have a higher margin than new books. Try to lobby head teachers and school principals in the area and also use creative and innovative promotional efforts to draw attention to your bookshop. Branding and careful pricing will also help you in keeping ahead of competition in this business. Stocking most recommended text books will also create loyalty among your clients and they will keep coming to you knowing that they will get the books or items they require. It will be your responsibility to attract and retain as many clients as possible. Remember you will also be competing with many street vendors who sell text books on the pavements in major towns. These vendors may undercut you since some of them have low overheads, e.g they do not pay rent, electricity etc. Complete Budget Below is an estimated budget of what your cost structure may look like as you start. These are only estimates and are based on a medium bookshop so use them as a guide only. Stocking the bookshop will take majority of the money. Exact amounts will depend on the size of your bookshop, quantity and variety of your stocks, location and projected demand.
Business Permit 7,000 - 10,000
Rent plus deposit 50,000 - 70,000
Staff salary 7,000 - 15,000
Renovations, shelves, furniture branding etc 30,000
Stocks 100,000 - 200,000
TOTAL 194,000 - 325,000
Pros • No equipment to start. • Stocks are clearly defined. • High demand for book exists. • Does not require a very big space to start. Cons • May require high capital to stock depending on size. • Frequent changes in syllabuses may affect demand. A bookshop business can be quite profitable especially on school opening season of January and February. Some bookshops claim that they make almost 50% more during this time. You can target to make most of your profits for the year on these dates. Some of the street book vendors surveyed claimed to sell about 10 text books and 15 novels each day. Small and medium bookshops sell minimum of 35 books per day on average. Margins of 15% and 35% are recorded if you purchase your stock in bulk directly from publishers. As you have seen, a bookshop business in Kenya is simple to start although may need a higher amount of capital to fully stock. If you have been thinking about setting up a bookshop business in Kenya, we welcome your views, share with us your experiences and worries.

Kabarak Univesity unveils online Schooling

March 25, 2015
[caption id="attachment_3528" align="alignleft" width="300" class=" "]The dean of Business School at Kabarak University, Professor Allan Katwalo during an interview at Kabarak University Nakuru Town Campus. The dean of Business School at Kabarak University, Professor Allan Katwalo during an interview at Kabarak University Nakuru Town Campus.[/caption]
Kabarak University has unveiled an online certificate and diploma programme targeting students keen on acquiring dynamic marketing skills. The digital marketing programme, the first in the Sub-Sahara Africa, gives students from Kenya and East Africa region the opportunity to learn technology-tailored marketing skills that would enable them effectively compete in the emerging digital marketing strategies. Making the announcement, the university's School of Business, and Economics dean, Allan Katwalo, said admission for the programme is ongoing. "We have enough facilities and competent lecturers. We also target students from other countries and continents. Kabarak offers the best education, as our foundation is based on biblical teachings," said Prof Katwalo. The dean noted that School of Business, which is one of the oldest faculty at the institution, now has more than 2,000 students. He added that the university has also launched online platforms for masters of science in public management, finance and business information systems and procurement and statistics. Degree and diploma programmes on the courses are also available for online students. The online platforms, according to the professor makes Kabarak University a leader in the provision of quality higher education, a factor that has made the institution the preferred choice of many. See Also: State to solve varsity's woes flexible tutorials Kabarak, which currently has two campuses in Nakuru; the main campus and Nakuru town campus, prides itself of developing a unique and flexible executive masters programmes. Katwalo said the School of Business will in January, next year, enroll its first batch of students for the Executive Master of Business Management (EMBA) degree. "The program targets corporate mangers who work on tight schedules. It comprises at least two lectures in a month. It also comes with affordable charges in addition to a pool of competent lecturers who have specialised in their specific teaching line," he said.
He added: "Intake for diploma and degree in procurement and statistics and business information systems management begins in May. We also have September intake for business administration and healthcare management." Masters in public health management is a new field that gives room to policy makers and key players in the public health sector including those working with communities through Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

How to gain experience to add to your CV

March 25, 2015
ResumeYou probably fall under the category of fellows who have been applying for hundreds of jobs only to receive a bunch of regret letters. While some companies will have the decency to alert you once your application has been unsuccessful others will ignore the ‘not so good’ resumes and proceed to contact only the successful applicants. Organizations mostly look to hire people with experience so that productivity is not interrupted. It is easier this way as company’s get to save money and time they would have used in training inexperienced personnel. Lack of experience can be as a result of many factors, for example, recent graduates or stay-at-home mothers/fathers. This should not automatically doom you to the pool of unemployed citizens. Here are a few tips that will help you improve your resume Volunteer work Most people have done volunteer work at a certain point of their life. If you have, make sure you include this on the resume. It can be in the form of charity, community work and on-campus extracurricular activities. Transferable skills This refers to skills that can be transferred from one area of the industry to another. For example, tool use, machine operation, payroll and writing. Babysitting, leadership, team work and computer skills can all fit in here and can have a huge impact on the employer especially if they have interest in the mentioned areas. Recommendations Recommendations usually come about when people are awarded for their good service. Teachers, parents, former employers, suppliers, customers and even fellow employees can all offer recommendations. Layout is easy to read and clean Recruiters probably have hundreds of CVs to sort out, so, the simpler the resume the easier it is for employers to look at it. The font should be similar all through the document, location and dates need to be clear so that it’s easier to pick out the important parts. Get the best referees Parents, especially mothers would defend their children through thick and thin and they would definitely give a glowing review of their children. However tempting it may be to include them as referees, it is not recommended. Alternatively, if you have a great relationship with a teacher, mentor or adviser they could appear as your referee (with their permission of course). Certificates We tend to underestimate certificates, they are not only pieces of papers but a tool that show hard work and commitment. Make sure to write down all your achievements, whether in a science contest or in a sporting event. When all is said and done, CVs are meant to market the applicant to potential employers. Make sure you highlight the areas that you feel you will be of benefit to the organization. There can be a number of reasons why your resume is not shortlisted, don’t lose any sleep because of this. Continue sending your CV to numerous places and eventually someone will view you as the perfect fit for their organization. After all, nothing falls into the mouth of a sleeping fox.

‘National Assembly’ giving Kenya a bad picture

March 25, 2015
Your are here » Home » Eastern 'National Assembly no longer honourable' By Paul Mutua Updated Wednesday, March 25th 2015 at 00:00 GMT +3 Share this story: Machakos, Kenya: Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka (pictured) has equated the current National Assembly to a union of corrupt and dishonest members. Kalonzo asked the few "untainted" MPs to stand up and be counted because Kenyans are watching the going ons at the august House. "The revelation of sexual harassment among members is especially embarrassing to the honourable House," he said. Speaking at AIC Milimani during the funeral service of the late Justice Kasanga Mulwa, Kalonzo called for dialogue over contentious issues instead of creating unnecessary commotions and tension. "Have we become a quarrelling nation such that even modest negotiations cannot be attained amicably," he asked. The late Kasanga was buried yesterday at his Lukenya home in Machakos County.

Kenya Airports Authority MD Lucy Mbugua reinstated even as consumer lobby warns of legal battle

March 25, 2015
[caption id="attachment_3521" align="alignleft" width="300" class=" "]Kenya Airports Authority Managing Director Lucy Mbugua was in February sent on compulsory leave to allow probe over allocation of duty-free shops. Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/business/article/2000156036/kenya-airports-authority-md-lucy-mbugua-reinstated Kenya Airports Authority Managing Director Lucy Mbugua was in February sent on compulsory leave to allow probe over allocation of duty-free shops.
Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/business/article/2000156036/kenya-airports-authority-md-lucy-mbugua-reinstated[/caption] Embattled Kenya Airports Authority Managing Director Lucy Mbugua has been reinstated after a month in the dark following a Sh9.5 billion VAT scandal. Ms Mbugua was sent on compulsory leave last month alongside three senior officers at KAA to pave way for investigations. “The board has undertaken its preliminary investigations within the time-frame set out in the Human Resource Manual. Based on preliminary investigations, the board has resolved to recall the managing director and the three senior managers,” a statement sent to newsrooms signed by KAA Chairman David Kimaiyo said. The board however, did not reveal findings from the investigations. But this has opened a new battlefront with the Consumers Federation of Kenya (Cofek), which dismissed the KAA investigations. “We are aware that there has been a lot of lobbying going on to ensure she gets back her job. She may have won the first round but she should brace herself for a legal battle ahead,” Cofek Secretary General Stephen Mutoro said, Tuesday. “We doubt the credibility of the investigations done by the KAA board. The board cannot absolve her based on preliminary investigations but by an independent external audit,” Mr Mutoro said. Apart from Ms Mbugua, KAA had on February 19 also suspended General Manager (Finance), John Thumbi, the Corporation’s Secretary Catherine Kisila and Procurement Manager Obadia Orora. Her recall now means Ms Mbugua may have been let off the hook days after she gave her defence that named the Attorney General, the Ministry of Transport, the KAA board, and the Authority’s legal officer as having shared with her the responsibility of approving multi-billion tender documents full of inconsistencies. Ironically, in her defence, she said she was acting on the instructions of the same board that sent her home. Ms Mbugua said she relied on technical advice from the Attorney General and her Finance and Human Resource departments to make decisions. Her troubles are linked to two main contracts, the duty free shop contract awarded to Swiss firm Dufry International AG, a global travel retailer and the Greenfield project that entails the construction of a new terminal complex at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/business/article/2000156036/kenya-airports-authority-md-lucy-mbugua-reinstated


March 21, 2015March 21, 2015


A young woman from Mombasa county who is suffering from a skin condition that has paralysed part of her body, will receive specialist treatment at the Nairobi Hospital Mariam Abdallah Kombo developed fibromatosis in class 7 at age 15 a condition where the skin on her back and part of her head has protruded causing paralysis. Kombo who lives with an aunt in Changamwe area in Mombasa county had to discontinue her studies after completing primary school in 2008 because of the condition. Both her parents died when she was three, living her in the care of her aunt. “Am proud of her and it is painful seeing her go through this condition before attaining her goals in life.” her aunt Mariam Mwijaka said. Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko in partnership with Nairobi Hospital will cater for the girl’s treatment through the Sonko Rescue team. Speaking to media on Saturday, Sonko said he had a successful meeting with Fred Mailu, Nairobi Hospital CEO and assured that the operation to remove the growth will be conducted early next week. “I was touched after the pictures went viral on social media ,my team and i with the help of Nairobi Hospital has vowed to help the girl regain her health and continue with her studies,” Sonko said

Microsoft cutting space requirements for Windows 10

March 19, 2015March 19, 2015
In a nod to the proliferation of machines with small internal SSDs, including models like the HP Stream 11 and 13 that start at just 32GB, Microsoft is taking aim at Windows 10 space requirements. In a blog post, Microsoft confirmed that it will be addressing the space issue two different ways: by employing more of an existing data compression scheme called WIMBOOT (for Windows Image Boot), and by removing the requirement for a recovery image, thanks to enhancements in the recovery procedure. Microsoft is claiming that the new compression system recovers 2.6GB of space on a typical 64-bit PC. Combine that with a Windows Refresh and Reset redesign, the savings on a given device can be anywhere from 4GB to 12GB. The company also said that Phones will make use of the compression scheme; they never needed a full-blown recovery image to begin with, so the savings will be smaller there. Microsoft Windows 10 Compression Let’s unpack this a bit further. The compression scheme’s overall performance will depend on the RAM and CPU; Microsoft claims that the system will eye whether compressing any given file will impact “human-perceivable responsiveness.” What’s interesting here is that the system will also apply it to apps, though apparently only those downloaded or purchased from the store, i.e. not third-party apps or games. The lack of a recovery image is more troubling. Here’s what Microsoft says: “Without a separate recovery image, the Refresh and Reset functionalities will instead rebuild the operating system in place using runtime system files. Not only does this take up less disk space, it also means you will not have a lengthy list of operating system updates to reinstall after recovering your device.” Microsoft goes on to say that you can still create backup recovery media for a severe crash. WIMBOOT isn’t actually new; Windows 8.1 Update used it to a much smaller degree, but Windows 10 will use it system-wide. The only other problem at this point is that devices with smaller 16GB and 32GB partitions running Windows 8.1 wont be able to upgrade to Windows 10, at least not straight up, because the system needs both operating systems present in full in order to complete the upgrade — plus the install image for Windows 10. Microsoft says it’s evaluating a couple of methods to pull this off safely and effectively in the future. To anyone who remembers MS-DOS 6.0 and DoubleSpace, it’s like we’re coming home again. For a while, it seemed like storage had become so inexpensive that we’d never hear much about data compression anymore. Alas, the lure of SSDs — unbelievable speed and reliability with no moving parts — has proven too great to resist, so we once again find ourselves staring at data compression while disk sizes remain small. At least now it’s automatic, and presumably more reliable. Here’s hoping that the resulting performance hit really is low enough that we won’t notice it. If you haven’t tried it yet and have a spare machine or hard drive ready to go, you can download the current Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO and give it a shot.  

Jobs or slavery? Kenyans speak of abuse in the Middle East.

March 19, 2015
middle eastBEWARE!! This is how our ladies are being treated in the MIDDLE EAST countries all in the name of looking for greener pastures. Who is to blame...the system? The ladies? The employers? Who??

Don’t interfere with university recruitment processes

March 17, 2015March 17, 2015
university recruitmentProf Peter Mbithi, the seventh Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nairobi (right) with Chancellor of the University of Nairobi Dr Vijoo Rattansi (centre) and the Chairman of the University Council Dr Omar Farah (left) during the installation of Prof Mbithi at Taifa Hall, on January 14, 2015.
The manner in which some of the unions representing staff of the University of Nairobi have dealt with the recruitment of senior officials is a matter of concern.
While the Constitution gives citizens freedom of speech and representation, it also recognises individual and associational rights.
The union representatives have chosen to ignore this as they present personal opinions that they purport to be representative of those of the membership. This is unfortunate because the public believes these views to be those of the staff of the university.
The employment processes in Kenya have evolved. Due process is required to be followed and recruitment officers are required to take many factors into consideration, such as gender, ethnic minorities, and physical ability.
These requirements go beyond paperwork and the performance of applicants during interviews and are, indeed, difficult to balance, especially as competence is also an important consideration.
Institutions of higher learning are not exempt in dealing with the challenges of recruitment and promotion. The trade unions have been quick to run to the media to either support or reject those proposed for consideration for employment even before the results of the interview are out.
It is questionable whether these are the wishes of the union membership or just the views of individuals in the union’s leadership, because no meetings are called to come up with a common stand on important issues such as recruitment of senior staff at the university. This is abuse of freedom of expression and association.
Public management reforms are important and academicians should discuss the legal and administrative procedures of recruitment. These are, indeed, serious matters of public interest.
At what point should other factors come into play in competitive recruitment? Some argue that it should be at the short-listing stage to save the applicants who do not qualify the trouble of going through rigorous interviews, only to be told that one does not qualify because of their ethnicity or physical ability.
The belief here is that if one does go through the interview process, the only factor that can lead to disqualification should be integrity. The other variables should be moderated during short-listing to avoid the controversies that have dogged such recruitments.
University staff unions should not usurp the powers of the institutions charged with recruiting staff. University councils should be allowed to carry out their mandate of recruiting without interference unless there is enough evidence to suggest that members are acting without integrity.
If the unions are not satisfied with the process, they can use administrative and legal means to register their complaints. If all these channels fail, unions can call out the membership to demand action.
The media reports and debate surrounding the recruitment of the deputy vice-chancellor, Administration and Finance, at the University of Nairobi seem to be based on unfounded speculation.
Prof Mitullah is an associate research professor at the Institute for Development Studies, University of Nairobi. mitullahwinnie@gmail.com.

Parental controls are useful – but insufficient – for protecting children online

March 17, 2015
5329140908_45f12e7e1a_m Most parents are proud of how extremely “digital” or Internet-savvy their children are. But they rarely stop to reflect on the risks that undermine the opportunities available for kids and teens getting online. Children are considered a vulnerable group because of their transient stage of development. They are generally considered ill-prepared to make informed decisions, given that they are still maturing — intellectually, physically and socially. Marketers and some other less-celebrated professionals exploit this vulnerable stage of development in order to push some of their products, knowing that an adolescent buyer is potentially a life-long consumer. This explains why some children are able to own the latest editions of smartphones, two or three generations ahead of what their parents are using. These newer gadgets are essentially computers in the hand, and provide children with a gateway to the Internet, where both opportunities and risks await them. Whereas the opportunities are widely acknowledged, the risks are rarely discussed. Being online allows the future generation to develop digital literacy skills such as searching, modifying or sharing information online. These skills are necessary in the 21st century and should by all means be encouraged rather than discouraged. However, once the child is online, he or she becomes exposed to the whole Internet. In other words, fraudsters, porn stars, impostors, gamblers and drug peddlers, among other characters, could be targeting your child without exception. BEYOND THE PARENT These fellows often lurk within popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, among others. They appreciate the vulnerable psychological status of children online, and will often masquerade as teen-aged, trusted online friends in order to lure youngsters into various forms of misbehavior. And you are in for some shock if you think your children are safe because they do not have a phone, or their phone has no Internet capability. You have not appreciated the social nature of the African child, whereby that single smartphone owned by the neighbour’s kid is often shared widely. This places the solution to protecting kids online beyond the individual parent. It must be addressed comprehensively through a policy taken up at a higher — and perhaps a national — level. What policy interventions are available to protect our children online? One option would be to enforce the requirement that suppliers provide parental controls in their products. Whereas this is already happening for some digital television decoders, the complex steps required for granular control will often leave parents confused and unable to apply them. AN INFORMED CHILD For Internet and content services, providers also should be mandated to provide parental controls, hopefully with better, easier user interfaces. Additionally, options for content filtering should be provided in order to protect children from harmful content online. More difficult to deal with, however, are the impostors who fake their identity in order to engage children online, with ulterior motives that may range from cyberbullying to sexting andsextortion among many other new forms of digital crime.

Judge, lawyer accused of bias in land dispute

March 17, 2015
During Hearing

Lawyers Ahmednasir Abdullahi (left) and Kamau Karori address the High Court on March 16, 2015 during the hearing of a case between the Evangelical Mission for Africa and two siblings over a 15-acre land in Nairobi.

A missionary group has accused a judge and a senior advocate of taking sides in a dispute over school property in Nairobi valued at more than Sh700 million.
Evangelical Mission for Africa accused Appellate Judge Stephen Gatembu Kairu and Senior Counsel Joe Okwach of going beyond their mandate as arbitrators and ordering it to vacate and demolish its structures on a 15-acre piece of land in Kitisuru Estate.
“It is against public policy that arbitrators can order a school to demolish its properties,” the missionaries’ lawyer, Mr Ahmednasir Abdullahi, yesterday told the High Court.
“Their decision is so scary that it makes everyone fear going for arbitration since they failed to consider social justice for the schoolchildren.”
Mr Kimani Gachuhi and his brother, Mr Peter Mbuthia Gachuhi, sold the land to the missionaries for Sh64 million in 2005.
The missionaries built the International School of the Nations on the property, before a dispute arose in 2009 over the sale agreement. The dispute was then referred to Mr Kairu (he was not a judge then but a practising lawyer) and Mr Okwach for arbitration.
As they were handling the dispute, Mr Kairu was appointed a judge, in 2013, and he continued being Mr Okwach’s co-arbitrator. In August 2014, they delivered their decision, in which they ordered the missionaries to vacate the land within 12 months, destroy property worth Sh30 million they had constructed on the land and hand it back to the Gachuhis in its original condition. It is this decision that prompted the missionaries to seek the High Court’s intervention.
Mr Abdullahi yesterday argued that the arbitrators considered factors not contained in the sale agreement, and that the judge should have quit the arbitration after he was appointed to the Bench.
The Gachuhi brothers dismissed the allegations, saying the two sides agreed that the two arbitrators should handle the dispute and the missionaries only changed tune after they lost.
“The allegations are most unfortunate since both parties approved the two arbitrators,” said Mr Kamau Karori, their lawyer.
“In any event, it is the two brothers who opposed the tribunal’s jurisdiction but the missionaries insisted that the arbitrators must conclude their work.”
He defended Justice Kairu’s role in the matter, saying he began the arbitration before he was appointed a judge and after the appointment sought the Chief Justice’s permission and consent of both parties to continue.